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#Never Hillary

August 10, 2016

I was listening to Mark Levin this afternoon for a brief period of time. Most of the time I can’t stand to listen to him for more than about five minutes. Today he was talking rather mildly, giving his listeners a review of the Gore-Bush presidential race. Then he started talking about Donald Trump. He was saying that out of all the Republican candidates we had to chose from, we picked the only guy who could lose against Hillary. It’s like saying the media wouldn’t be going after Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio or any of the others. They’d get fair treatment right along with Hillary. Then he started saying something like if Trump loses the election it will be all on Trump and his supporters and his “media surrogates.” I almost wrecked my pickup. What “media surrogates???” Then he began gently explaining why he never attacked Trump or spoke negatively about him before or after he (Levin) endorsed Ted Cruz. I almost had to pull over to the side of the road. Folks, Mark Levin has been a #Never Trump guy from the very beginning. There was not one time I listened to his show in the last year when he didn’t go on and on about how bad Trump is and how disgusting conservatives are by not choosing Cruz as the nominee. The dishonesty of Levin is stunning. Don’t believe me folks … just go back through his radio programs the last year and see for yourself. Levin is pathetic.

I’ll say this, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Bobbi Jindal, and all the rest wouldn’t have a prayer against Hillary. Why? Because they are no different than John McCain or Mitt Romney. Hell, they, professional politicians, save Carson, couldn’t even win the primaries. Each and every one of them would be sitting back when the liberal media is blistering them, wringing their hands and thinking “I can’t attack Hillary, it wouldn’t be ‘presidential.'” “I’ll be labeled a woman-hater.” Every one of them are too delicate, too genteel to take on a ruthless, calculating, anything goes in winning, Hillary Clinton.

It’s obvious folks. The aforementioned people hate Trump’s aggressiveness. He’s not “polished.”  Polished got us Barack Hussein Obama. Yet the #Never Trump fools continue their ungodly attacks against the guy who can beat Hillary. They are willing to continue another four years of everything being the Republicans fault. They are willing to put Hillary Clinton in charge of the U.S. military! That folks, is beyond comprehension. Also and probably the most damning part is the #Never Trump” folks are willing to kiss the Supreme Court good bye for a minimum of a generation. If the Republicans can’t come together and win this, there will probably never be another Republican president. And even if a Republican happened to get elected, the damage Hillary will do will already be done. The Hillary Supreme Court could reject anything and everything a Republican president wanted to accomplish. Obama has flooded every government entity with his ilk. The media is flooded with Obama “agents” and Hillary attack dogs. If Hillary gets elected you’ll see her “people” in every position of power world wide. Huma (think Muslim Brotherhood) will be to Hillary what Valerie Jarret is to Obama.

Then talk about selling favors! Hillary sold favors to foreign governments, to despots, to criminal enterprises, to anyone contributing $ to the Clinton Foundation. I can’t imagine the favor selling she’ll be able to pull off as president. She will have no choice … she’s already bought.

How do you explain making $20 million in speaking fees in just two years?

The 50 former national security clowns signing a letter condemning Trump are the same folks who are responsible for the demise of the U.S. national security right now.

They are the same folks who brought us 9/11/2001 and on and on. Bill Clinton paved the way for G.W. Bush, who paved the way for Barack Hussein Obama. Is every one so blind they can’t see the decline of U.S. sovereignty at the hands of  the last three ass-clown presidents? All of them has set the stage for a Hillary presidency. Donald Trump came along and threw a wrench in the works.

I just can’t get a grasp on how anyone could look their children in the eyes when Hillary finishes up-ending the United States after they voted for her … either directly of by not voting for Trump.

#Never Hillary at all cost.

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  1. August 10, 2016 7:53 pm

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  2. August 10, 2016 8:15 pm

    “If Trump wins the election, it will be the first time a billionaire moved into public housing vacated by a black family “- Joe Dan Gorman.

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