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Erick Erickson is about the dumbest dick-weed on the planet.

July 12, 2016

Here we go. I was reading an article by Eric Erickson this morning. This clown is a certified a$$hole … please excuse my written language. This character says that Trump is going to lose the November election to Hillary Clinton.

The truth is that dumping Trump does not guarantee a win in November, but keeping Trump guarantees a loss.

Lets take a look at this lunatic’s reasoning. I’m going to paraphrase his comments then copy and paste them here so my readers (all three of you) can decide for yourselves if my take is accurate.

Erickson says that Trump is going to lose against Hillary in November. He says that Hillary winning the election against Trump would be worse than Hillary winning against Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan or (gasp) Mitt Romney…. ???????????????????????

Erick, a Hillary win is a Hillary win. I know that’s hard for a college educated pundit such as yourself to grasp, but it’s true.

Folks, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz for that matter couldn’t win enough primaries to get the nomination and this ass-clown, Erickson wants to pit them up against Hillary???

Here’s his lead in for his trash article …

It is a truth that those of us who are #NeverTrump have to admit and accept. There is no guarantee that dumping Trump as the GOP nominee will guarantee victory in November. In fact, if the GOP ditches Trump in Cleveland next week and the new nominee loses, the Trump supporters will easily blame all of us and never admit how bad it would be with him.

Erickson rambles on about “college educated” voters preferring Hillary over Trump. Uh Erick, if the ‘college educated’ vote for Hillary, how does the intelligence of them factor in? Seems to me they wasted 2-4-6-8 of their lives and voted for the most corrupt person on the planet. I noticed Mr. (or Ms. who knows?) Erickson doesn’t mention the U.S. military vote which will be substantial and I can guarantee, the vast majority won’t be voting to put Hillary in charge of the military. Gawd! What a disaster that would be! If folks are so educated, why can they not see the corruption which has followed the Clintons all their lives? But the left is the left. Like Erickson … who thinks that a Hillary presidency wouldn’t be so bad if anyone but Trump loses to her. Unbelievable!

He writes about making the presidential race “exciting again.”

In short, while ditching Trump would mean a loss of some voters, that loss would be overwhelmed by the influx of voters of all demographics. In fact, the GOP would have the perfect winning message if its delegates beat Trump. The GOP dumped Trump and the Democrats clung to Clinton.

I suspect the sigh of relief from the overwhelming number of voters that the GOP spared them a Trump nomination would generate lots of good will and also make the race exciting again.

Erick, this isn’t a football game or basketball game. We’re not looking for excitement. We’re looking at stopping Hillary and the Democrats, while you’re looking at preserving the Republican Party.

Erick says that the House and Senate will be lost if Trump is elected. On what basis, who the hell knows? I do know that the voters gave the Republicans the House and Senate and what have they done to stop Obama’s agenda?????  I’m waiting … and waiting … not a damn thing. Nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch … Obama, despite the drivel from the left has gotten every things he’s sought after with no real opposition at all. Leftists, name something Obama hasn’t gotten … one freaking thing. Maybe the Republicans deserve to lose the House and Senate.

HERE is the link to the ass-clown Erickson’s article. You tell me if I’m wrong in the comments section.




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  1. July 12, 2016 3:36 pm

    so, agreed!!!!!!!!!! what lunacy in todays pro-hillary stinkin’ thinkin!.yep yep.!


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