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Red State is unhinged …

May 31, 2016

I have finally grown weary of phony (did I write “phony???”) conservative news outlets such as Red State‘s relentless Trump bashing. Red State has gotten so unhinged it’s stunning. They’re making stuff up, using stories from the Washington Post, Daily Beast, The New York Times, etc. to make some of the most ridiculous, false statements about Trump. Okay, using one example (yes there are plenty more, but I don’t feel like wasting my time here because what I’m writing is self-evident to anyone with a brain)

HERE is what was reported at Red State . Now, HERE are the facts of the matter.  Oh you dastardly weasels over at Red State! Talk about pathetic!

Folks, I’m a born-again Christian. Born-again March 22, 1972 (wow! I’m getting old!).  I’ve had some dialogue with a couple of Christian friends, one being my dear blogging friend, Christine over at Talk Wisdom. Having been friends for … oh … about 9 years, back when my blog was Stevex09, I respect her and her opinion immensely, though we have a bit of disagreement with Trump potentially being the next president.

I read a great piece this morning over at Joe The Plumber and he has the perfect response to those who feel it’s spiritually wrong to support Donal Trump’s candidacy …

Via: Joe For America   (excerpt)

I have some bad news for you all who seek to enable Hillary by not backing Trump on religious grounds. Listen up:

A Hillary Supreme Court pick will proceed to vote in lockstep with Ruth Bader Ginsburg (when Ms. Ginsburg isn’t doing something important like napping, that is) and your personal ideas about religion and Christianity will be moot, friendo. Gone when Hillary’s Court deems your faith to be a hate crime, buddy. So shut up with your NeverTrump and think about your future NeverChurch for a minute.

Now, even ol’ Steve (moi) might have tried to be somewhat ‘gentler’ with that, but what can I say … truth is truth.


I was in Walmart yesterday with little Rina fixin’ to make a contribution to the Walton family. Passing by the book aisle Rina said, “Husband, why don’t you look for a book you might want to get.” I spied Brad Thor’s latest (at least it was one I haven’t read yet, can’t remember the title), picked it up, put it back. I’m boycotting anything Brad Thor writes which saddens me. I really liked his novels. It seems that Mr. Thor teamed up with the wrong anti-Trump guy, Glenn Beck. Well, beyond my refusal to buy anything “Thor” now, he hasn’t suffered like Mr. Beck.  SiriusXM has pulled his show and a bunch of Beck employees got axed because the guy isn’t doing too well business-wise. Click HERE  for the story.

Well, I gotta go even though there is a bunch of stuff I’d like to “talk” about. Be sure to click on the Joe For America link and read his piece in it’s entirety.



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  1. June 1, 2016 1:23 am

    Well, I had to skip right to this one because it was spot on the mark. No mincing and parsing the words how media contortionists do. But it is true, this is causing friction between people. Heck I and others like me have been called Trumpanzees and compared to barnyard animals in an animal farm. Other than that, they are very cordial. (sarc) So I get it boy do I. But for all their talk they say the Trump supporters are the nasty ones.

    So you’d think maybe the Supreme sampling of picks would have assuaged them, but no. We’re worried about 4 year terms and those are life terms. Cutting off their nose to spite their face is justified to them. Sorry, I don’t follow. Even they act like Romney would be preferable. Saw the Beck story and don’t blame you one bit. But that is the thing they don’t care to sacrifice even careers over it. And what will they get for the sacrifice? Sorry, snake eyes.

    Steve, I listened to these people scream for a change for years, now they don’t want a change agent, they’d rather have status quo. Joe makes a great point. It is getting harder to put it gently. Hell, they should know what is at stake too.

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    • June 1, 2016 6:41 am

      We actually have a very good chance to win this thing. Yet the folks at Red State, Right Scoop, the Resurgent and SOOPERMEXICAN continue their foolishness. It torques my gourd how any who claims to be conservative would even entertain the idea of a Hillary presidency. Absurd!

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  2. June 1, 2016 1:56 am

    What’s funny on the judge thing is CNN acts like they disproved Trumps criticism by saying he was born in Indiana. So what is does that mean? We are treated to a sea of specious reasoning. And it is working with some people. The same media that lied and spun us all along.

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  3. The MAD Jewess permalink
    June 20, 2016 5:58 pm

    Ha!! You really let Sooper have it LOL

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