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Taking Down The President

June 15, 2017

Hello folks! I realized that I haven’t been blogging  much lately and really, I do have a lot to say about stuff, it’s just finding the energy to write. I think what makes it difficult is the pace in which the left continue their attacks and from every angle. These guys are some very obsessed sons of bitches and are focused on bringing Trump down. I wish there was something we (the people) could do about the media and their lying and treasonous ‘reporting.’ I mean folks what the media is doing to President Trump and the United States is nothing short of sedition.  Here’s some of what we’re seeing …

AFP The special counsel overseeing the probe into Russia’s alleged meddling in the US election is looking at whether President Donald Trump tried to obstruct justice, The Washington Post reported Wednesday, citing unnamed officials.

Donald Trump has been president for six (6) months now and every day we read where there are new “investigations” and “probes” into possible wrong doings by President Trump or any one even remotely associated with him.  I have to ask, “Why?” Why are we sitting back and letting this happen? Why are conservatives in states in which the elected representatives are being paid to obstruct the president not doing anything to stop it? Every day there are articles giving us poll numbers of Americans who want to see Trump impeached. I’m not getting this. Do American families get up in the morning and sit around with their families waiting for the phone to ring so they can get on the list? It’s fucking bizarre! The left has let us know they are not letting up. The frightening part about this whole destroy Trump thing is the left controls the media. They control what’s put out for Americans to consume as news. I’m going to provide a link to a piece over at the Gateway Pundit which illustrates what we’re up against. President Trump was / is absolutely correct when he called the media the “enemy of the American People.”

If you want to know where the collusion was, and who was actively working to tamper with the election and to know who was cheating every step of the way for Hillary Clinton CLICK RIGHT HERE. Those are the sanctimonious freaks who cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination, then paid him off. Those are the people who are right this second putting out 24/7 fake news, lies and are relentless to destroy the American president despite the fact that President Trump won the election. Personally, I’m getting sick of these freaks using their power and influence to stir up the feeble-minded loons on the left … yesterday’s shooter is the perfect example.

The Russian “collusion” investigation is still going on and Robert Mueller is leading the way. This guy has hired Clinton supporters and people who have donated to Hillary’s campaign to “help” with the investigation. Why are the Republicans allowing this? Come on folks! What the hell? If I were Donald Trump I’d fire Mueller also and tell the Congress either lay out a case for collusion, present evidence or shut the f#ck up and quit wasting the tax-payer’s time and money.

So what do we do folks? Obviously those loons on the left are wrapped up in so much hatred the relish anything anti-Trump. Every one who knows me know I loathed President Obama’s policies. However, let’s establish the difference in my anger towards Obama and the left’s anger towards President Trump. I loathed Obama, not as a person because I didn’t know him personally. If I didn’t know him personally how could I have a personal like or dislike towards him? I mean, he seemed nice enough, a bit effeminate acting for me to want to hang out with but that’s about it. I know by his actions that he detested the United States and the founders. I know by his policies and his speech that he thinks the police are racist. I think he uses that same style of “defending the underdog” to advance every part of his agenda. In Obama’s view the United States as a whole is racist. The United States is homophobic.

Heck, I didn’t want to get off on this crap. We all know that Obama spent eight years apologizing for the United States saving various nation’s asses around the world since her founding.

Now when we’re talking about Donald Trump, read any article and get down to the comments section and read the hatred spewed by the left. There are a bunch of loons on the left who are pretty pissed off that Donald Trump wasn’t the target of the Sander’s supporter. What’s funny is predictably the left starts in on gun control! LO freaking L!

Well folks, I gotta go for now. I’ve spent the last eight days in the hospital and I think they’re letting me outta here this afternoon. I’m gonna take a nap for now. If you see any typos, let me know and I’ll correct them when I wake up. Have a great day!


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  1. Doug ( permalink
    June 15, 2017 10:13 am

    I know this is likely impossible for you to wrap your head around, but let’s, for a moment, remove the mainstream press, and assume the only news source is Conservative. Even if Conservative outlets all spout nothing but “good” Trump news, anyone will still be able to see that Trump has managed himself into his own corner with those nuts tweets, confrontational attitude, inexperienced knee jerk actions and policies without thinking ramifications, and total ignorance of the job. Now, I realize a Conservative like yourself likely grooves on all that as some sort of “tear-it-all-down”, “throw-the-bums-out”, “cleansing-D.C.-of-elites”, and “drain-the-swamp” type of upsetting the apple cart thing.. but case in point, over 60% of the country doesn’t support Trump. Hell, at election time only 46% supported him. So you are suggesting two thirds of the country dislikes Trump for one reason or another simply because you interpret the mainstream press as being too liberal in some grand conspiracy?
    And… why do Conservatives always try to defend Trump by bringing up old news like Hillary and Obama when the entire issue at play are peoples’ objections to the current president?

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    • June 15, 2017 5:23 pm

      Excellent comment Brother Bob and thank you for visiting. Let me put it this way Bob, Hillary and Trump campaigned side by side. I listened to both sides. Hillary campaigned on Barack Obama’s same tired promises of moving the country farther to the left. Free college educations for all. Abortion on demand and the tax-payers must pay for them. Open borders ramping up the flow of Muslims from hostile Islamic nations well over 500% of that which Obama proposed. Appointing far-left Supreme Court justices who will base rulings on emotions and according to race, gender, etc. instead of what the Constitution allows. Amnesty for tens of millions of people who are here illegally in essence punishing those who came into the country legally, worked towards citizenship and assimilation making America not just their new home but their country. Not to get too much into every issue, I listened to then candidate Trump as well. He promised to nominate Supreme Court justices who will not legislate from the bench but will rule on issues as the Constitution demands … without regard to race, gender, religion etc. I liked the fact that Donald Trump realizes that ISIS stated they will invade the West by infiltrating and exploiting the refugee situation in the Middle East and will send in multitudes of terrorists into our country, so he suggested (campaigned) we temporarily stop all folks from entering the U.S. if they are coming in from nations who has stated time and again “death to America” until an efficient vetting system can be put in place. I think building a wall across the southern border where possible is a good idea. Not THE only method of stopping people from entering the country illegally but one of several working together to keep America and her citizens safe, and rewarding those who played by the rules and are willing to assimilate, etc.
      As far as Trump’s popularity is concerned I don’t care about any of that. I don’t care if he’s crass, rude, crude, not a good speaker, or a polished politician. Hillary and Obama are hardly “old news” as you put it.
      No one is asking for the media, conservative or liberal to “spout off” anything good or bad about Trump. All I’m asking of the is to report what is happening.
      I’m not sure what the point of your comment is to be honest. Donald Trump, despite how unpopular you feel he is just happened to have won the election fair and square and I think the media is doing the citizens of America a disservice by the continual bashing of him. Also, because he has been elected by the people of the United States I think what the media is doing is border-line sedition. I didn’t vote for Trump to be the coolest guy in town. I’ll be back to comment more, I have to tend to something right now.

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  2. June 15, 2017 11:39 am

    Hey. WHAT are you doing in the hospital? If it’s more blood pressure problems reading and writing about this garbage is NOT going to get you better. I’m praying for you, dear friend and for Rini. The woman has her hands full trying to keep you calm. LOL

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    • June 15, 2017 6:30 pm

      Hey Betty Jo! No, it isn’t the ol’ blood pressure thing. I broke my back about 50 years ago and didn’t realize it at the time. For the past couple of years I’ve been having great difficulty with it so I finally had to have surgery. Man, now that was no fun dear lady! Anyway, I’m home now and hopefully on the road to recovery. LOL! Yeah Rini does have have her hands full but I think she’s making progress! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers Betty Jo. I hope you and your lovely family are doing good.

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  3. June 15, 2017 2:45 pm

    *blink* Hospital?! Eight days?! Praying hard for you, and Rina. ❤ ❤ *hugs*

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    • June 15, 2017 6:32 pm

      Hey Vanessa! I sure hope you and your beautiful family are okay! Those kids must be getting big by now! I appreciate your prayers and you’ve always been a faithful and dear friend.

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  4. the unit permalink
    June 15, 2017 7:05 pm

    Back huh? Lucky you’re not a Gram-ma. You’re getting so old the docs might’ve done like Obama said, “Just give Gram-ma a pill.” 🙂 Best wishes for full recovery.

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  5. June 16, 2017 9:00 am

    Hey there, Steve. Eight days in the hospital? That is frightening, my friend. Surprised they let you have a device to blog. You’re right on ;point, my friend and it’s unnerving as hell but please don’t let it add to your health condition and all above, your back, Steve.

    Praying for a speedy recovery. God bless you, Steve.

    P.S. Re-posted G.O.’s,


    • June 16, 2017 6:46 pm

      Thank you Denise! I’m finding I’m sure as much as you dear lady the 24/7 Trump bashing has really gotten old. Last week Comey’s testimony under oath was going to bring Trump down because Comey had the goods on him. Hmmmm …
      They’ll keep throwing stuff against the wall in hopes that something will stick but I’m not worried about it. I’m hoping to start blogging more now that I’m finally getting these health issues behind me. Take very good care Denise.


  6. June 16, 2017 4:38 pm

    Reblogged this on Roberts Thoughts 2 and commented:
    As always, great post.

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  7. John Liming permalink
    June 17, 2017 6:42 am

    Much too true — have to reblog it — If you love America then read it …..

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  8. June 17, 2017 8:03 am

    Thank you brother John!



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