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Give Trump A Break!

November 22, 2016

This will be short. Gawd, I’m having difficulty listening to and reading morons (forgive me) who are watching every move made by Trump and coming away with an end before the beginning is even started. What I mean is Trump met with Romney and Trump’s loyalists are in an uproar. Trump said he’s not focused on prosecuting Hillary Clinton. Trump “flips” on this or that or whatever. Man! Doesn’t anyone get the idea that Trump might just be the sort of guy who likes keeping everyone guessing? Could he be the kind of person who isn’t going to reveal his ‘game plan’ to a bunch of lunatics who will do nothing but blab it and thus spoil what he really intends to do? I mean come on folks. There is nothing I’d like to see more than Hillary Clinton be genuinely investigated for her role in Benghazi, her true motives for her private email server and her obvious criminal handling of classified information, her ‘pay for play’ scheme, etc. I’d love to see her indicted, prosecuted and her goat-smelling a$$ hauled off to prison. That would make my decade! So, if Trump states, now that he’s won the election, that in no uncertain terms he will appoint a special prosecutor, etc. to bring her down, Obama will simply step in and issue a blanket pardon and it’s a wrap. Who’s to say that Trump isn’t just playing his cards ‘close to the vest’ right now, keeping his objectives to himself and his team until Jan. 20?

Heck, he just might not actually order his DOJ to pursue Hillary. He might not actively set in motion the investigations and prosecution of her. That doesn’t mean he’s going to obstruct them. Maybe he’ll just sit back and let the people already investigating her do their thing and let the chips fall where they may. He knows that if Obama even thinks that he’s going to push the investigations forward that Obama will pardon her in a second. Don’t forget that Obama was communicating with Hillary via her private email server under a phony name and could very well had communicated classified materials as well.

Dammit! The guy can’t even make a comment without liberals and conservatives alike blowing a gasket with ridiculous crap. Again I have to say, “Tap the freaking brakes and lets just see what happens.”




All this b.s. about Trump changing his mind about this or that is really torquing my gourd and it’s nothing short of asinine. The left … “See, we told you so! You’ve been duped! Trump isn’t what he said he was!” The right … “Woe is us! We’ve been duped! Trump isn’t what he said he was!”

Time will tell folks. I think he’s a lot smarter than people give him credit for.

Trump knows full well what he promised the American people. Lets give him room to work on those. We’ll know soon enough exactly who and what Donald Trump is.

Donald Trump: Someone to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

November 21, 2016

The election is over and the media is having a fit. They have been proven to be liars, bias, deceitful and out right traitors. They have lied to the American people through the years, especially in the last eight, covering for Obama and his insidious acts to undermine the sovereignty of the United States. They used the weapon of keeping the American people in the dark about his traitorous acts and the blatant jeopardizing of our national security by Obama and Hillary Clinton. Fortunately there are still a great many patriots around who can see through the constant lies and lifted up their voices in opposition to the demise of the United States. (read Trump’s smack-down of the media)

Hillary who has led a lifetime of absolute corruption will not squat her fat ass in the White House and won’t be able to sell favors to our enemies like she and Bill have done for the past 30 years. Her hope of power is gone. If anyone has noticed the contributions to the Clinton Foundation has absolutely plummeted. I wonder why? Could it be that seeing there are no possible favors to be had so why give up your money for nothing? The sudden massive drop to her phony “charitable” foundation tells us loudly that charity wasn’t in the mix. (CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE)

My good friend AFVet posted a comment yesterday and I wanted to share it with my friends. Of course we put our trust in God first and foremost. I believe that despite Mr. Trump’s crude nature and arrogant personality that he really cares immensely for America. I don’t expect him to do everything right. I don’t expect him to do everything I’ll like. But I think we’re going to see some actual changes for America’s good come from Mr. Trump. Yeah, he’ll make mistakes and probably let us down in some things. But I genuinely think his interests are in the American people and what they care about.

Here is AFVet’s comment …


The insanity is just about over.
This year Thanksgiving Day will be special.
The following is my post on WHD.

Good morning my fellow Patriots.

We find ourselves on yet another Thanksgiving eve.
This year, we truly have something to be thankful for.

On 6/16/16, a man stood in front of a tired Nation and pledged to take our Country back from the doldrums of eight years of liberal ideology.
An onerous task indeed.

He is a Patriot, a businessman, a straight shooter.
He is a man that I feel we can trust to do what he says he will do.

He vanquished many opponents, some of whom were formidable.
Career politicians entrenched in the machine that is determined to run our Country by dynasty.

He prevailed and the American People watched as he gave us hope that one day this great Country will once again be the “Shining City on the Hill”.

Through eighteen months he drew crowds across this Country that were unprecedented.
Standing up to his detractors with vigor while the people who had been silenced by forces that they could not control watched in admiration.

Finally, we have found our voice.
Enough is enough they said.
Now we have a warrior to go and battle the ones that were set on silencing us.

American Patriotism was once again practiced openly without fear of reprisal.
The love of Old Glory was once again OK.

It is my feeling that God uses a calendar, His calendar.
He doesn’t need a watch, He is eternal.
But a calendar,…yes.
6/16/16 was a mark on His calendar.

Throughout history God has raised up individuals when he needed them to do His bidding.
I think that this is one of those times.

Finally, we are again embarking on a new era.
One that has promise, is exciting.
One that causes us to sit back and breath a sigh of relief after eight years of being maligned by people that see our Country differently than we do.

Donald Trump will face barriers at every turn along with his allies.
Expect it.
The media are making fools of themselves and are becoming more irrelevant everyday.
It is fun to watch them destroy their credibility.
When the enemy is destroying themselves, don’t interfere.

So this Thanksgiving Day we can be especially thankful for the gifts that God has given us.

The American Spirit is alive and well and eager to Make America Great Again.

Another white cop murdered by a black guy … thanks Barack

November 20, 2016

Chalk up another senseless murder for one of Obama’s sons.

SAPD officer shot, killed near police HQ downtown

At 11:45 a.m. Sunday, a San Antonio police officer was shot and killed while performing a routine traffic stop near police headquarters downtown, police Chief William McManus said.

McManus said the shooting occurred on the south side of SAPD headquarters, where an officer was issuing a traffic citation. As he did so, a black vehicle pulled up behind the officer’s unit.

The suspect got out of the car, walked up to the passenger window and fired one round into the patrol car, hitting the officer in the head, McManus said. He said the suspect reached in and fired again, hitting the officer a second time.

The suspect is described as a black male, 5′ 7″to 6-foot tall, wearing a gray shirt and black pants. According to police the suspect is driving a black midsize sedan.

Child uses child’s butter knife to cut peach, zero tolerance inanity ensues

November 20, 2016

There are no words to express the utter lunacy of liberals …

The Daley Gator

Good Freaking Grief

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A South Florida couple is outraged after they said their daughter was suspended from her middle school for using a child butter knife at lunchtime to cut a peach.

Ronald and Andrea Souto told Local 10 News reporter Michael Seiden that their 11-year-old daughter was suspended for six days for bringing the knife to school.

“This is a set of a spoon, fork and knife for toddlers — one year old,” Andrea Souto said. “It is made for children to learn how to eat properly. She’s used it since she was baby.”

According to the school district, the girl violated the county’s weapon policy when she used her butter knife in the cafeteria to cut the peach.

For this simple act, we are punishing an 11-year-old honor student? I have said it before, I will say it again, this is child abuse, and those pushing…

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Even in Obama’s economy it’s worth at least 150 …

November 19, 2016

There’s nothing to say …


Hillary promised donors mega favors for the hundreds of millions of $ they gave her… Now they aren’t getting anything. Are they mad?

November 17, 2016

Here we go. Donald Trump, in a landslide of electoral votes won the presidency. Taking away the approx. 3 million illegal alien, dead people and convict’s votes for Hillary, he won the popular vote as well. Getting back to the electoral votes. Right now there are some very sore losers looking to abolish or overturn the electoral vote count in an effort to give the presidency to Hillary. I sincerely doubt it will happen. However, these same folks just a couple of weeks ago, yea even the day of Nov. 8 were “reporting” that Hillary had a lock on the electoral votes. Some were claiming she would get as many as 322 of them and that was earlier in the day on Nov. 8. Nov. 6 it was reported that she was entering election day with a lock on at least 274 electoral votes.

Don’t forget this.

Now that Trump handed her a$$ and the entire major media’s back to them suddenly they want to abolish the electoral college. It’s funny how that works with liberals and I do mean “funny” in a humorous way as well as “funny” as in a peculiar way.

I find it curious that the losers are attempting to pick Trump’s cabinet choices and his administration for him. Folks like Mark Levin, who by the way was anti-Trump the entire time until about a week before the election (Just go back and listen to his taped radio shows) are already bitching about some of Trump’s administration picks. “Where’s the conservatives???” I head the little prick spew on the radio.  Levin is even trying to take credit for Trump’s victory by saying he “held Trump’s feet to the fire on conservative issues” and that’s why he won. Uh Mark, you sir with all un-due respect, are a first-class pile of ass and had absolutely nothing to do with Trump winning. Maybe Levin can con some of his audience but not anyone who can remember what they had for breakfast this morning.

So, for some, Trump’s choices aren’t conservative enough. For others they aren’t liberal enough. Or they’re “racist,” homophobic, anti-Muslim,  anti-black, anti-Mexican, pro-gun violence, anti-women, pro-white, anti-transgender, anti-BLM, pro-war, and on and on. You can’t open Yahoo News or anything on the internet without reading some headline about some Democrat, foreign leader, Republican, RINO, college student, Jesse Jackson, “Reverend” Sharpton, ex-presidential candidate or whatever saying they’ll “oppose” this or that or sending Trump a “strong” message against bucking the system, etc. I think Trump isn’t listening to these folks. I also believe he is telling all of them just like Obama told the Republicans at one point … “Elections have consequences.” and “I won!”

Every one of Trump’s appointments and selections in building his administration the left has labeled as being all the aforementioned adjectives and more. That by itself tells me that Trump is making excellent choices who all will forward his agenda which is to undo all the b.s. that Obama and company has heaped on the American people. I’m loving the fact that Obama has made it easy for Trump to literally on his first day in office to nullify every one of his executive orders. Obama just knew that he could get away with creating his own laws, by-passing the Congress and that Hillary would double-down on the damage he’s done. Obama didn’t see, because of his arrogance, that his executive orders mean nothing unless legislated by the Congress when a new president who doesn’t “dig his action” takes the White House. How freaking sweet it is!

Moving along here …

Hillary is in so much do-do it’s incredible. She is in serious jeopardy because of her own arrogance as the FBI and the Congress investigate her. Obama could pardon her. I’m sure if there is any indication at all that he could be implicated in her treason, he’ll do it. I’m thinking and I hope that I’m wrong about this. Obama could just leave it alone. Trump could just allow the investigations to proceed. She most likely will be indicted as a result of the findings. Then Trump could pardon her. Hopefully he won’t do that, but we’re going to find out real soon.

I’m kind of wondering just what all those foreign entities who donated hundreds of millions of dollars to her and Bill’s “foundation” are thinking? You know they were promised some pretty heavy returns on their money seeing Hillary knew she would be president and assured them that “the sky is the limit when she’s president.

But suddenly they ain’t getting any return on their investments. I suspect they aren’t happy … just how unhappy remains to be seen.




Tap The Brakes

November 14, 2016

Hillary hadn’t even made her concession speech and called Trump to congratulate him before liberals and conservatives alike started in with “Trump is changing his mind” or “Trump lied to us” about this or that. From prosecuting Hillary, to repealing Obama-care, to scaling back deporting illegals, to taking away gay “rights” to “draining the swamp” and on and on. Gawd! Who voted for Trump so that he could prosecute Hillary? A show of hands? Who thought for a second he would surround himself with nothing but “outsiders” who know nothing about how government works and have no understanding of politics? Show of hands on that?

The hysteria and hand-wringing on both sides, liberal and conservative is beyond ridiculous! The damage done by Obama alone will take years to even begin to repair, not to mention the decades of decline caused by Bill Clinton and the Bush dad and son. I can understand somewhat the anxiety of the left, they’re lunatics anyway. But geez conservatives, get a grip. I’ve been saying all along for over the past year that we need to get what we want a little at a time. To expect Trump to complete our every desire will result only in frustration. If Trump delivers 25% of what conservatives hoped for then folks, we’ve won a major victory. Appointing conservative Supreme Court Justices is the greatest win for conservatives we could ever hope for. That in itself “trumps” (pun?) just about everything else, as we’re talking about the future of our children’s rights. Deporting criminal illegal aliens, thus protecting the American public happen to be high priorities IMHO. Stopping un-vetted Muslims imported from hostile Islamic nations will go a long way in protecting innocent Americans from terror attacks and in keeping the U.S. from becoming another Germany, the U.K. or Sweden.

Seeing that Hillary is prosecuted for her treasonous actions along with her “team” of traitors would be sweet indeed, but that’s not why I voted for Mr. Trump. If he gets it done, great. If not, that’s fine too. She didn’t win and that dear friends is a sweet and savory smell indeed.

So, lets tap the brakes and give Trump some time to do whatever he will do in the manner he wants to do it. Trying to see the end before the beginning even starts isn’t very smart.

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