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Who will the Democrats give us in 2020?

November 8, 2017

Good morning folks! Well, it’s easy to see the media’s pushing of a continual Trump bashing campaign is paying off. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised to see a Democrat win the governor’s election in Virginia. I mean Hillary actually won the state in the general election. Now, the Democrats are fired up. I think it’s beyond sad and even criminal the way the media isn’t reporting the facts of the Trump administration’s accomplishments. They are hiding the fact that unemployment is at 4.1% and that around 250,000 new jobs were added last month, and that consumer confidence is at a 20 year high. I saw an article which headline read something like, “Most people believe that Trump hasn’t accomplished anything while in office.” We should realize that those “most people” get their news and information from the major media via television, the internet on search pages such as Yahoo and Google, so should it be any surprise that folks won’t know about what he’s accomplishing? Yahoo is beyond biased and incredibly anti-Trump. They put up on their home page absolute nothing but negative articles about President Trump, featuring reports mainly from the Huff Post, Newsweek, Think Progress, CNN,, ABC and all the other far-left ‘news’ sources. Regardless of the obvious bias and negative reporting a lot of folks can see the media for what it is. However, when you have over 40% of folks under the age 35 saying they would rather live under Socialism or Communism, than a free, democratic society, then folks, we really have a problem.  The re-election of Bill DeBlasio as mayor of New York should make us very thankful for the Electoral College. I sincerely believe that Trump being elected is a respite if you will, to slow down the inevitable… the destruction of America. The media is working over time to be sure that a liberal, and/or Democrat wins the next presidential election. You can rest assured the media isn’t going to take a chance on the next election. They started when Trump won the nomination and when he actually pulled off the victory, well we all know the media response. You don’t have to take my word for it. Go to the Yahoo Home Page right now and in the comments section tell me what you see there regarding President Trump. A month’s pay says nothing but Trump bashing.  In fact it’s so petty here is what’s there right this second on the very top:  “Obama’s photographer on taking 1.9 million photos of America’s First Black President is throwing shade at Trump.”  It’s okay I suppose, the left get their jollies at demonizing President Trump and it’s gotten beyond pathetic. At least Hillary didn’t get to be president and that in itself is enough satisfaction to last the rest of my life-time. Don’t you love how the media reports on how divided the country is, yet they are the very ones promoting the division?

I know I’ll get some who will say or think, “Steve, you’re only mad at the media because you think if they don’t report what you want, then they’re biased and out to get Trump.”  Close, but no cigar. I’m angry at the media because they admit their bias and hatred towards the U.S. president and they have successfully manipulated the minds of the ignorant. (take the 40+% who would rather live under Socialism for example … I rest my case) Heck, it’s been openly admitted that less than 5% of all reporting about President Trump has been positive. That folks, is by choice and a plan being executed to destroy him. Who’s seen any reports about the record number of people in the work force? Who’s seen any reports about how illegal immigration is down almost to nothing? Who’s seen any reports that unemployment is at 4.1%? Who’s seen any reports that a record number of people are off food stamps and welfare? Oh contraire, none of the above, at least from the major media except when they can slant the credit to Obama or put some sort of negativity on the reporting.

Let’s see, what else is happening besides mass murders (by “guns”) or how being white makes one automatically racist?  Okay, the gun thing. bottom line … the folks in the government want to disarm the American people. These guys/gals want us to “trust” them to keep us safe in our neighborhoods. They can’t even stop illegal drugs from coming into America or illegal aliens (even children) from openly coming into the country and they want us to trust them to keep illegal guns from getting into the hands of criminals? Nah, I think I’ll hang on to the guns I have. This is no different from when Roe v Wade was being considered. “What about cases of incest and rape?” was the argument of the left. Voila! Nine men on the Supreme Court gave in and made it legal to murder unborn children in the womb … and we have abortion on demand, at will, for any reason and right up until the little one is coming out of the birth canal in some states. They can be killed … legally. Give in a little and folks, the left is never satisfied. That’s why when the Democrats want to “ban” certain firearms, rest assured they want to ban all of them from the law-abiding public.

I have to go to physical therapy a couple of times a week … (for about the next six months … bummer!) and one of the young men at the Sport Therapy facility asked me what I thought the problem with society is referring to the mass shooting at the church here in Texas. I simply answered, “The lack of God in people’s lives.” We’re reaping exactly what we have sown. We’ve allowed liberals to corrupt our children (if they are murdered before they’re actually born) in our education system. Our children are taught that perversion is okay from the time they are in elementary school. By the time they get to high-school they’re being taught (indoctrinated) leftist, liberal ideals. They’re taught nothing about the truth about the founding of America. They are taught nothing about the strong part that Christianity played in its founding. When they get to college the colleges are literally filled with socialist and communist professors and the result is again, 40+% think that living under socialism or communism would be great. They have zero idea of the millions and millions of people massacred throughout the history of mankind under those systems of government. As morality has declined, immorality abounds, and it’s being manifested all around us in every facet of our lives. Communist leaders decades ago stated they would destroy America from within and folks we’re watching it happen.

But, suddenly a guy named Donald Trump unexpectedly gets elected President of the United States and the liberals … both on “the left” and those who claim to be on “the right” are very upset about it. This guy, despite his personal failures and character flaws, loves America and wants to genuinely put America and her citizens first. He actually wants to do things to protect the people of America and he’s a bad guy. He’s not “compassionate.” He’s “nationalist.” He’s anti-globalist. He’s against American tax payers paying for the world’s problems and he’s a bad guy for it. Folks, President Trump got in the way of Hillary Clinton carrying on the same anti-America policies of Barack Obama. He’s taking away some of the power of career politicians via cutting taxes. Politicians wield power over the American people via controlling America’s tax dollars and what’s it’s being spent on.

We spent eight long years enduring the actions of the most corrupt presidential “administration” in U.S. history under the fraud Barack Obama. We endured eight long years of seeing an equally corrupt media cover up his ignominious and nefarious actions … and in-actions in which a lot of innocent people lost their lives. After all is said, the media, the major media which has the most access to the most people is under-reporting, not reporting on important issues, are spending every waking hour thinking up misleading or out-right lies to present to the American people regarding what President Trump is doing. They attack him personally. They attack his wife and his family with disgusting and lewd commentary with such disrespect it’s sickening. They report with joy when a murderous dictator such as when the leader of North Korea calls our President an unsavory name instead of regarding the insult as exactly that … an insult. Hollywood comedians provide “entertainment” to their ignorant audiences in ways in which even the notion of doing such towards Obama would have instantly gotten them fired. Yet when their disgusting insults are directed against President Trump the simpletons they fill with their crap rejoice.

We can expect at least three more years of this b.s. from the media against the U.S. president. Like I said, they will leave nothing to chance this time around and they will not rest until they bring down President Trump or ensure some loony liberal Democrat is elected in 2020. I doubt that Hillary will get the nod again. I believe Joe Biden will though. He’s already getting moved more and more to the spotlight. As moronic as Biden is, the media is already building him up. We’ll see soon enough.

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  1. November 8, 2017 10:45 pm

    Damn, Steve.. you got a lot of doom & gloom there. Honestly, and this is no nonsense patronizing either, I do feel for those on the right who feel like this, like yourself. Although I see it as a betrayal of the hopes and expectations the Conservative right had when they voted for Trump, I realize you might prefer to assign blame to the “satanist” liberals and the biased media instead. I can’t say I agree with much of what you said here, but I don’t wanna debate. I sense things are gonna get worse for the President as time goes on. I did a post the other day about letting Pence carry the Trump agenda forward if the President runs into serious trouble. Is it really all about Trump the man or is it more the agenda? Seems to me the agenda is way more important.


    • November 9, 2017 6:51 am

      Thank you for visiting and commenting Doug. I always appreciate it. I’ll check out your post regarding Pence later today. I really don’t think I was assigning “blame” for anything per se, but there is no doubt the major media is on an anti-Trump rampage and they (CNN, MSNBC, etc. readlily admit it) are the folks manipulating the information fed to the public. I’m a bit stunned that you cannot or perhaps refuse to even notice that. But we’re all wired differently.


    • November 12, 2017 10:59 pm

      still here, hunh?

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  2. November 8, 2017 11:59 pm

    I disagree with Doug’s comment saying that you put forth a lot of “Doom and gloom.” The lunacy of the leftists knows no bounds and you are just sharing the honest truth of what is behind all the hatred of President Trump. Pointing out the truth about what is really going on vs. what is being spewed by the haters in the media of mass deception is a good thing and needed in our world of online alternative media.

    The libtards may fool some people, but not all of us; especially those who are really paying attention and not toeing the liberal leftist line which is filled with lies and bullsh*t!

    Liberals hate that their deeply flawed, unhealthy and creepy candidate didn’t win. Even a year later, the 😭 crybabies STILL can’t get over that loss! I’m so grateful to God that we dodged the bullet of the Clinton crime family getting back into power.

    President Trump is doing a great job and those who refuse to see what has already been accomplished by his administration are just bitter.

    Thanks Steve, for always “telling it like it is!” Always appreciate your posts!


    • November 9, 2017 6:58 am

      Hey Christine!
      I sure hope you’re doing okay out there in sunny Calif. My sister-in-law was forced to evacuate her home for a short time. Thankfully the wild-fires didn’t get to there property but you could see the raging fires from their home!
      You are correct in that this isn’t a “doom and gloom” post. It’s more of a reality check. I think that Doug feels we “worship” at the feet of President Trump and nothing could be more from the truth. I thiink you and I can remember the little “spat” you and I had during the campaign. Trump never was our first choice and we finally had to get on board that the alternative was completely unacceptable. I believe President Trump is doing better than we anticipated and that’s what all the rage is about. I know for a fact that he is appointing conservatives to the federal judge positions across the nations and that dear friend is a gift that will keep on giving.
      Take good care Christine and I’ll try to get over to Talk Wisdom for a visit today.


    • November 12, 2017 11:04 pm

      I disagree with Doug’s comment about you putting out doom and gloom too, Steve. I have never known you to put out anything but Truth and Common sense when it comes to spelling out the insanity of the Left for us. The Liberals do have their mental issues I believe — mostly issues of hate and negative malcontentedness … and a sore nose from getting their butts beat in the election and their loss of the opportunity to crown the first American Queen.

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    • November 16, 2017 3:23 pm

      Yeah, it’s always “doom and gloom” when it’s the truth. Democrats say Trump is going to start a nuclear war and that’s not “doomy or gloomy”


  3. November 10, 2017 1:50 am

    I think they’re going to push Michelle. That’s as close as they can get to getting Barry back in the White House. They might push Biden in 2020 if they think they’re going to lose or have a tight race against a Trump re-election, but for sure, if not 2020, then 2024 will be Michelle.

    Praying for you, my friend! I pray your recovery will go fast! *hugs* ❤


    • November 10, 2017 5:56 am

      You could be on to something Vanessa. The Democrats strongly protest any Republican who “isn’t qualified” for office because of the lack of actual experience. Yet, when their candidate is grossly unqualified, it’s okay. It’s okay because either they are black, female or both … like Barry Obama.


  4. November 12, 2017 11:00 pm

    The person the Democrats will “Give Us” will be whoever the CIA picks out.

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