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Sexual allegations, the Democrat’s new weapon

December 13, 2017

November 18th I wrote a short piece predicting that the media, Democrats and Never Trumpers would parade women out in the attempt to take down President Trump. I wrote that “grope gate” as I call it, is at that time, being used to defeat Judge Roy Moore. That happened yesterday. The parading of women accusing President Trump is in full take down mode right now and naturally the call for a Congressional investigation is being pushed hard by Democrats. I find it stunning just how far the media and the Democrats along with phony Republicans will go to take down our duly elected President. Each day it becomes more obvious to me that President Trump is doing good stuff for America. If he wasn’t and if he simply did what the Republicans always have done; if he would just ‘get along’ or go along with the program he wouldn’t be attacked so viciously. When we have over 90% negative attack articles by every major news source aimed at the President then something is very wrong with this nation. It is, how do they put it, “unprecedented” the utter contempt the media has for Trump. I’m not sure why he is tolerating all this stuff. From the Russian collusion farce, to attacking his potty mouth about women, to his eating habits, the way he talks, combs his hair … everything … is there no limit? I mean Sarah Huckabee Sanders during a press conference had the perfect response to some lame question, about if she would like to see a special investigation of Trump being accused of sexual harassment. She said the Congress would do well to focus on the important things like the economy, border security, immigration, tax overhaul, and job creation instead of wasting their time ‘investigating’ accusations which the President has already answered. She went on to say those are the issues the American people are really concerned about and that every poll indicates that … but the media refuses to report on any of it.

The media is and has been focused only on bringing Trump down. It’s shameful they and the Democrats and a lot of Republicans are partaking in this folly at the expense of the country. It’s shameful the media hides behind and uses the Constitutional protection of the freedom of the press to push phony accusations and insult the President 24/7. When called on their ‘fake news’ they whine that the President is violating their 1st amendment rights. Disgusting.

Again, I don’t know why the President doesn’t fire Robert Mueller and shut down the cover up of Hillary and Obama’s nefarious actions during the campaign. Why he allows the obvious assault by team Mueller, all Hillary supporters, to continue? I don’t know why he hasn’t replaced Jess Sessions, which should have been done long ago. I don’t know folks. What we are witnessing right now, the actions of the media and those within the government, the utter corruption of the every entity is nothing short of tyranny and sedition. The country is in deep do-do.

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  1. December 13, 2017 5:42 am

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  2. December 13, 2017 8:52 am

    A couple reasons I follow your blog, Steve… one is that it’s very important to me to understand the motivation of all sides of an issue, especially with current divisiveness in the country so vitriolic and paranoid. The second is that you’ve been civil with our rare discourse and have actually engaged a bit to allow me to understand your views. Your post here represents so vividly the typical Trump base and honestly I am left feeling more a level of compassion at the extreme disappointment your words reflect. You, and others, had so much faith in the “hope” of what Trump might do.. and frankly he’s let you down to the point that you (and him) blame the world around you; the world is wrong.. and Trump alone is right. Personally I would NEVER give any human being that much admiration.
    I knew Trump was going to come tumbling down from the get-go (and, yes, he’s still there for now.. but things are getting very shaky for him even if he makes it to the next election) simply because I understand his behavioral psyche. But I am more concerned in the long run that when Trump is not president anymore (for any reason) his base will still be out there and what happens to them?

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    • December 13, 2017 12:46 pm

      Thank you for your most welcomed comment Doug. Honestly though dear friend President Trump has not let me down in the least. I raised some questions as to why he’s allowing some activities but then again, he’s the one being attacked and I suppose he has his reasons behind his inaction towards said attacks.
      No sir Trump has actually been much better than I anticipated. He lived up to his promise to appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court and he did. That my friend is the gift that will keep on giving for decades. He’s also, though it really has not been reported by any major news outlets, filling the vacant federal judiciary positions across the country with conservatives. Something like 108 vacant seats (thank you Barack). Those just happen to be the positions of which buck up against Trump’s immigration and sanctuary city policies. Those who have been bucking against them have been Obama appointees and Trump knows first hand the importance of changing the judicial landscape, if you will, for the country. Unemployment is at 4.1%. Consumer confidence is at an all time high. Not to mention the stock market setting records uh-heard of. More people in the work force than ever before. The lowest unemployment among minorities in 17 years. Moral of the military is way up as well as the Border Patrol. Also much needed tax reform as I write this. I literally could go on and on. These are things which as Sarah Huckabee Sander pointed out, the media refuses to report. It’s well documented now that the major media has been pushing over 90% negative “reports” and commentary about the President. Personally I find it extremely troubling. Anyone want to talk about ‘influencing’ election outcomes? I don’t “admire” President Trump in the way you think I do. I do admire the way he has gotten the above accomplished despite the continued vicious attacks by the media, the obstruction by the Democrats and a lot of the establishment Republicans. And that’s it. Take good care and I’m hoping the best for you and your loved ones this Christmas holiday season.

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  3. December 14, 2017 9:46 pm

    I agree whole heartedly with your assessment on this series of issues but I am now entertaining some reservations over the President’s apparent support of the ending for Net Neutrality. Can you shed some light on this for us as I am sure it will become a very hot topic in the coming days and weeks ahead.?

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    • December 15, 2017 7:16 am

      Good morning John. I honestly had not been staying ‘in the loop’ much on the ‘Net Neutrality’ thing. However my way of thinking is that if the loons on the left are for or against anything, then I have to favor the opposite whether I’ve studied the topic or not. My rule of thumb is never to believe what the major media reports. It is nearly always ‘fake’ or twisted left. I did find an article over at American Thinker which I think will help you create an informed opinion of the situation. Here’s the link:
      I sure hope you’re doing okay. I think of you often and am concerned about your well being. (I know you’re not a ‘spring-chicken’ any more! :)) Take good care and stay in touch … Oh, and have a great Christmas holiday with your loved ones and friends!

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    • December 15, 2017 5:17 pm

      I am definitely not a spring chicken anymore but I am still doing pretty well. I am praying that the pain and anguish have now subsided from your recent surgeries and my prayer is that you and Rini and Sandy have the best Christmas and New Years ever and many more to come.

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  4. December 15, 2017 8:24 am

    John, I noticed the fact that the following people, entities, etc. are up in arms over the decision to repeal Net Neutrality … Stephen Colbert, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Dianne Feinstein, the ACLU, Rep. Keith Ellison, George Takei, Ted Leiu, Hollywood in general, to name a few. Thus said, it has to be a good thing if the Socialists, Muslim Brotherhood and far left loony liberals are pissed off about it.


  5. the unit permalink
    December 15, 2017 6:17 pm

    Yep, we wonder why Trump stands for the abuse they all give him without some “You’re Fired!” Buchanan says he won’t go quietly, and like the song there’ll be “whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on”.
    Well, they can do what they do, then they finally make the big misstep. 🙂

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  6. December 19, 2017 7:32 pm

    Mueller = “Witch Hunt” pure, plain and simple. Look at how many of his people are holdovers from the Obummer and Clintonian Administrations. The whole thing is based on the Left Wing rage over being defeated by the will of The American People” and having their socialist intentions defeated at the polls.


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