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Erick Erickson is finally coming out of the closet

June 1, 2016

Erick Erickson, dick-weed extraordinaire, said that Trump’s bitch-slapping of the press yesterday was brilliant. And it was. I laughed my a$$ off when Trump said to the one guy, “Yeah, I’ve seen you around and you’re a real beauty!”

What a classic!

Then of course in Erickson’s usual cry-baby fashion made this accusation …

As my friend Leon Wolf noted on Twitter earlier, Trump would not have donated his money had the media not started investigating.

Trump’s stated of sheer pissed offedness today had more to do with having to depart with $1 million that he never thought he’d have to give up than with the media asking questions.

Had the Washington Post not begun probing and gotten the campaign to admit Trump had actually raised less than the $6 million claimed, we would not have gotten to the point today.

Trump was angry with the press because, for once, he was held accountable for being a gold plated fraud.

First of all Erick Erickson doesn’t have any friends. Next, I haven’t seen Erickson or anyone of his “friends question Hillary about the hundreds of millions of $ they’ve taken in for charitable causes. Does Haiti ring a bell?

Yet Erickson and the press have all been up in arms over the 6 million that Trump raised privately, without a cent of “administration’ fees for the vets. Now Erickson claims that the only thing that pissed Trump off was having to give a million dollars of his own money to the vets. Hmmmm … Trump’s worth is around $4 billion.

So, a billion $ is one thousand MILLION $.  Times four, would come out to four thousand MILLION $. And Trump is worried about one of four thousand? Give me a break. He volunteered to donate his own money. I’m wondering how much Erickson or Hillary or anyone in the press donated? Uh I think it’s somewhere around zero.

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  1. The MAD Jewess permalink
    June 20, 2016 5:55 pm

    I cant stand this putz, Erick


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