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Liberals are going nuts with Trump’s America First policies

January 29, 2017

Well friends, President Trump has hit the ground running! Giving his $400,000 a year salary back to the people and taking the massive destruction by Obama and company by the throat and choking the life out it! I just spent a couple of days in the hospital and actually watched television! I haven’t for about 13 years now. Even though I have three of them, I’ve watched only an occasional movie on the one in my living room. Rina watches her crime shows on the one in the kitchen during the day, when she’s not listening to her praise and worship music. Anyway, during my hospital stay I would watch a little Fox News then change over to CNN or MSNBC and the difference in reporting was nothing short of stunning. I could literally feel the animosity in CNN and MSNBC towards Trump. Everything had a negative taint to it. Fox seemed to be more neutral and much more thorough in their reporting. I actually felt no “right-leaning” slant to the reporting at Fox, and some of the stuff I really felt a bit of aggression towards Trump but nothing like the others. CNN and MSNBC don’t even try to mask their disdain for Trump, out right calling him a liar. Then suggesting that he hasn’t banned Muslims from nations with whom he may have had business dealings with in the past … kind of feeding a little doubt in his motives. Disgusting stuff. I really had no idea just how biased the major media really is until I actually watched them in action. I watched THIS INTERVIEW on Meet The Press today and this guy Chuck Todd is an absolute moron. Digging and digging for anything to shed negative light on Trump and his recent actions. Click on the link above and decide for yourself. Priebus spanked Mr. Todd. The guy kept trying different angles looking for the “gotcha” moment … it didn’t happen.

I see where the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said that he would welcome into Canada all the refugees who are denied entrance into the United States. Folks, problem solved! Send their asses to Canada! Let the Canadians deal with the rapes, murders and mayhem Muslims will bring with them into Canuck-ville! I kind of think your average Canadian probably has a different opinion than that of Mr. Trudeau. But who knows? Frankly, I don’t care. I care about the United States and about her staying the United States of America.

I’m going to skip around here to illustrate how the leaders of many foreign nations whose duty is to protect their own citizens, just like those elected leaders here in America, are betraying their own people.

A spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel says the German leader believes the Trump’s travel ban on people from some Muslim-majority countries is wrong.


“We have signed international obligations, so welcoming refugees fleeing war and oppression forms part of our duties,” the French minister said.


So, the leaders of Germany and France have placed the safety of their own people in jeopardy so they can feel good about “helping” those 18 to 35 year old Muslim men flee from persecution. They ignore the fact that their nations along with Sweden among others, are experiencing massive increases in rape and murder of their own people at the hands of Muslims … who will never assimilate and have no intentions of assimilating.

One Democrat senator (Chris Murphy) said that Trump’s Muslim ban policy will get Americans killed. My question to that moron is, “And how’s that sir? Are you suggesting that vetting Muslims entering the U.S. will piss them off? And if they get pissed off they’ll blow stuff up?”  All the more reason to keep them out. We shouldn’t be intimidated to our own destruction.

Going through the Trump hit-pieces on Yahoo News, etc., it’s clear the left just can’t grasp having a president who will enforce the laws of America. The very idea of “America First” is shocking to them and I’m loving every second of it. I’m glad Mr. Trump isn’t shaken by all the lies and misinformation put out by the media. I hope he shoves his policy of America First right down the throats of the left … just like Obama shoved his anti-America policies down ours.

Picture by the famous


President Donald J. Trump

January 20, 2017

What a great day! A day of rejoicing for sure. In just a couple of hours Donald J. Trump will officially become President Donald J. Trump and folks, I couldn’t be happier about it. Gawd, we’ve endured eight long years of the most corrupt, anti-America, anti-God, anti-decency, anti-class, anti-justice, racist, anti-cop, anti-white, anti-America allies, anti-Israel, pro Islamic terror, Muslim, gay, limp-wrist freak of a phony president and damn, it feels great knowing he and his ilk are gone! Since my last post I’ve been watching the bizarre media folks write article after article fawning over Obama and his family with some of the most outrageous out-right lies imaginable. You would think Barack was a living god. Isn’t it funny (as in odd, not humorous) how the left try to convince Americans that Obama actually did something other than practically destroy the United States. Claims of a ‘scandal free’ two-term administration, saving the economy, reaching out to Republicans to support his insidious deeds, but getting opposed every step of the way because of … racism are worthy only of “WTF are you talking about???” Nearly $10 TRILLION of debt later, what do we have to show for it? Nothing. The left and Democrats are still stuck on the drivel of ‘unifying the country,” and “healing.” Healing for what? I thought Barack was gonna do the “healing … ” you know, ‘post’ racism, post poverty, post ignorance, post war, etc. president Barack? Hmmm …

Okay, I just watched President Donald J. Trump take the oath of office and give a very encouraging speech. I can’t wait to read the left wing loons attempt to pick apart what he said. Damn, it was great!


January 8, 2017

January 8, 2017

Blogging for ol’ Steve has gotten a bit tiring and I’ve grown weary with the stunning ignorance of a lot of people. Lets take a few examples of just how forgetful or willfully ignorant or just plain stupid many Americans are.

“The Russians ‘hacked’ America’s presidential election! It’s an attack on Democracy and the Russians are celebrating Trump’s victory!”

James Crapper … er … Clapper actually suggested the idea that the alleged involvement of Russia in the election could be an act of war. There is a problem with anything Mr. Clapper says. That being he is a certified liar. Can anyone recall that this same ass-clown stated under oath that the NSA wasn’t collecting data on the American public? This claim only to be proved an utter lie. Anyone who falls for the idea that the Russians influenced even one voter to change their vote from Hillary to Trump is an complete moron. This is nothing but a desperate attempt by Obama, the media, Hillary, RINOs, the left and all the other sore losers to undermine Trump’s legitimate victory. Just look at it like this … if Russia or anyone else had any influence whatsoever in the voter’s minds why did Hillary get “millions” of more popular votes than Trump? I can tell you, the Russians didn’t influence anyone’s vote. The Russians didn’t “hack” the voting machines and change votes. The DNC and Hillary in particular left their servers unprotected and fell for phishing scams by Russia and anyone else who wanted to expose their insidious acts.

“An act of war???” So Obama and the very “intelligence” agency which routinely lies to us is spewing this crap … why … to get us into a war with Russia? I doubt Russia will fall for the stupidity and childish claims of this con-game. There is only one entity which has any motive in pushing this con on the American people. That happens to be the Democrats, the left, and the anti-Trump crowd … all the same in one little bundle of certified bullshit, and that motive is to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and make it difficult to accomplish his reversal of Obama’s destruction of the United States.

These guys (the media, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, etc.) never mention team Obama’s interference in Israel’s election to unseat Netanyahu. It’s common knowledge that nations attempt to influence various elections (just like the media in their efforts to manipulate public opinion) towards outcomes that might be favorable to them, whether economically or politically or even towards peace efforts.

Here’s a perfect example of how the media has convinced ordinary Americans that the Russians and the FBI won the election for Trump. Also the claim that Hillary should be president because she allegedly won the popular vote push by the media is beyond bizarre but the loony left-wing public buys into it. The comments section of this piece illustrate how ignorant folks are. I’ll highlight some of the comments … (some of this is a going back and forth between commenters)

Your welfare red states couldn’t survive without the hard work & intelligence of the Blue states & their tax base..And Hillary won a landslide if you only count Democrats. You sound like an idiot.. Try & stay away from the Russian fake news.. Good Grief..The GOP works hard to dumb down their supporters.. Still waiting on that “trickle Down” to start..


Hillary Clinton Lost – only because Putin and the GOP puppet Comey committed treason to win the election for the bizarro clown – their empty headed ignorant ego driven vessel of want and women; awaiting their evil agenda to force upon we the Middle Class. Bye bye all our rights – hello third world economics – someone deliver the message to the mindless mental midget of a brain VIA Courier – since he doesn’t use “COMPUTERS” unlike the twittering device in his small hand and wants to return to that service??!!! And we can now all cheat on our taxes since we have the Tax Fraud-in-Chief now “ruining” our country. Empty the cesspool.


… even after his paid for Russian-Assange- KKK-GOP-Comey planned interference and treasonist hacks along with his fact less lying total off the wall Bull filled violence incited KKK inspired rallies, he still just got the electoral count (Red State ignorance). And then we had those GOPers who decided to vote for the incompetent know-nothing total goofball Gary Johnson rather than Hillary– the best chance and choice for America’s survival.

If you get a chance click on this link and open the comments section. Geez, the ignorance of the left is beyond stunning!

The famous Earl of Taint got it right …



Moving along here, I see the Office of Government Ethics is “concerned” about the lack of ethics reviews on some of Trump’s administrative picks. They’re concerned that some are millionaires or billionaires and the ethics committee wants financial disclosures. One would think they would want financial disclosures from those who entered elected office broke and somehow became millionaires and billionaires simply being public servants.

Yeah, the media called it alright …

December 28, 2016

I admit I wasn’t happy realizing that Hillary had the electoral college vote wrapped up …

Snicker … Laugh out freaking LOUD!  And liberals still drivel the same old crap like, “Oh, you must watch Fox News, because you’re uneducated!” MORONS!

America Becoming A “Browner County” … God Help Us! Also, a statement from Rudy Giuliani

December 22, 2016

Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. There’s been plenty to say but why bother when most of the time we’re dealing with “Fake News?” There’s been a couple of things that’s rubbed me wrong the last couple of weeks that I thought I’d mention for what it’s worth.

Barack Obama made this statement the other day …

If you stopped all immigration today, just by virtue of birth rates, this is going to be a browner country. And if we’re not thinking right now about how we make sure that next generation is getting a good education and are instilled with a common creed and the values that make America so special and are cared for and nurtured and loved the way every American child is treated, then we’re not going to be as successful.

Now folks, I know already this is going to sound like a “racist” rant but lets call an ace an ace and let the chips fall accordingly. The left and racist anti-America folks such as the aforementioned ‘person of color’ can’t stand white people. They spew off every insane thought against white folks and European people that demonstrates their hatred for anything “white” now referred to as “White Privilege.”

I’ll concede that America was founded basically by “white” people or European colonists, while there were some Spanish settlements already here. Enough of that crap, because I don’t want some moron disputing something stupid about the “indigenous, native Americans” etc. and who the “real Americans” are. The hatred from the left isn’t directed to native Americans, though they really couldn’t care less about them.

So, America is going to be a “browner country” according to Barack. In that, sadly, he’s right. And what does that mean for America? Well, lets look at “brown” and nations of “color” and how they have progressed humanity in positive ways.

Mexico first. The government, military and police are absolutely corrupt beyond comprehension. The regular folks run over to the U.S. to send money to their families because the economy is such that they can’t make a living there. “Brown” country shit-hole. A country run by drug cartels and there probably isn’t one town which isn’t overtaken by crime.  Okay, a bit harsh. Yet if it’s so good there why are the Mexicans coming here by the millions?

How about those “brown” or “black” African nations? You know, Somalia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Sudan and nearly every nation on the continent live in poverty. The governments can’t (won’t) even feed their own people. The people live like they’re in the 16th century. Oh, and while we’re on the just the continent of Africa, aren’t many of those poor folks Muslims, that benevolent, caring, tolerant phony religion which is the pillar of respect for all human rights and life? I think all of those nations in the African continent are mainly made up of people of “color” and run by people of color and for the average person it’s a struggle to survive day to day.

Moving along here, we’ll consider the nations in the Middle East. I suppose, seeing as the media and other institutions of the learned are drumming into us the lie that Muslims are a “race” of people, I’ll go with that. What exactly has the Muslim community brought to their own homelands? What standard of life do the Muslim people enjoy in the countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia and so on? I tend to think most of them are of the same class as their brown cousin nation, Mexico … third-world shit holes. It’s not bad enough the people are so damn poor they live from meal to meal. Most don’t even know what a refrigerator is. No running water or electricity for the common people, but they have to be sure they are “Muslim enough” to not have their women, children and animals raped, burned and/or beheaded by the more religious Muslims. Also not to mention the sex-slave trading which is beyond rampant there. I have to hand it to those people of color, they’ve been slaves for so long they’re the best at enslaving their own country-men and women and children. Oh yes, many of those countries are rich in oil. Hell, they couldn’t even figure out how to get it out of the ground without the technology developed by … sorry … white people.

For some reason a whole bunch of those brown, black and tan folks are fleeing their own beloved countries and heading towards where??? … oh yes, they are risking their wonderful, prosperous lives to flee to the white nations in Europe. You know the ones, Germany, France, the UK, Sweden, Norway, etc. all prosperous and successfully led by white people. But now those leading white people are consumed with the same mind-set as Barack Obama. They envision a universal, socialist utopia … the many are ruled by the elite few. And to get the “many” in line they have to be overwhelmed with … well … poor, uneducated baby-makers (making many more poor babies of color) to make everyone the same, sorry, unarmed, government dependent people waiting in line for their portion.

And then there’s the Motherland of “White Privilege,” the ‘land of opportunity” for the entire world … run by greedy white capitalists … America … The United States. A nation filled with racists, bigots, homophobes and down right nasty people who cling to their Bibles and guns. Yet millions of people from all the aforementioned lands are flooding the borders of this white, bigoted nation.

The point of this piece is to illustrate that with-out the contributions (the leading contributions) by the hated white people and Jews this world would be one miserable place to live. The brown and black and intolerant Islamic people have created a world of misery, death, pain and sorrow for their own people and they want to do the same to every white country on earth.

Compare for yourselves.

And if you are moronic enough to think that I’m writing about all brown, black or Muslim people then you should have stopped reading after the opening sentence. The ace has been called the ace.

Obama by his own admission wants, just like the rest of the New World Order folks to create a world of equal (that’s low-class) people to rule. That can be done only by flooding the richer economic nations with millions of people, uneducated, unwilling to assimilate, incapable of contributing who will suck the life out of those economies overwhelming the welfare systems and stealing the safety-nets created originally for the citizens of those nations. Oh, and a little imported terrorism sure goes a long way in driving the agenda of folks like Obama.  Terrorism is quite acceptable for Obama here in America, that’s why he’s importing it just as fast as he can.

I’m all for immigration, legal immigration. But before even that should be allowed to happen talk to me about the 600,000 homeless American veterans and doing something to help them with their needs … then we’ll get to the legal immigrants. In the mean time, illegal immigrants … pack your stuff, you’re not wanted here and you’re damn sure not welcome here.




And last but not least. I hope Mr. Giuliani hasn’t signed his own death warrant.


Why Trump won the 2016 presidential election

December 4, 2016


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

It’s about time we call out the morons who object to Trump’s election victory. There’s hardly a day that goes by that there’s not an update on how many popular votes Hillary got over Donald Trump. It’s like the election is still going on and she’s in the lead.

Okay, there’s little doubt that statistically Trump should have been gone after the first primary debate. As it happens Mr. Trump out-smarted the “smart.” He took advantage of the overconfidence of his competition. His competition underestimated Mr. Trump and his prowess at winning just about anything he sets his mind to. I’m sure this really grates on some folks, but Trump is standing in the winner’s circle right now.

Barack Obama is able to grasp the reality that even in sports the team that plays a better game and statistically out performs the opposing team doesn’t necessarily win any given game. Take for example the Dallas Cowboys/ Minnesota Vikings game last weekend. Minnesota had more yards passing, more first downs, a better passing percentage … but lost the game.

Let’s look at MLB for a minute … just because a team gets more hits, less errors, more walks, less strike-outs and has a better pitcher doesn’t mean the opposing team can’t win the game.

How about boxing?  Click right HERE to understand the idea that fighting “smart” often makes a winner out of someone who statistically should lose.

Click HERE  also.

Trump was the under-dog throughout the primaries. He went up against an incredibly talented, qualified, well-funded group of mostly professional Republican politicians. He spanked every one of them badly, or if you choose, “bigly!” Stunned beyond belief were (and still are ) the Republicans and conservatives alike. The Democrats were rejoicing! They worked hard to get Bernie Sanders eliminated, leaving the media darling and mother of the left, “most qualified,” most experienced candidate in modern history, with a better than 90% chance of winning to run against the novice Donald Trump. She had more experience and more money.  The media, Republicans, #Never Trumpsters, foreign governments, folks she owes very big time, the left, the right, the in-between all working for her. Trump was obnoxious, crass, rude and certainly not a polished candidate with even a prayer to defeat the historical first woman president.

What happened? I’ll tell you. “Smart” won. Toughness and focus won. In a ‘nut-shell’ over confidence and underestimating the opposition lost the election for Hillary.

I sincerely believe that if Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or any other Republican had won the nomination for the Republican presidential candidate, we would be witnessing Hillary Clinton getting outfitted for a stunning pant-suit worthy only of the first woman President of the United States.

Side notes here. So, what lesson has the Democrats and the left learned? Nothing. They are doubling down on the same crap that got them beat. They are moving farther left. The media is working hard to undermine Trump’s presidency before he’s even sworn in, in an effort to save a face that has egg all over it.

Across the banner of this humble blog it says:  Let not him that girdeth on his harness boast himself as he that putteth it off.  I Kings 20:11

How fitting for the 2016 election!

December 1, 2016

December 1, 2016

Isn’t it amazing how the left can get away with just about anything? Hillary declared that Trump’s keeping everyone “guessing” whether he would accept the election results was a threat to our Democracy and “horrifying!” The media predictably went ballistic with their attacks against Trump. Suddenly Hillary’s shoe-in as president picked up a little dung on the way and she got her a$$ handed to her. Also suddenly it’s not a threat to our democracy and horrifying to question the results as long as it’s Hillary doing it and as long as the media is pushing it. It is vain though to point out the hypocrisy of the left as they’ve been that way forever. I do take immense pleasure in simply contemplating the slap-in-the-face awakening to Hillary, her supporters and the major media, not to mention the #Never Trumpsters. Man, talk about an upset. Again, I have to express my surprise and delight when I fired up the laptop on Nov. 9 and realized Trump had actually won. Gawd I couldn’t stop grinning all day! I have to be honest here and perhaps a little out of line but you know, I almost don’t even care what Trump does beyond appointing conservatives to the Supreme Court, stopping the Muslim invasion and the illegals from pouring into the United States. His “America first” attitude which he hasn’t backed away from resonates with me loud and clear. There are some who are criticizing his every administrative pick. I’m not digging his potential Romney for Secretary of State choice. Yet I think there’s something in Romney that Trump sees that he can use to America’s advantage despite Romney’s ridiculous attacks against him. I feel we elected Trump based on what he said and now we have to trust him to do it.


Okay, enough of that I guess.  Over at Refugee Resettlement Watch there’s a great article with links which addresses the Muslim invasion the United States is experiencing right now. I think we need more folks like the owners of RRW. Click on the ‘about’ tab to find out what they’re doing.  I sincerely hope Mr. Trump stops the absolute lunacy of accepting the Muslims from hostile Islamic nations. Muslims own 100% of the terrorist acts world-wide, yet the nefarious folks in our government who will never be in danger of being a casualty exposes the average American to possible and in many locations across America, probable terror attacks.  It was said about Bill Clinton a long time ago that a certain amount of violence is politically acceptable. The violence perpetrated against innocent Americans is highly acceptable, yea, even encouraged by the likes of Barack Obama … simply a means to a very insidious end result.


Moving on here a bit. Donald Trump claims voter fraud is the reason that Hillary beat him in the popular vote. Of course the media has blown a gasket with headlines like Trump issues stunning, baseless claim that ‘millions’ voted illegally and Behind Trump’s baseless theory of massive voter fraud.  One writer over at American Thinker asked, “Is his claim less credible than the one put forth by some of Trump’s opponents that Russian hackers got into voting machines that aren’t even connected to the Internet to switch votes around?” I don’t see much point in actually discussing the subject. Anyone can see it much more feasible for illegals who obtain a drivers license and are automatically registered to vote will find it much easier to pull it off than some Russian to break into polling places and physically rig each machine. But with liberals who knows?


I was listening to Mark Levin on my way home from work yesterday. I have to tell you that I can’t even stand the sound of his moronic voice any more. I mean, this guy was criticizing every pick Trump has made or is considering. He is so far out there is isn’t even funny any more. He’s going on and on about Trump wanting to spend money on ‘infrastructure’ (I guess similar to Obama’s “shovel ready” job waste of $800 Billion) and how the Secretary of Transportation will get rich off it. On and on about how Trump’s choices for his administration are going to line their pockets with tax-payer’s money. I wanted to reach through the radio and slap the taste out of his mouth. He’s worrying about rich people getting richer (isn’t it odd how rich people rank and rail on other rich people? I guess they feel their riches are “cleaner” than the other person’s). Of course Levin continues with his tired drivel about being the only talk show host to point out the potential future nefarious acts contemplated by Trump and company. All the others are just “back-seat” talk show hosts. And then we get history and civics lessons. “This nation wasn’t built by government programs! This nation was built by private enterprise and individual innovation!” Well no sh#t Mark. Man, I’m glad you figured that out for us!

Okay, here is the way I see it. I think the condition of the United States is way beyond worrying about whether the Transportation Secretary is going to get rich implementing an infrastructure rebuilding program. Trump will be president possibly for only four years. He’s not going to make a dent in turning around the decades of corruption within our government. He could appoint Moses, Peter, Paul, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to cabinet positions and to head up various departments … and that would do what? Yeah, eliminating corruption and restoring the fundamental principles the country was founded on would be great … but Mr. Levin … it ain’t going to happen all at once. I have to go back to my original thinking. That is to get our ridiculously porous borders shut down. Stop importing Muslim terrorists and get some conservative Supreme Court justices appointed. We have to get the nation secure before we can worry about the founding fathers principles. Bitching about Trump fixing pot-holes and getting rich from it so damned lame it’s stunning. And what gripes my grunt is that Mr. Levin acts like he’s the only “true conservative,” and that his intellect is so high all other talk show hosts are just “back-seaters.” Terrorists and those who want to harm innocent Americans are flooding the nation and Levin is worrying about Trump’s choices to head up his administration aren’t conservative enough. Talk about arrogant and out of touch.



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