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Child uses child’s butter knife to cut peach, zero tolerance inanity ensues

November 20, 2016

There are no words to express the utter lunacy of liberals …

The Daley Gator

Good Freaking Grief

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A South Florida couple is outraged after they said their daughter was suspended from her middle school for using a child butter knife at lunchtime to cut a peach.

Ronald and Andrea Souto told Local 10 News reporter Michael Seiden that their 11-year-old daughter was suspended for six days for bringing the knife to school.

“This is a set of a spoon, fork and knife for toddlers — one year old,” Andrea Souto said. “It is made for children to learn how to eat properly. She’s used it since she was baby.”

According to the school district, the girl violated the county’s weapon policy when she used her butter knife in the cafeteria to cut the peach.

For this simple act, we are punishing an 11-year-old honor student? I have said it before, I will say it again, this is child abuse, and those pushing…

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  1. AFVet permalink
    November 20, 2016 10:25 am

    The insanity is just about over.
    This year Thanksgiving Day will be special.
    The following is my post on WHD.

    Good morning my fellow Patriots.

    We find ourselves on yet another Thanksgiving eve.
    This year, we truly have something to be thankful for.

    On 6/16/16, a man stood in front of a tired Nation and pledged to take our Country back from the doldrums of eight years of liberal ideology.
    An onerous task indeed.

    He is a Patriot, a businessman, a straight shooter.
    He is a man that I feel we can trust to do what he says he will do.

    He vanquished many opponents, some of whom were formidable.
    Career politicians entrenched in the machine that is determined to run our Country by dynasty.

    He prevailed and the American People watched as he gave us hope that one day this great Country will once again be the “Shining City on the Hill”.

    Through eighteen months he drew crowds across this Country that were unprecedented.
    Standing up to his detractors with vigor while the people who had been silenced by forces that they could not control watched in admiration.

    Finally, we have found our voice.
    Enough is enough they said.
    Now we have a warrior to go and battle the ones that were set on silencing us.

    American Patriotism was once again practiced openly without fear of reprisal.
    The love of Old Glory was once again OK.

    It is my feeling that God uses a calendar, His calendar.
    He doesn’t need a watch, He is eternal.
    But a calendar,…yes.
    6/16/16 was a mark on His calendar.

    Throughout history God has raised up individuals when he needed them to do His bidding.
    I think that this is one of those times.

    Finally, we are again embarking on a new era.
    One that has promise, is exciting.
    One that causes us to sit back and breath a sigh of relief after eight years of being maligned by people that see our Country differently than we do.

    Donald Trump will face barriers at every turn along with his allies.
    Expect it.
    The media are making fools of themselves and are becoming more irrelevant everyday.
    It is fun to watch them destroy their credibility.
    When the enemy is destroying themselves, don’t interfere.

    So this Thanksgiving Day we can be especially thankful for the gifts that God has given us.

    The American Spirit is alive and well and eager to Make America Great Again.

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    • November 20, 2016 3:06 pm

      What a great comment AFVet! I’d like to put it here as a post so others can read your refreshing take on what we can achieve. I’m not sure what web-site you’re posting your stuff on. Let me know so I can check it out.


    • AFVet permalink
      November 20, 2016 3:30 pm

      Steve, it was a comment I posted on
      Keith Koffler’s blog, Saturday open thread.
      It drew some return comments so I thought I would share it with your readers.
      If you want to use it as a post go for it.
      It turned out pretty good.

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    • November 20, 2016 5:33 pm

      Thanks AFVet!


  2. November 20, 2016 10:46 am

    I think some of these zero tolerance rules in schools are ass brained and I think it takes ass brains to dream them up in the first place and sooner or later parents are going to tire of the harrassment and kick some school board behind with high-priced lawsuits for causing child trauma and the sooner the better. I say “Sue the Bast*rds!”

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    • November 20, 2016 3:07 pm

      The parents really do need to sue those weasels. This crap has gotten so out of hand it’s ridiculous.

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    • AFVet permalink
      November 20, 2016 3:58 pm

      Trump has said that he wants to bring the schools back to local control.
      The parents have been removed from the equation and it is time they get their control back as they are the ones footing the bill.
      Years of government control have produced wussies that need play-doh and safe spaces when they don’t get their way.
      it is disgusting.

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    • November 20, 2016 6:04 pm

      Schools produce no annual reports so how can anyone know what they spend and what they spend it on? — Schools operate like private prison systems with armed guards in the halls and punitive discriminations based on everything from political correctness to subtle racism … and because the parents are kept out of the equation except on a token basis they are totally in the dark about what their kids encounter at school each and every day there are subject to their rule.


  3. the unit permalink
    November 20, 2016 5:32 pm

    A news report says she was cutting a slice to share with a friend. What was the real offense? Did she brown bag and not buy Mooshelle’s decreed lunch? Guess she’s lucky then they didn’t throw the book at her. /sar

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  4. November 20, 2016 8:03 pm

    The girl cut her peach in half to share with her friend-with a butter knife she had been using since she was a toddler-it’s designed to teach children to use tableware.
    I guess schools are now opposed to children using eating utensils.

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  5. November 23, 2016 6:37 pm

    On the “home front” – John Q. take the “L” out of Public…


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