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Impeach Donald Trump for pardoning Joe Arpaio? LO freaking L!

August 28, 2017

I read this morning that President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an impeachable offense.  I mean with President Trump what isn’t an impeachable offense? The way he combs his hair. His having an absolutely beautiful wife and family. The way his eleven year old boy dresses isn’t very presidential and on and on. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is I believe 85 years old. He directed his officers to detain (lock up) people who were in the country illegally. The court didn’t like that because it claimed it is racist and unconstitutional  to enforce immigration laws and told the good Sheriff to knock it off. Well, he didn’t so that pissed off the court and found him in “criminal contempt” of the court order, a misdemeanor. President Trump happens to be a president who seems to like enforcing our existing immigration laws pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The left, right and everyone in between has blown a gasket.

Now, I’m not really a guy who like so say stuff like ‘Bill Clinton also pardoned unsavory people!” or “Barack Obama set free five high ranking Taliban members for a traitor and paid several billion dollars in cash as ransom at the same time!” But I’m pretty fed up with the nit-picking of President Trump’s every uttered syllable, and shouts of racism if his limo coasts through a yellow light, so let’s take a short look at some of the folks pardoned and had sentences commuted by other presidents. People who actually broke the law and people who actually were killed because of their actions. Has anyone ever heard of the FALN?   For those who may have forgotten FALN was a small group of separatists who launched a  deadly “war of nerves” to bring about  independence for Puerto Rico. Over a six-year  period, the group claimed responsibility for more  than 100 bombings that took six lives and injured some 130 people. New Yorkers had particular reason to fear the  FALN: In 1975, it bombed Fraunces Tavern in  the Wall Street area, killing four. It also bombed Police Headquarters in 1983, maiming for life three cops who tried to defuse the bombs. One, Salvatore Pastorella, was blinded and lost the fingers on his right hand; another, Anthony Senft, was partially blinded; the third, Rocco Pascarella, had his right leg amputated. Another FALN blast, at the Mobil Oil building on East 42nd Street, sent shards of glass into Charles Steinberg, a 26-year-old newlywed lawyer, killing him instantly.  (source)  You can click on the “source” link and read the rest.  Bill Clinton pardoned his own brother, however it was after he served his entire sentence for some kind of drug offense … I mean, after all Roger is Bill’s brother. Bill Clinton handed out 140 presidential pardons and sentence commutation on his last day in office.  HERE is the list, though the crimes are hardly all inclusive many of them were directly involved in campaign funding for the Clinton family.  Probably the most curious pardon Bill Clinton pulled off was the one for Marc Rich.  Read about that right about HERE.  Now that one is typical Clinton fashion … the life time of “Pay for Play” style that suddenly ran out in 2016 on Nov. 8.

Anyone who visits this blog knows I loathe making the articles too lengthy. I’m not exactly the kind of writer who can capture the mind of a reader to the point of they just can’t stop reading … Hell, I might have even stopped by now! (being facetious). I think I’ll go to Yahoo News right now and list some of the headlines right now and just out of curiosity see how the media is treating our President …

Donald Trump ‘might refuse to leave the White House when his term ends’, expert warns .

No, Mr. President, journalists aren’t ‘sick’.

.John McCain Rips Donald Trump For Pardoning Joe Arpaio  

Trump’s decision to pardon Joe Arpaio could be a crucial piece of evidence in the Russia investigation

An outrageous pardon and a hollow Congress

Sebastian Gorka: Hillary Clinton Allies Are Working From Within White House To Ruin Trump

While Americans Focus On A Category 4 Hurricane, Trump Does His Dirty Work

Those are a very few right on the home page on Yahoo News right now. Nothing neutral, nothing but negative and or left-leaning opinion.

I think it’s time we who love this country and don’t want it turned into a third world shit-hole to double down and show folks in 2018 (the mid-terms) that President Trump is here to stay and we’re in the mood to help him ‘drain the swamp. I surely wish he would have gotten rid of every Obama hold-over. For example, I can’t for the life of me understand why the IRS Commissioner John Koshkinen is still in office. This guy is the mother of all liars and as arrogant as they come. Trump should have run his goat-smelling ass out on the first day. But … who knows? I know it’s difficult for President Trump to get anything done with McConnell, Paul Ryan and the freak-show of a senator John McCain around. Not to mention this ass-clown Jeff Flake. McCain’s time is up … literally, and I know how this sounds but I don’t give a rat’s ass, it wouldn’t break my heart one bit for him to hit the big time clock in the sky and reap for every anti-America, anti-God, pro Islamic stand he’s made ever since he rode his father’s coat tails into the military. You can bet your a$$ he lost his manhood in Vietnam a long time ago.

I’ve noticed the Russian collusion thing has wound down a lot. My guess is that Mueller has found only Democrats doing any collusion there and that’s why he hired all those Hillary and Democrat donors and supporters to help with his farce of an “investigation.”

It’s time to illustrate to the major media that Trump’s base is stronger and will never allow the likes of Joe Bidden, Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren to occupy the White House. When I think of who the Democrats have to push towards the presidency I have to laugh. They’ve got no one.

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  1. August 28, 2017 2:43 pm

    I read this and thought it was a good one sentence to sum it up

    Arpaio enforced the law as written and passed by Congress in which Obama’s Executive Branch did not want him to do so

    As far a McCain

    I read he was given a POW pardon by Nixon

    …and the rest can go to hell 👹

    Have a Beautiful Evening 😊

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  2. August 28, 2017 4:47 pm

    It’s “one of those days”… 2:46pm pst
    I just read the excerpt from your post; I’m sure you properly lambasted the appropriate two legged, deluded, perverse morons who think in a manner which motivated the title to this post.
    However, I can’t “LOL”. Rather, they need to go to hell early; -you can read between the lines- all the malevolent influences in Gov’t who have gotten off “Scott free” with treasonous behavior, yet they wish to attack our President. DELETE THE FOLLOWING AFTER READING!:
    I’ll read this later, am soon off to see my chiropractor. My G.I. almost did me in recently; a recent -unwanted but necessary- hospital stay, practically guarantees me having to live to work to pay off debt, for the rest of my so called life. NOT AMUSED.
    Noted the egregious weather Texas is experiencing, hope you’re OK.

    Liked by 1 person

    • August 30, 2017 10:24 am

      I understand wholeheartedly Prof. My surgeon told me last Friday, “Steve, to level with you, it’s going to take a year for you to completely recover.” I go, “What happened to the six weeks thing???” I almost nixed the deal then. Had I known I’d be paying for a year … well … I’m in the belly of the whale now. So where it goes, I’m going.

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  3. August 28, 2017 10:31 pm

    This is some great stuff like your stuff always is, Steve … but I don’t think there are too many intelligent people left who can really appreciate what people like you and I are trying to tell them. I hope you are out of the danger zones in Texas.

    Liked by 1 person

    • August 30, 2017 10:25 am

      Thanks John! Yeah, we’re fine here in Ft. Worth. Huston, not so good.



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