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Mother and Daughter fight back against robber

February 24, 2018

This isn’t something a liberal should watch. I mean, what “guarantee” did these women have that their gun would even work? What would have happened if one of the “froze?” You know, what if they didn’t have the mental capacity to actually pull the trigger? I mean geez, what if the women had gotten into an argument and one of them pulled her gun on the other woman?

Dumbass liberal arguments. Anyway here’s a pretty frightening incident in which a mother and daughter fought off a would-be robber with … guns.

h/t The Right Scoop


Now, just why did the sheriff’s deputy hide from the shooter?

February 23, 2018

LOL! Here’s the sheriff whose deputy hid outside the Florida school while the guy was walking around inside shooting up a bunch of kids. This is the sheriff who says that arming teachers isn’t a good idea.

Classroom armed vs Classroom unarmed

February 22, 2018

Ah yes, I got stuck watching the news during dinner this evening. This guy named David Muir, you know, one of the news casters who appears to have a broom handle stuck up the ol’ poop chute; I digress, sorry.

Anyway, the President’s meeting with some of the family members of the victims of the Florida school shooting was featured (David Hogg was conspicuously missing), at least part of it. At one point the President suggested arming some teachers in schools. Put them through rigorous training every 6 months or every year, thus the teachers would be equipped to protect the students. He asked the room of folks who agrees with the idea and several raised their hands. He then asked who opposed the idea and several raised their hands. He then said that he and the Congress would be looking at that idea among others.

Now, I have to put myself in the position of a parent with a kid in school. Hmmmm … let’s do it this way; Lets say there are two classrooms full of students. Each has a teacher. One is armed with a handgun (concealed of course), the other doesn’t have a gun. Suddenly a guy or gal walks into the school with a gun and starts shooting. Both teachers barricade their classroom doors. The guy approaches and starts banging on the door and it’s obvious that he’s coming in. Which classroom would you rather have your kid in?


The U.S. could learn something from Israel …

February 22, 2018

I’ll let this one speak for itself …


Gun-free zones = safe working environments for criminals (EDITED)

February 20, 2018

(EDITED) I needed to start this post with a question and I forgot about it until this morning. As I was listening to the radio on my way to work I heard that President Trump is banning ‘bump-stocks.’ And of course we’re hearing the usual cries to ban “assault” weapons, ie guns that look scary and can accept magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Ban those. How many people think that banning bump-stocks and AR15’s will do anything to prevent another mass shooting, at a school or any other place? Not this guy. The point is, the next mass shooting will most likely be committed by some guy / gal who already  has a gun. What about the 300+ million guns already in the hands of Americans? What is going to stop the next shooting? The answer is right in front of every one. But that isn’t even being considered … why? Because it will work and the Democrats and loons on the left don’t want that. If they actually implement something that works, it will upset their goal to confiscated all privately owned guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. They know that until that happens, complete control over the people will never be accomplished.


A bunch of high-school kids staged a protest in front of the White House. I was kind of wondering how they all got there. Then there are the other “kids” being exploited … er … interviewed by the major news stations providing canned lines, eager to get a little fame or notoriety as a gun-control advocate.

Then again folks, don’t believe anything presented by the major news media, and I mean anything! Take for example this guy who claims to be a survivor of the Florida school shooting. This guy is nothing but a fraud pushed to the forefront by the likes of CNN and CBS. Click right HERE and watch the very short video. Then click right about HERE to see where he’s been. Okay, actually folks, RIGHT HERE is David Hogg, the moron playing the victim in the linked video. (this “victim” really gets around!)

The call for more gun-control laws is curious to me. At least one government entity learned that the school shooter was an imminent threat to the school and did nothing, following a set pattern of past shootings. Yet the left and these high-school kids who obviously have been fed liberal lunacy, want to place their compete trust in protecting them in the hands of the very people whose inaction resulted in the deaths of their friends.

Anyway, all we’re hearing is the government has to “do something!” Yet, getting some funding for fences and armed guards which obviously will foil some shootings isn’t what the left wants. They’re pushing more laws designed to take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens and won’t do squat to stop the next mass shooting. “It’s too expensive!” “What if one of the kids grabs a guard’s gun?!” “What about if a teacher is having a bad day and opens fire on his/her students?!” And then there’s the classic; “Why is it a federal government issue?” while bitching for the President and Congress to enact more gun-control laws. (typical loony left-wing logic). Well, the government contributes over $500 million to Planned Parenthood so they can continue their slaughter of unborn children. Why can’t the government take a little from them and use it to actually protect kids in schools? Nah, pre-born babies aren’t human beings, so it’s cool to kill them off. After all, it’s very expensive to raise a kid.

Trusting any government to personally protect you is utter folly. Protection from crime is literally in the hands of the individual. Waiting for the cops (with guns) to stop a crime in progress has cost countless innocent lives. Obviously trusting in the FBI to stop a crime isn’t working out so well. Banning a type of gun because it looks ‘scary’ or because it can kill people (I think all of them have that potential when used by those with killing people in mind) might make a liberal feel good, but it won’t do anything to prevent a bad guy, a person with evil intent from shooting a bunch of people in a “gun free zone.” As far as I can tell, a good and responsible, law-abiding gun owner isn’t going to shoot up a school, regardless of what kind of gun he/she possesses.

Yeah, the Gun Free School Zone act of 1990 set forth by a Democrat and signed into law by G.H.W. Bush really did a lot to protect those school children. (being facetious) Thank you Joe Biden. Thank you Congress, as everyone in the Congress voted for it save one. Hmmmm … “gun free.” I think that kind of tells a bad guy that he/she won’t have to worry about resistance. A “safe working environment” for anyone wanting to kill a bunch of people without fear of being shot.  HERE is a pretty good article with good reasoning as to why, as usual, laws such as creating gun-free zones are futile and dangerous.




The FBI can’t be bothered with stopping mass murderers … they have a President to bring down

February 17, 2018

I find it interesting that after 1 1/2 years of ‘investigating’ if Donald Trump and / or his campaign colluded with the Russians to win an election that he really didn’t want to win, all the FBI can come up with is that Russian ‘trolls’ opened fake social media accounts to cause division in the U.S. At the same time the illustrious FBI failed to act on the guy who openly was plotting to shoot up a high school in order to kill as many people as possible. You know, I suppose you can’t be worried about a few innocent kids getting massacred when you have a President to topple. But they’re sorry about that and will investigate to see if they can pull it off again without getting caught next time. I see all over Yahoo News today that this “stunning” revelation of Russian trolling social media changes “everything” and undermines Trump’s presidency. Right. And if Hillary would have won … there would be no problem? Folks, trolling social media, attempting to influence elections is something that has gone on for decades. The United States does it routinely. Hell, Obama even sent representatives to Israel to support the campaign against Benjamin Netanyahu to oust him. The media is playing up this like it a very big deal … when it’s nothing … absolutely nothing. This is a “stunning” revelation because Mueller can’t find any collusion between the Trump campaign and those dastardly Russian trolls, and this is being used to deflect from that. I wonder what happened to what Mueller was tasked to actually investigate? I can’t wait until Russia and Israel indicts team Obama for trying to influence the outcomes of their elections.

Back to the school shooting. I suggest that not only armed guards at every school (Oh, the expense!!!), but perhaps fences around every school so that anyone entering has to go through a gate with a guard stationed there. I’m sure there will be some “offended” folks or those who will claim it’s racist, but either we’re going to protect the kids or we’re not. And no, it probably won’t stop all school shootings but instead of waiting for the good guys with guns to show up … there will already be some there. But, the fences and guards just might work, so don’t hold your breath on those ideas being acted on.

Yeah, that famous FBI. Man, they sure are on the ball. Back in May of 2015 Pam Geller was holding a ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest in Dallas. I was going to go. I even had the date marked on my calendar at work … yet forgot about it and didn’t get to attend. Anyway, a couple of guys showed up with weapons and were going to enter the building and kill Ms. Geller and whoever else was there. But the bad guys were killed by … an armed security guard. One thing that really didn’t make the major media circuit is the fact that at least one undercover FBI agent was present on the street when the shoot-out happened. He didn’t participate. HERE is a piece regarding that. But hey, at that time ol’ James Comey was neck deep colluding with Hillary to secure her position as President … so what’s a few people murdered who probably have it coming anyway? Click right HERE for a short list of shooters the FBI had prior warnings of yet did nothing about.

And while you’re at it click right HERE to refresh your memory how the FBI covered up one of the most tragic events in America … for another Clinton back in 1996.

And we have a bunch of morons exclaiming for Trump to do something. Others that the NRA is responsible (can’t grasp that one). There’s article after article of just how evil the AR15 is. Personally, I’ve owned two of them and they never killed anyone. Heck I couldn’t get them to move unless I carried them out of the house. I don’t own one right now, but might purchase one as I can see where this is going. Well, maybe I’ll just get a Ruger Mini 14, shoots the same rounds just as fast, but it doesn’t look “scary.”



Armed guards will stop or reduce school shootings

February 15, 2018

A guy with some pretty obvious mental problems shot and killed 17 people at a school in Florida yesterday. Right on cue the media, before the bodies were even recovered and identified along with the loony Democrats started recycling the same tire gun-control lines of predictable crap. Boils down to violating the rights of legal and responsible gun-owners, banning certain firearms because they look scary and have nothing to do with duck hunting. Resulting in not preventing one “gun death.” Why can’t we try something that actually works? Let’s place armed guards at every school in the country. I mean the politicians have armed guards and they’re very rarely shot, and the ones that are didn’t have guards. So, if it works for them, why can’t we try it for our kids?


I can tell you why. The Democrats don’t want to implement something that works. They want to incrementally disarm the U.S. public, period. They have said so.

That’s it … armed guards at each and every school. Problem solved.

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