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On The Lighter Side Of …

October 8, 2016

My good friend and winner of two Cry and Howl Blog Awards, the famous Earl of Taint can always be counted on to come through with the best answers!



Trump loses in 2016

October 8, 2016

As much as it saddens me to the very fiber of my being, I believe we can look forward to at least four years of Hillary Clinton as President of the United States. An eleven year old video was ‘uncovered’ in which a hot-mic captured Donald Trump engaging in an unsavory conversation regarding a married woman. Now Yahoo News and every major news outlet is slamming Trump and Republicans (especially the ones who got spanked in the primaries) are calling for Trump to step aside. Naturally the #Never Trumpers are gleefully joining the chorus of liberals and fake conservatives with stuff like, “This is disgusting, vile, and disqualifying!” Trump issued an apology admitting to being … a guy. None the less as much as it pains me, this will be his undoing. Benghazi, losing $6 Billion, dead Americans, supporting and being funded by Islamic nations which routinely stone women and murder gays, a life-time of corruption, countless people exiting the land of the living prematurely, selling America’s secrets, ruining women’s lives who Mr. Clinton sexually abused, transmitting highly classified material on a non-secure server and non-secured devices all pale in comparison and take a back seat to Trump saying suggestive comments about a woman. You see, all Hillary has to do is say, “Would I have done such and such a thing knowing what I know now? Nope and I take full responsibility, and won’t do it again (that is getting caught doing it)” … case closed, move along.

The attacks against Trump are absolutely stunning and has been from the beginning of his campaign. You see folks, the people attacking Trump are much too dignified to ever engage in a crude conversation … or at least they are crafty enough not to get caught at it. Those people are professional politicians or ‘journalists’ who have known for years that what you say and do is being recorded by someone and will be used against you some time in your life when you least expect it. Take Jeb Bush for example. Ol’ Jeb is a part of an exceptionally corrupt family of career politicians. They dress nicely and speak in political tones acceptable to masses of ignorant people much like the ones who bought the crap fed them by Barack Obama. There’s a standard of judgement which says the ones who shout the loudest and are the first to condemn something are usually guilty of the same. Yahoo News and every major media outlet, sanctimonious politicians and “right leaning” blogs are raging against Trump’s remarks against women (even though it was about one). Incidents such as these involving Republicans, especially Donald Trump get labeled as “scandals” and Hillary and Obama’s insidious deeds are “phony scandals” and “conspiracy theories.”

Anyway, I see Trump losing because of this particular incident. I don’t think he has a prayer any more. Now more than ever he has given his enemies the fuel to burn him to the ground and there won’t be any letting up. The Democrats will hammer away because they now have an genuine opening. The fake conservatives whose only goal is to see Trump lose (regardless of what’s going to happen to America) are already and will continue to join forces with the Democrats in the assault of Trump’s character. Trump apologized and admitted his error but I can guarantee that means nothing. The “I take full responsibility” line ain’t going to work for Trump. It’s a shame.

Look for this to be the front and center theme in tomorrow’s debate.

Hillary will be in charge of the U.S. military, the DOJ, FBI, ATF, IRS, and will appoint the most radical left-wing federal justices not only to the Supreme Court but to all the other federal courts in America. Side note here … Obama has appointed and the Senate has confirmed 329 federal judges for varying federal courts across America. If anyone thinks for a second that isn’t having an impact on our freedoms and liberties then they are delusional. Hillary will only add to that number until the presidency will be completely out of reach for any Republican and an impossibility for any conservative to win.

I think that the #Never Trumpers are the worst of the lot of anti-Trump people. Their whole thing is to see Trump lose regardless of the certain demise of America under a Hillary presidency.

Yeah, it’s a “wrap” for Trump, but I’m still supporting him. He being caught saying stuff that Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Erick Erickson, etc. have most likely spouted off at one time or another has handed 2016 to Hillary Clinton. All her lies, scandals, lives lost, secrets sold, bilking the tax-payers are nothing compared to Trump’s latest folly of actually being honest.


Taking recommendations for the annual Cry and Howl top conservative blog award

October 7, 2016

Hello Folks! It’s time to take recommendations for the annual Cry and Howl top conservative blog award. I’m thinking that 20 would be a good number to cover who we regard as being truly conservative. So, if you guys and gals think of your favorite sites and would like to see them recognized please submit them so we can let them know the work they do is very much appreciated.

I’m thinking of the following design … let me know if it’s cool with you. Also I’d like to see some designs you might come up with. Around the end of the month is when I’ll “announce” the winners. Thanks in advance for your participation.

pack of wolves

pack of wolves

Christians Really Need To Vote For Donald Trump

October 6, 2016

I ran across a great article today over at American Thinker. It really reinforces a lot of points I’ve been trying to make to Christians who can’t seem to bring themselves to vote for Donald Trump (reasons like “He’s not a ‘true’ Christian,” and “He might change his mind on some stuff he’s saying.”). Anyway the piece lays out the genuine truth about what has been happening to Christianity under Obama and will continue under a Hillary presidency.


Yes, Never Trumpsters have to share the blame if Trump loses.

October 3, 2016

Hey folks! Sorry I’ve been somewhat absent. I haven’t had too much of a burden to post anything as I know that a lot of you guys and gals are like me … nearly overwhelmed with the current events and trying to make sense from it.

Anyway, I’m sure many of you have seen the #Never Trump crowd spout off some of the most asinine stuff, ‘standing their ground’ for “values” and “principles.” Of which none of them can name any that would support their reasoning.

I read one piece this morning by J.D. Rucker. He writes over at the site called Soshable. He claims to be a Christian conservative. Now, I don’t doubt his claim to be Christian for a second and beyond being somewhat pugnacious at times he’s okay. He’s kind of in the same category as Erick Erickson … a #Never Trumpster. There have been a lot of Trump supporters who are of the opinion the #Never Trumpsters will be responsible, at least somewhat sharing the blame if Trump loses the election. In my humble opinion if one doesn’t vote for Trump then that person is helping Hillary regardless of whether they vote  for her or not. Now, if a person is genuinely neutral and doesn’t work against a candidate, then they need not share any blame for whoever loses the election.

Now, if a person refuses to vote for Trump and at the same time publish articles which  presents Trump in a negative light then logically that person is working towards Trump’s possible defeat. Publishing negative opinions about Trump is actively working against his campaign and is far from remaining neutral. I’m going to highlight some of the things Mr. Rucker wrote and you can judge for yourself if folks like Rucker should share any blame should Trump lose to Hillary.

Here we go … (these are excerpts)

Via: Soshable

The victim card has not been held exclusively by liberals, but they have a much higher predisposition for playing it. At least they used to. Today, we’re seeing another example in the form of Trump supporters. These “victims” are those on social media, mainstream media, and even in the bowels of the RNC itself that have been claiming the folks in the #NeverTrump camp will be to blame if Trump loses.

No. You have the burden of proof. You have the job of selling him to voters. You are the people responsible if Trump loses. If you are on the Trump Train, stop blaming those of us on the sidelines. We’ve looked at Donald Trump. We’ve looked at Hillary Clinton. We’ve decided that neither is acceptable.


The fatal blow will likely come to all of our freedoms regardless of which candidate loses this election less than the other. Don’t dishonor us simply because we’re not willing to strike a self-inflicted wound. Either show us how Trump has earned our vote or leave us alone about it. Either way, stop trying to blame us for your failure to make a valid case other than, “but Hillary.”

You can read the article RIGHT HERE and it’s not very long so go ahead and read it.

I posted a comment to the article which said … “We’ve looked at Donald Trump. We’ve looked at Hillary Clinton. We’ve decided that neither is acceptable.”
Uh, isn’t that what the primaries were all about Mr. Rucker, to “sell” each candidate to the voters? What happened? Trump managed to sell his message just a little better than the 16 other Republican candidates is what. Perhaps the #Never Trumpers should have been a little more diligent in selling their candidate instead of playing the victim now.
It’s Hillary or Trump … make a choice or surely the choice will be made for you.

Apparently Mr. Rucker missed all the primaries. Trump finished the primaries with 1441 delegates and his closest competitor, Ted Cruz ended up with 551 delegates. Trump also nearly doubled the popular vote count of Cruz. So, it kind of appears that Trump managed to “sell” himself a whole hell-of-a lot better than the other sixteen candidates.

It seems that Mr. Rucker thinks that Trump could be lying when he says he wants to make America great again. Mr. Rucker also wrote, The fact that they represent the two parts of a binary choice for the next President of the United States does not instantly require us to pick one or the other. 

To that I say, No you are not “required” to pick one or the other. But posting negative articles about Trump surely isn’t hanging out on the “sidelines” either (which Mr. Rucker claims he’s doing). I looked through some of Mr. Rucker’s posts and I couldn’t find one that supported his claim to be on the sidelines.

If folks like Mr. Rucker and his ilk (think Erickson) haven’t been sold on Trump by now, then their problem isn’t with the product, if you will. It’s their self elevated position of being blinded by the light of their own image that they simply can’t get past. Yeah, Mr. Rucker and the other #Never Trumpsters have no choice but to share in the blame for a Hillary presidency. Mr. Rucker, you can’t have it both ways because you definitely are not “on the sidelines.” The idea that you can actively work against Trump and not share some of the blame for a Hillary victory is ludicrous.


An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

September 29, 2016

Here’s a great letter by a mother of true principles and values …

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

Congratulations on securing the Democratic nomination for president of the United States. It’s historical! It’s liberating to women! You’ve broken the glass ceiling!

But at what cost?

As the mother of a beautiful young daughter, my desire is to teach her every day that she is priceless, valuable and precious beyond anything else in this world. I tell her that God has placed her on this earth for a very specific reason. I make sure that she never doubts her place here.

How exciting it would be for us to celebrate the accomplishments of the first woman ever to receive the presidential nomination of a major political party! Wouldn’t it be amazing if I were able to point my daughter to someone she could look up to and admire? Unfortunately for myself, my daughter and millions of other women in this nation, I can’t.

Sadly, Mrs. Clinton…

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Trey Gowdy grills FBI Director Comey.

September 28, 2016

It’s beyond my mental grasp how anyone could actually vote for Hillary Clinton. Take a few minutes and watch Trey Gowdy grill FBI Director Comey. I have to say Mr. Comey’s “mannerism” in answering Gowdy’s questions is exactly like Eric Holder’s.

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