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Staying the course for Donald Trump

October 12, 2016

As the election gets closer we’re inundated with #Never Trump and other anti-America “pundits” claiming the ‘high-road’ of principles and values of which they in reality have none. The decline of the United States has been overwhelmingly evident especially for the last eight years, and yet the afore mentioned phonies are more than willing to facilitate said decline. As one author over at American Thinker put it …

Members of the GOP elite who’ve come out against Donald Trump see themselves as above the fray. Men of honor and dignity. Statesmen who are better than the likes of a Donald Trump. But their actions and inactions as political (non)leaders have failed the American people so profoundly, they’ve lost all claim to whatever notions they have of themselves as honorable men.

Is it honorable to lie to the American public (and do so over and over again)? Is it honorable to align with the opponent on matters of grave import? Is it honorable to dish out a steady stream of pathetic excuses as to why they haven’t accomplished anything they promised as if we’re a bunch of idiots just waiting to eat up whatever stupidity is thrown our way?

Is it honorable to put our lives at increased risk? Is it honorable to behave as if the left does not mean to destroy this nation?

Is it honorable to contribute to the decline of America?

No it is not. It is dishonorable. And no amount of polite, gracious, sophisticated words that flow out of the mouths of GOP elites can change that. As Trump said about Hillary in the last debate: “It’s just words, folks. It’s just words.”

A war is going on and it’s not just Islam vs the West (which is bad enough). There’s a war for the heart and soul of America. Name me even one anti-Trump elite who genuinely grasps that terrifying fact and who has an appropriate sense of urgency?

I can’t think of one.

And folks, I can’t either. We’ve got Erick Erickson who said he will vote for Evan McMullin, who just happens to be all in for the importation of Muslims from hostile Islamic nations. We’ve got the low-life Bush family who is about as anti-Trump as one can get … think Billy Bush and the recently leaked “lewd” Trump tape. Paul Ryan (think leaked lewd tape) and other establishment Republicans who are so “honorable” and genteel they refuse to support the Republican nominee for president. I’ll give the Democrats credit. They support their man/woman no matter how vile they might be, they stick together. Whether that’s good, bad, moral or immoral means nothing. They are united and that folks, is why they win elections. That is why Trump is struggling. He’s fighting the Democrat machine, the media on all fronts, left and right. And, he’s fighting the Republican elite, not to mention Christians who suddenly had a spiritual awakening that they could be violating their Christian faith by voting for such a dastardly human being embodied in Donald Trump. Yet allowing Hillary to squat in the White House whose view on abortion is that it’s cool, right up until a child is making it’s way down the birth canal.  They are willing to let Hillary appoint Supreme Court justices who will no doubt be hostile to the Christian faith, possibly ruling that practicing Christianity is hate-speech. They will allow Hillary to import millions of Muslims from hostile Islamic nations … relocating them to our neighborhoods, and then cry when their children get raped. All that is cool with them … just don’t let Donald Trump become president. “He’s not a real Christian, like me!”

And here’s another little tid-bit about some of the Republicans who oppose Trump and where they stand on immigration …

Via: PoliZette

As Republican elites continue to defy Republican voters on the crucial issue of immigration, it’s not surprising that the Senate’s open-borders crowd is refusing to back the man who—largely because of his hawkish immigration position — was chosen by Republican voters to be their party’s nominee. While only 30 percent of Senate Republicans voted for the open-borders “Gang of Eight” legislation (30 percent too many), the percentage was far higher among Trump defectors. Among senators who were in office in 2013, 55 percent (6 of 11) of those who now say that they cannot support Trump voted to support the “Gang of Eight” legislation.

Kelly Ayotte (R., N.H.) says she “cannot support” and “will not vote for” Trump. Susan Collins (R., Maine) says she “could not support” Trump. Jeff Flake (R., Ariz.) says Trump “needs to withdraw from the race.” Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) says Trump “should drop out.” John McCain (R., Ariz.) says he “will not vote for” Trump (but will instead “write in the name of some good” Republican, who in McCain’s imagination is running for president). And Lisa Murkowski (R., Alaska) says she “cannot and will not support” Trump, who has “has forfeited the right to be our party’s nominee.” All six voted for the Gang of Eight bill.

Over in the House, Speaker Paul Ryan has largely withdrawn his support from Trump, saying he’ll no longer campaign for him and will not defend him (although he still endorses him). Now that Marco Rubio has been (partially) chastened, Ryan is perhaps the most prominent and forceful Republican backer of open-borders immigration law.

There are about 14 million reasons to not support the above Republicans when their turn for re-election comes up. Those are the 14 million Americans who voted for Trump to secure the nomination yet those RINOs refuse to listen to the voters and will gladly hand the White House over to Hillary.



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  1. October 12, 2016 4:56 pm

    The Christians that think they might not be able to support Trump because of some bad boy talk have become the Christians of yesterday

    The Christians as well as many others have come to their senses and realize just what is at stake here in this November 8th election and are leaving the sins of yesterday back there so they can visualize the future of America


    …and all that goes with them…

    …all that they could loose forever…

    and the America they want to hand down to their children and grandchildren 󾓦

    There’s only one clear choice

    TRUMP/PENCE 2016

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    • October 12, 2016 6:14 pm

      Nail on head comment hocuspocus! Geez, if for nothing else, the country and the future of the kids. I mean, even if it’s just a postponement of things to come …

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  2. October 12, 2016 4:57 pm

    That sums it up pretty well. I think now it’s our turn to say we didn’t leave the party, the party left us. There aren’t many Republicans in the GOP elite.

    Sent you an email by the way, birthday boy! *hugs* ❤

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    • October 12, 2016 6:18 pm

      I still can’t get past the “for the sake of the party” saying. It’s time to think about the United States … the party will follow. The Republican party can kiss any hope of ever winning the White House if Hillary gets in. If Trump loses because of the “elite” and the folks I mentioned in article, there won’t be anything left to be worried about … it will be way too late.
      Thank you Vanessa! Yeah, chalk up another year. 😉

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  3. October 12, 2016 11:42 pm

    I agree with you Steve but Trump also needs to work to calm the fears of the Repubs and be the bigger man and stop his rhetoric against them. It’s as if he is trying again to lose this election and to make sure we lose the house and the senate. If that is the case, there is NO hope as there will be no one able to stop their progressive plans from moving full steam ahead. He needs to stick with the issues like terrorism, jobs,& crime, etc It’s looking more and more like we’re screwed!



    • October 13, 2016 3:07 am

      Thank you Betty Jo. Yes, Trump really does need to work on not responding to each and every criticism against him. Truthfully though I think a lot of those pulling endorsements or distancing themselves like Mr. Ryan is doing were not ever going to support him 100% anyway and they’re using the video as an excuse. When the campaigns began, (there were 17 Republican candidates) they forced Trump to swear to support who ever would be the nominee… it was a gimmick. Suddenly Trump wins and Bush, Rubio, Cruz, etc. all came up with excuses not to support Trump. I do not understand the reasoning that the Senate and House would be lost if Trump wins. I can see them being lost if he loses. There will be 14+ million pissed off Republican voters to assure losses for the elite Republicans who worked against Trump.

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  4. October 13, 2016 6:29 am

    Trump is a fighter and it is natural that he would respond to every blow against him. Think about it this way: “Trump is a fighter and it is natural that he would respond to every threat and every blow directed against The United States also.” I know of some who would make an apology for America if America were attacked but Trump would kick some ass and forget all about apologizing. I think one of the main reasons the RINOs are distancing themselves from Trump is because he stands as a challenge to their “Do nothing but still get paid” cushy-assed “Jobs” as elected representatives and senators and their jobs are far more important to them than representing the people who elected them. I think they hate Trump because he will call them out and make them do what they were elected to do and he will also expose the rampant corruption and favor-taking and favor giving going on under the sheets in Washington, D.C. This has less to do with disagreeing with Trump on the issues than it does with a bunch of corrupt politicians wanting to keep their status quo comfort zones and being afraid Trump will shake up their comfortable little world.

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  5. October 23, 2016 5:55 am

    Well said, Steve. Excellent post.

    By the way, happy belated birthday, my friend. God bless you and may you have many more.

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    • October 23, 2016 1:46 pm

      Thank you Denise! I’ve been trying to slow down on the birthdays but Rini said to let them keep coming!
      I wore my Trump t-shirt Rini got me for my b’day to church today. Needless to say Trump was mentioned during the sermon … in a good way! Stay the course for America dear lady! You’re one of the good “guys.”


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