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Clinton Cash Map

August 25, 2016

Clinton Cash Map … Thanks to


Click on the pdf link below to be able to zoom in on the map.



I was listening to Michael Savage this afternoon for a little while. He made some excellent points. There are a lot of people who refuse to vote for Trump because he’s a narcissist or they feel he’s arrogant. Those are among other character flaws who ever reads the major media stories and buys into their misinformation can come up with.

I’ve always felt like “so what?” Isn’t Barack the quintessential narcissist and the epitome of arrogant? For certain no one has died because of any decision Mr. Trump has made, ever. Can’t say the same for Hillary. Donald Trump didn’t leave four Americans to be murdered in Benghazi. Trump didn’t sell America’s ballistic missile secrets to China. Trump didn’t instigate a racial divide in America which has resulted in the murder of a multitude of law enforcement officers. Trump hasn’t accepted into America tens of thousands of potential Muslim terrorists. Trump didn’t create sanctuary cities for criminal illegal aliens to hide and commit murder and rape. Nothing Trump has done has jeopardized America’s national security. Trump didn’t pave the way for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Trump didn’t trade five senior Taliban members for one American traitor. Trump didn’t force your little girls to accept grown men in their restrooms. Trump didn’t pay $400 million dollars for a ransom to Iran. Trump didn’t facilitate the sale of one-fifth of America’s uranium supplies to the Russians. Trump hasn’t met with the Muslim Brotherhood on multiple occasions. Trump hasn’t accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from hostile Islamic nations and then claim to be a pillar for women’s rights. There isn’t a long list of dead people who had past associations with Donald Trump … like Hillary and Obama has. Trump was never accused of being a racist until he announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. I’ve never heard Trump gleefully exclaim “We came, we saw, he died” over anyone’s death like Hillary did regarding Gaddafi. Trump hasn’t globe-trotted meeting with world leaders and with each meeting the visited part of the world got much worse … think Hillary.

Michael Savage had more stuff, but those listed are a few that I could come up with off the top of my head.

Folks, there is no comparison between Hillary and Donald Trump. I’ll vote for an arrogant narcissist any day over a person who has spent a life time dragging utter corruption everywhere and who has zero regard for human life … and no regard for America.

Besides all that, Hillary is ugly, inside and out.

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  1. August 25, 2016 6:53 pm

    They say those very same people who say they will never vote for Trump are afraid to say they support Trump and will vote for him

    Due to the angry violent Hillary people that will put their life thru hell

    Others fear their safety

    I read today for the first time that Bernie Sanders had been very quietly getting his Berniecrats to run for a political seat

    Some have already won their primaries something we should be keeping an eye on

    Their plan is to replace Congress with Berniecrats by 2018 to turn America into a socialist country

    They are 100% anti American

    I though Bernie went away with his $600K
    I guess not

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    • August 25, 2016 7:13 pm

      I was wondering what happened to ol’ Bernie.
      I know I have a couple of Donald Trump yard signs up and two bumper stickers on my pickup. I asked Rina if she wanted one for her car but she declined. She said she didn’t want any trouble from the anti-Trump folks. Me … I don’t worry about it. (I’d almost kind of welcome it)


    • August 26, 2016 4:32 am

      Socialists are always out there somewhere, silently practicing their particular art of “Boring From Within.”

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    • August 26, 2016 2:28 pm


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