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Voting for Trump is the honorable thing to do.

July 25, 2016

I’ve noticed to the dismay of the #Never Trump folks that Trump is ahead of Hillary in nearly every poll, left-leaning ones as well. Erick Erickson even ‘penned’ a piece this morning admitting that Trump is “on track” to win the presidency. And if Erickson hasn’t shown that he is completely unhinged by now he sums up his article with the conspiracy that Trump is getting a needed push to the White House from … Moscow. WOW! Just like the Hillary campaign is blaming Russia for the DNC hack job.

I think it’s funny! Desperate people say desperate things.

Anyway, getting to what I wanted to point out is an article over at American Thinker, written by Karin McQuillan who hit the fact out of the park that a Trump presidency is the far more ‘honorable’ thing to happen in November.

Via: American Thinker
There Is Nothing Honorable about Losing to Hillary

In 2008 we had John McCain, who was too honorable to criticize Barack Hussein Obama.  In 2012 we had Mitt Romney who again was too honorable to attack our first black President.  Now we have Ted
Cruz who is too honorable to honor his pledge of party unity, too honorable to protect our Supreme Court from Hillary’s potential nominees, and too honorable to help us win.  We have all the Libertarians, so honorable they have a shot at throwing the election to Hillary.

We have a whole list of conservative pundits and websites, who could swallow the GOP betraying all their 2012 pledges, doubling our national debt and increasing entitlements, without a word about bolting the party, but Trump’s crude, honest talk is too much for their honor to bear?

We have Paul Ryan who is so honorable he has to rush to the microphones and join the media lynch mob criticizing Trump as racist, while the Dems’ race-baiting over 8 years has gotten a pass.  Ryan’s priority is to protect his own, oh so honorable brand, as a compassionate conservative, superior to the voters as well as Trump.

There is nothing honorable about choosing to lose.

There is nothing honorable about betraying your voters, who picked Trump because all those honorable leaders have been lying to us for years.  They pretend to support enforcing our immigration laws when they have no intention of doing so.  They pretend to be serious about the jihadi threat, while letting millions of sharia-supporting Muslims into our country.  They pretend to be fixing things in the Middle East, while giving the Gulf sheikdoms free rein to turn American mosques into jihadi propaganda centers.  They pretend to be serious about jobs, while refusing to confront the Chinese on currency manipulation.  They pretend to love America, but not enough to protect it from the PC onslaught on our constitutional rights.

Note to all you honorable liars and losers:  the voters are sick of you.  We want someone on our side and someone who will to fight to win.  That’s why Trump was nominated.


Yes, we have all those “Christian conservatives” who just can’t violate their “principles,” “values,” and what ever other empty attributes they claim to have but can’t list them.

Then this morning I was reading where one Christian lady can’t bring herself to vote for Trump (even though she admits that Trump would be “light-years” better than Hillary) because Trump’s “you’re fired” attitude others is “troubling.” She continues that Trump’s “you’re fired” attitude perhaps would cause him to never take proper advice from anyone in his future presidential cabinet.

She continues on that she doesn’t think Trump is a Christian.

Thats’s it folks! Those are the reasons given for essentially voting for Hillary Clinton by a very conservative Christian. Folks we’re in deep do-do when the arrogance of members of the Christian community can come up with stuff like the above to justify turning America into more of a living hell than it already is. Someone who is willing to afford Hillary Clinton the authority to appoint the next two or possibly three Supreme Court Justices and be in control of the U.S. military … well … I guess I’m really disappointed. If Hillary gets elected because of these folks sitting out the election, I surely don’t want them coming to me when their freedom to worship grinds to a halt. Or like I pointed out before, practicing Christianity is deemed “hate speech” by Hillary’s court. Oh, then that wouldn’t be very ‘Christian like’ of me … sorry. My values and principles won’t support the folks who will be responsible to placing Hillary in the White House.

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  1. July 25, 2016 3:23 pm

    So what if Trump might be getting a little push from Moscow? So the f**k what? Isn’t Clingon getting a push from C.A.I.R., or “The Brotherhood?” Isn’t a large part of the leadership already compromised and infiltrated because of the influence of “The One?” There are a bunch of “Them” in there already and probably a lot more to come …. what about the Queen’s choice for VP? Doesn’t he allegedly have some ties also? Whassup with dat, folks?

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    • July 25, 2016 3:34 pm

      You just ‘voiced’ some of my thoughts John. If we listed all the favors sold by Hillary to foreign entities and governments there wouldn’t be room on this humble blog.

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    • July 25, 2016 3:36 pm

      Nor on any blog — nor in all the books that were ever printed ….who can know the length and the depth and breadth of such (fill in the blanks).

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  2. July 25, 2016 3:27 pm

    If Hillardy Clingon gets elected as Prez., you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t have diddly-squat to do with anything anywhere near either “Principles” or “Values” — unless of course one is predisposed to following and cherishing the “Principles and Values” glowing with Hellfire and smelling of brimstone and demon droppings.

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  3. July 25, 2016 3:28 pm

    They say that in the last days even the elect will be deceived if it were possible. Many there are who will seek to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven but few there be who find the way.

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  1. Voting for Trump is the honorable thing to do. | partneringwitheagles

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