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CNN admits to being all in for Hillary

August 14, 2016

If, and I do mean if you’re wondering why the Trump campaign could be struggling at times, the following very short clip pretty much tells it all.

And then, the media staying in Trump bashing 24/7, we’ve got phony conservatives and sanctimonious Christians (phony … who can claim to be conservative and Christian and facilitate a Hillary presidency?) who continue attacking him relentlessly. Complete and utter foolishness. All they’re doing is illustrating the hypocritical world they live in. And they will be the first ones crying and blowing snot when, for example Hillary’s Supreme Court eliminates free speech for conservative news sources and even blogs. The Christians will be,  “Woe is us! Practicing our Christian faith has been ruled as ‘hate speech’ by Hillary’s Supreme Court! Let us bind together in prayer for deliverance …” sob, choke, sniffle.

I read / hear all the time from people who don’t know whether to wind their a$$ or scratch their watch … “I can’t vote for Trump … he’s a fascist dictator, who will do unconstitutional acts, just like Hillary!”

Stuff like that makes me slap my forehead in disgust. It’s just drivel from folks trying to illustrate their intellectual prowess and they don’t have a clue about what they are talking about or the ramifications of a Hillary presidency.

Those folks are the first ones who will get their panties in a wad over their 2nd Amendment rights being “infringed” on, and all the other infringements that will be rampant under Hillary Clinton.

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  1. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    August 14, 2016 8:59 am

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd as she most famously said – what difference does it make? Yeah, CNN has done some ratings slipping in the past week, but really, their main audience being zombies – they will stick right with CNN and never even bother to ask – what difference does it make?

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  2. August 14, 2016 9:56 am

    What will it take for them to get it? Clinton News Network is something that should be illegal and may have been in another era, before everything became whatever this is masquerading as a society.
    There are 2 choices people! (I mean people who are not the writer of this article 🙂 )
    We either vote for Donald J Trump, which by the way, may be the best thing that ever happened to shake up the USA since the turn of the century, or press that stupid button for Clinton, who has a documented history of so much badness I refuse to even type it.
    What documented history, you may ask?
    I know, it’s kinda hard to find stuff that’s been intentionally scrubbed by an eager media and their internet cronies but youtube and wordpress are your friends, try looking into some of this stuff because we are on the brink, it’s make it or break it time for this country.
    Once upon a time, men served their country then got out of the way for the next civilian, it was an honor and a civic duty to work for the government because you were working for yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and so on.
    We became our own country for a reason.
    Now, in the most f’d up time in the world, we have 2 choices, a career politician who has done nothing for herself in so long she probably doesn’t even remember how to drive her own car nevermind the scandals too numerous to name, or an abrasive bombastic yet successful businessman* who has willingly thrust himself as well as his family into the harsh light of the world where he is judged and found wanting by everyone but the Silent Majority, who are fed up with lies, corruption and most of all, political correctness.
    Neither choice is a perfect candidate but one thing is clear: Clinton News Network as well as nearly every major news organization out there aren’t even hiding their bias anymore, that fact alone should scare the hell out of us all.

    *Yeah, yeah, I know, but Trump went bankrupt! He didn’t pay some contractors! Yes the list of his “sins” goes on but unless you have your own business you don’t understand that there are some contractors out there who don’t get paid for reasons, like not finishing a job, doing a job wrong, etc, I know this from my husband’s business, I’ve dealt with contractors myself who took their first payment upfront then disappeared without doing one lick of work. I’m not trying to be a Trump apologist but come on people, apply the same standards to these people that you apply to yourself. And please, don’t allow the media to form your opinions, use your own mind, do your own research and take the hatred the media shoves down our throats out of the equation. They don’t care about us, they just care about the money they are being paid to do their jobs in an unprofessional manner.
    And while you’re at it, check into WikiLeaks, they don’t have a player in the game, and they have said explicitly that Russia had nothing to do with their document dump. Assange has said it was someone who worked for the DNC. Unfortunately, nobody can question Seth Rich, all we have to go on is the word of companies like google and twitter and facebook, all on the payroll of, well, as they say, follow the money.

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    • August 14, 2016 1:46 pm

      Thank you for visiting humble Cry and Howl Joanne Best. And thank you for your most welcomed comment. You make some excellent points. Yeah, Trump is rude, crass, and arrogant. Folks say, “We already have an arrogant president!” Yes, but he uses his arrogance to destroy the United States. Maybe we could use a little rudeness and arrogance to actually help America … put America first. There are a few sites where a person could get a somewhat fairer line of reporting. The Drudge Report, Bad Blue, American Thinker and Western Journalism. Bad Blue does include articles from The Resurgent (Erick Erickson’s site), The Right Scoop, News Max, and the one and only SOOPERMEXICAN, who is a real piece of work, among other #Never Trumpsters. But over all you can get a much more accurate picture of what’s happening.
      Trump’s bankruptcys were actually good business dealings. He stayed within the confines of the law, avoided having to pay certain folks at the time and still keep his businesses running. That allows employees to keep working, etc.
      It’s quite funny (not as in humor, but peculiar) that folks actually think Trump is doing this for attention and recognition. I don’t buy it in the least as it seems to me the guy could get those things in a much less hostile environment. The guy has been around 30+ years, made billions, employs thousands, contributes to the economies of every state and county where he’s conducting business and being taxed. In those 30+ years no one ever accused him of being racist, a bigot, a cheat, or any of the other nefarious labels he’s having to wear now. Suddenly he’s running for president as a Republican … BOOM! He’s all the above and more. Ridiculous!
      Thanks again for commenting!

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  3. August 15, 2016 6:56 am

    Forget anything you ever heard about the integrity of American Media — just forget it all — and then watch and see how every major network is campaigning their asses off on behalf of Hillary Clinton and using every opportunity at their disposal to berate, criticize or contradict everything Donald says … and when they can’t find something they look something up in their treash heap archives and put the spin on it so they can hammer him with it … all the media are in a full-scale Marxist propaganda attack against the People’s choice (Trump) and most of the sheeple either do not believe it, do not want to believe it or have been so zombified by the constant barrage of leftist lies spewing from the crud-encrusted mouths of the so-called “Media” they are unable to believe it. When is the last time we heard anything negative about Hillary on the major brain-dead Media? Justy like it is now politically incorrect to talk about Radical Islamic murders around the world, I think it is soon going to be politically incorrect to say anything adverse about Her Highness, the proposed Queen of These United States.


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