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Crooked Hillary

August 15, 2016

When I got home today I fired up my laptop and went to Yahoo News. Several articles bashing Trump and one article about Hillary on how a bunch of major corporations are supporting her. Because her “values” represent theirs, whatever that means. Personally, I’d be ashamed if my values were anything close to hers.

It’s stunning that anyone can actually vote for Hillary Clinton. Okay, Trump is rude, crass, arrogant and brash. Not one person is dead as a result of any decision he’s made. Not one U.S. secret has been exposed because of his actions.  I can’t say the same for Hillary.

Again, are we going to allow Hillary to be “Commander-in-Chief” of the U.S. military? Are we going to give her ultimate control in appointing justices to the Supreme Court? How about you 2nd Amendment folks, do you want her continuing what Obama has been doing … only much worse?

Will we give her access to the U.S. Treasury, control over the Justice Department, and allow her to be the one we have to trust with the security of the United States? Geez, this female wouldn’t even bother to help her “friend” Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans fighting for their lives … she left them to die. And her boss Barack Obama was missing the entire time of the attack.

Yet there are a lot of sanctimonious, moral giants who in the interest of their own hypocrisy will sell out the United States because they don’t like Trump’s personality. Some claim, “He’s a fascist, and won’t follow the Constitution!”  The mental midgets who spout off such drivel try so hard to illustrate some advanced intellectual prowess and fail miserably.

Anyway watch this video and then tell me you’ll vote for Hillary Clinton …



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  1. August 15, 2016 9:46 pm

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    America, you need to stop listening to the hype and consider the things being revealed in this amazingly relevant and timely article by Cry and Howl.

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