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Mitch McConnell wants an investigation into Franken’s sexual misconduct. Wants Roy Moore to drop out of the Senate race over his accusations

November 16, 2017

As I continue to watch the various “news outlets” via the internet it is utterly vexing that the media overall is still going after President Trump and Republicans in general all the while completely ignoring other issues of vital importance. Take for example President Trump’s Asian tour. About the only thing that made “the news” upon his return and his speech summing up the various agreements, etc. is him breaking from his speech briefly to take a drink of water. Never mind reporting on what he said he accomplished, but the fact that he drank water while speaking … in-freaking-credible. And then we wonder why the people are so ignorant and/or misinformed. What gets me is most on the left actually enjoy being misled and rejoice if some murderous dictator insults the American President. Stunning indeed. Then there are the incompetent “Republicans” which are essentially Democrats who continually oppose President Trump on every issue. I kind of think these RINOs, all of whom ran on the same platform of Presdient Trump … Obamacare repeal, border security, tax-overhaul, etc. need to be voted out of office. If the Republicans are more than willing to give control of Congress back to the Democrats then lets help them. That’s what they’re doing anyway. John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker, Susan Collins, and numerous others either all at once or just enough to defeat President Trump’s agenda go against his every move. It’s disgraceful the way Democrats protect their own no matter what, yet the Republicans can’t join together and accomplish anything for the folks who voted them in and voted for President Trump. Since 2010 the American people have spoken loud and clear that we want the crap that Obama and his ilk done away with. The Republicans said, “We can’t do anything without control of the House.” We gave them that. Then they said, “We can’t do anything without control of the Senate.” We gave them that. Then they said, “We can’t do anything unless a Republican wins the White House.” We gave them that. Result? Nothing changed because they are liars, each and every one of them. The one good thing that we’re getting is the fact that President Trump is filling all the vacant Federal Judge positions with conservatives. There are something like 108 Federal District, etc. seats left open by Obama that President Trump is filling quickly, not to mention the appointment of Justice Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Roy Moore is finished. The establishment Republicans had to know these accusations were waiting in the shadows. Yet they didn’t allow them to come out until after the defeat of Luther Strange which was who the establishment Republicans wanted. So Roy Moore, in Trump-like fashion defeated the incumbent and then the SHTF … just like they tried to do with President Trump; women suddenly coming forward alleging sexual misconduct.  Hmmmm … a side-note or question, What happened to all of the “ladies” who accused President Trump of sexual misconduct? Since he won the presidency we’ve not heard from them again. Odd; it seems these kind of accusations come out only just before a major election … then when the election is over, they vanish.

I noticed that the major media isn’t reporting at all on the nefarious actions by a Democrat candidate trying to win an open seat at the House of Representatives. Democrat candidate David Alcon has not only been accused but was arrested for felony stalking of a woman in New Mexico. Lets have a show of hands from those who’s heard about that one from the major media. Hmmm … no one? Well I’m stunned! One would think that the media, you know, like CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, HUFF POST, and all the others would report on this; kind of, fulfil the obligation of keeping the people informed about the candidates. And how about this little tid-bit about one darling of the left, Al Franken? For some reason I haven’t heard anyone calling for him to resign his position. But, he’s a Democrat who had no choice but to apologize because … there’s a picture. So, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” is enough to ‘move along’  …  lets get the Republican.

Now lets consider my claim that the Republicans are intentionally disgracing Roy Moore to keep a conservative out of the House. I think they are throwing the election in Alabama to the Democrats just like they would have allowed Hillary to win the presidency over Trump. Judge Roy Moore gets accused of sexual misconduct and Mitch McConnell immediately calls for him to get out of the election. Right now, today, Al Franken gets accused, admits to sexual misconduct and Mitch McConnell calls for an “ethics investigation.” Come on folks. An investigation that would probably take a freaking year and the guy has already confessed the accusations are true. Moore has illustrated the accusations against him are absolutely false. A forged signature on the year book. One accuser’s step son saying his “mom” is lying against Mr. Moore, and a former mall manager testifying that he didn’t know of Roy Moore being banned from entering the mall to keep him “away from the teenage girls.”

Anyway, I’ve been checking out the moronic news reports and its all the same old crap … anything and everything President Trump does is bad and wrong. And the media is already coming to the rescue of Hillary’s Uranium One deal at the very mention of an investigation by a special counsel. Typical stuff.

                                     funny man Al Franken groping sleeping woman





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  1. kenoshamarge permalink
    November 16, 2017 3:32 pm

    I’d like to know what’s funny about have Franken groping a sleeping woman? Not funny to her and sure as hell not funny to me. I never liked him – he always gave me the creeps. Now I know why.

    And let’s not hold our breath until the media spends as much time diving into Franken’s past as they did Roy Moore’s. Oh and there is now a second accuser.

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    • November 16, 2017 5:37 pm

      If you hold your breath waiting you won’t fare well. I mean the media along with the Democrats are strategically accepting his “apology” and down-playing / without down-playing his folly, calling for an “investigation.” They know such an investigation would take at least a year or more and nothing would come from it; just smoke and mirrors. I just think it’s appalling that the Republicans demand Roy Moore to step aside while giving this guy a pass. Why don’t they “investigate” Roy Moore and let the will of the people of Alabama be done? If he’s a weasel then they can remove him from office.
      Thanks for visiting and for your most welcomed comments!

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  2. November 16, 2017 5:55 pm

    To add to your list…

    Herman Cain

    Remember him

    While running for President and becoming quite popular

    The Left Wing (nuts) sent numerous women out into the media crying sexual harassment etc

    Once Cain dropped out the women disappeared

    Cain said he didn’t have the kind of money one would need to fight back so he dropped out

    Roy Moore…hallelujah!

    I hope what I read about Roy Moore is true

    He’s staying in the race and he’s going to burn that mother down 󾓦

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    • November 16, 2017 7:44 pm

      I had mentioned the thing about Herman Cain but then edited it out, but yeah, this is the way politics works now, especially on the Democrat side. The stuff about Roy Moore is unraveling slowly. The year book thing is a fraud. The step-son of the woman who’s accusing said she’s lying. One guy who was a manager of the mall said he didn’t recall Mr. Moore being expelled from the mall and on and on. I hope he does stay in. If it turns out that he’s guilty then he gets removed. But I think they should at least let the thing run its course and investigate.

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  3. November 17, 2017 12:25 am

    I say it’s high time that we start accusing McConnell, McCain, Corker, and Collins of predatory sexual behavior. Mitch McConnell touched me inappropriately back in 1980! There, now he has to go. Isn’t that how they believe it should be done?

    Stay strong, Judge Moore!

    And you too, my friend! Keeping you in my prayers. *hugs* ❤

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    • November 17, 2017 6:40 am

      I can’t get past the bias of the media since Trump took office. I mean it was bad during the Obama years and it’s always been bad when Republicans are targeted but geez, it’s gotten ridiculous lately. This morning Newsweek has an article accusing the Republicans of exatle what the Democrats and liberals are doing right now … down-playing their guy while attacking the other guy. Attacking President Trump … again. What really chaps my a$$ is the reporting about the Republican tax plan. Completely false and extremely misleading. Its pathetic the Democrats claiming the “middle class” isn’t getting any tax relief, and on and on. The charges are made by Pelosi and Schummer mainly. Lets see Pelosi = California … Schummer = New York and they claim they want lower taxes for the middle class???? what a joke.
      Love ya little lady! (ooopps! don’t want to “harrass” you! LOL!)


  4. kenoshamarge permalink
    November 17, 2017 6:41 am

    I think that Republicans are tried by a hostile media and found guilty while slime like Bob Menendez has a mistrial and gets to play the victim by a friendly media. A media that seldom bothered to mention his trial.

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    • November 17, 2017 3:31 pm

      There’s no doubt the media is biased against anything Republican. Yet the Republican establishment sucks up to them thinking they will get a fair shake. Look what happened to Trump during the campaign and since winning. Better than 95% negative reporting by the media. Take his recent Asian “tour” for example. We’ve heard absolutely nothing about it except a mocking on his drinking water during a speech he made. Its disgusting. Now we’ve got “grope gate!” Gawd! It’s like grope city now and the media is feeding this like crazy. In the mean time the Congress is busy “investigating” this, that and the other … and getting nothing done. Nothing but freaking investigations into crap that happened so long ago it’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is what’s being accomplished for us. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! You’re welcome any time!

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  5. kenoshamarge permalink
    November 17, 2017 4:35 pm

    Thanks for the welcome. I always like finding like minded people. It ain’t always easy these days.

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  6. kenoshamarge permalink
    November 18, 2017 8:42 am

    If the right must depend on establishment types, who have been in the Senate for decades to do the right thing they will have to make enough noise to scare the old buzzards. They will never, in my opinion, do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

    Also just my opinion by I don’t think the threat of being in the minority scares them. They can complain and do nothing in the minority position while saying their hands are tied because of that minority status. And many will believe.

    I do think the whole “sex” scandal thing has some of them scared.

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    • November 18, 2017 8:50 am

      The establishment types, especially those in the Republican Party say they need to “get their message out” to the people. If they’re relying on the media to get that message out they are going to be very disappointed. I think you’re on to something about a bunch of them being scared of the sex thing.

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  7. November 19, 2017 5:00 pm

    It is getting to the point now where I am afraid to even smile at a woman out on the streets or in the grocery store or at the barber shop because if the woman doesn’t like the looks of my $2,000 set of false teeth she might be inclined to accuse me of something.

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    • November 20, 2017 8:29 am

      It has gotten to that point John. Even single guys need to be on guard with flirting with a single woman in any setting. The left has been quite successful in dividing us, even in an innocent situation.


  8. 0jr permalink
    November 20, 2017 3:14 pm

    mickonal looks like a querr child rapist

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  9. November 18, 2017 8:50 am

    Thank You!



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