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If you can’t vote for Trump, stay home. And how Trump can win over the NEVER Trump folks.

May 27, 2016

Before I get into my own rant regarding the title to my post I ran across the following at Noisy Room. Actually, the writer makes good sense.

To that in a minute.

For me, I sincerely believe the #NEVER TRUMP folks have been a bit hasty, presumptuous, and unnecessarily judgemental towards Trump during the primaries and even now that he is the Republican nominee. When Cruz began his campaign I had several dialogues with other conservatives regarding Cruz’s eligibility issue. I defended him aggressively basically using the same points in my defense of Trump. In a nut-shell I wanted and still do someone, anyone who will step forward: stop the flow of illegal aliens and the integration of Muslims from hostile nations, and appoint conservative Supreme Court justices. Accomplishing those things will go along way to preserving the Republic. I didn’t care if Cruz was/is a natural born citizen, as long as he did those things. (I know we have a Constitution, etc. and all the other noble and just reasons to abide by what’s in there) Now that Trump is the nominee, I don’t care how arrogant or crass he is. I don’t care how he combs his hair. Do the things I mentioned and I’ll worry about the rest later. Without those getting accomplished there won’t be a Republic or conservatism to be concerned about anyway.

Now, here’s what the good folks at Noisy Room had to say …

Two urgent tasks loom for patriots. Stop communist Hillary Clinton (or the more likely and equally dangerous Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren ticket) and save the US Constitution. How can #NeverTrump help achieve those goals.

First we must stand strong and support each other in our support for the Constitution, and our opposition to Donald Trump’s candidacy.

If we cave now, we give up the one thing we still have left – LEVERAGE.

Donald Trump needs to know that at least 20% of the GOP base is militantly opposed to his candidacy. He needs to know that a big chunk of his potential vote is going to write-in Ted Cruz, vote Libertarian, stay home or work on saving the GOP Senate majority which many of us fear Mr. Trump will destroy. He needs to fear in his bones that if we stand firm it will likely cost him the Presidency.

If Donald Trump knows one thing – it’s making deals. If we all pile in behind Trump now, he doesn’t have to give us a damn thing. We’ve surrendered our leverage. He can take us for granted.

If we hold strong and Election Day is getting closer and the polls are tight, he will make an offer… or several offers.

So far, Trump has shown he knows he needs us. He gave us a very good slate of possible Supreme Court nominees. Full credit for that Mr. Trump. That was a good first step.

The problem Mr. Trump has, especially with Ted Cruz supporters, is CREDIBILITY. We like some of what he says. We just just don’t believe for a moment he’ll do the good stuff, (like seal the borders) and we are terrified he’ll do heaps of dumb, even dangerous stuff.

So, the next step Mr. Trump, is to name your VP pick ASAP and make sure he or she has waaaaaay better conservative credentials than you have. A Supreme Court nominee list can be thrown in the trash can; a good VP pick is much more confidence inspiring.

Then you’d be smart to name your Cabinet and campaign across this country as a team. This would make the MSM totally meltdown. Imagine the enthusiasm you could generate Mr. Trump.



Here we go. Barely one day has passed since Donald Trump won (key word) the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential election. Donal Trump fairly and squarely beat out 16 other candidates. Some were excellent candidates, some not so much. Regardless, Trump won. I was reading over at Red State some of the most asinine reasoning to not vote for Trump in the general election and even more asinine reasoning to actually vote for Hillary Clinton.

Here’s the text of one person’s comment …

For some of us that lives in swing state, Florida in my case, this is a VERY difficult election season as who you vote for REALLY matters.

This is where I am in terms of my vote…..

2. If on election day the polls indicate that Florida is no longer in play, then I’ll write in Ted Cruz and feel very happy doing it.

3. If on Election Day the polls indicate a tight race, I’ll VOTE FOR HILLARY to keep Trump from getting anywhere close to the Oval Office.

To me, it is far better to see Trump not become president than for Hillary to become president.

If Trump is the president, conservatism would cease to exist as we know it and the country would be in hands of a very erratic, know-nothing con man that has no core values or position.

If Hillary is president, there would be a resurgence of conservatism, and the country would be governed by a LIAR AND A CROOK in ways no different from Obama, and we survived Obama’s presidency.

So my vote is really an ideological one; that is, under whose presidency would conservatism not die?

I surely hope someone with more understanding than I have can explain how conservatism will cease to exist “as we know it” if Trump wins the presidency. To say we “survived Obama’s presidency” is sheer lunacy. We haven’t even begun to realize the destruction to America, our freedoms and conservatism that has been set in motion during the last 7 1/2 years. Give Hillary the authority to nominate the next Supreme Court justice … how about the next 2 or 3?  Some people must be absolutely blind when they can’t see what has happened to conservatism lately. How conservative is it now that our schools are being forced to allow boys to use girls restrooms and showers? Yea, chalk one up for conservatism! When did team Obama announce the transgender thing? About a week ago? Texas is one of eleven states suing the Justice Department and Education Department in an effort to stop this. However, despite how conservative the state of Texas is, school districts are already caving into the order because they don’t want to lose funding.

I’m wondering where this “resurgence of conservatism” is going to come from. For sure not from the clowns and readers over at Red State. The reasoning voting for Hillary will result in a surge of conservative values is along the same reasoning that bringing in Muslims from hostile Islamic nations makes the United States safe. Incredibly stupid.

In my view the arrogance of people making the above statements is far over and above anything that Trump possesses. Arrogance, self-righteous, whatever you want to call it all boils down to pride which will finish off any conservatism and morality we’re so desperate to hang on to.

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  1. May 27, 2016 8:51 am

    I will be forever grateful that ineligible Cruz, Rubio or Jindal weren’t nominated and I’d (we’d) have been forced to stay home or vote 3rd party. We dodged a serious bullet.

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  2. May 28, 2016 1:11 am

    I never recall Trump running as a conservative. He had many incentives not to run for the Presidency; he chose to think of his country and its future rather than his own aggrandizement.
    He is (thankfully) wealthy enough to ignore attempts at bribery, savvy enough to avoid contributions which would mean owing favors, admitted he was part of the problem, and knows how to right that wrong. He also knows how to wage counter economic warfare. it’s sort of like someone who doesn’t look for a fight, but if one is started, he will finish it.

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  3. May 28, 2016 9:44 am

    There is nothing here that I can ever disagee with!


  4. June 1, 2016 6:28 pm

    To the first excerpt, it seems they are willing to sacrifice their first priority objective for their secondary one. Only thing is that secondary one, in reality, amounts to and means little to stop the loss of the Republic. This is where reason and logic seem to vacate the building. “If they stand firm”…one what? It costs Donald the presidency? No, it will cost us the country.

    “Then you’d be smart to name your Cabinet and campaign across this country as a team. This would make the MSM totally meltdown. Imagine the enthusiasm you could generate Mr. Trump.” — Wait a minute, he did give a SCOTUS list. But a VP and the entire cabinet? Oh, let the MSM attacks begin. Media wouldn’t be in meltdown mode, they’d be in paradise. Just the way they want him to telegraph his every foreign policy move before elected. Really, are you people being reasonable? Would you demand that from anyone else?

    Lastly, we are fighting radicals here. We have to have a better strategy than laying everything out there in the wind for them. Dems and their media would talk about nothing more than DT and Hillary etc.wouldn’t even be on the stage. In other words, Dems would once again be running, as David Plouffe did in 2012, and insurgent campaign — despite being in the incumbent position. And we will keep getting the same results we already got.


    • June 1, 2016 6:35 pm

      Yeah, the entire cabinet thing is way over the top. VP pick, eventually he’ll have to. It’s stunning that when Trump made his Supreme Court choices public, the same phony conservatives said either he didn’t make the list or he really didn’t mean it. I think Trump knows he’s in a no-win situation with these freaks who, like you stated are willing to sell out the Republic to keep Trump out of the White House. Frankly their little crying and bitching makes me double down on my support for Trump.
      I think some of the stuff is okay and Trump perhaps could work on gaining more support from conservatives … but not the phony conservatives such as the #NEVERTrump freaks.
      I really think the guy is going to win and I’m actually excited about it.

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  5. June 1, 2016 6:45 pm

    Steve, I wholeheartedly agree. I think there are naive people that don’t realize what lays ahead under Obama 2 and Hil 1.Care?. I dunno. We survived Obama? Oh really, they hardly opposed his dictates. It is not just 2016 it is 2020 and 2014 (should we survive that far)

    Have they moved on already to strategizing 2020 when they did so well thus far in 2016? I know who and what is coming and it ain’t purdy. Then how about undoing all the damage that is done in the meantime? I’m not sure, based on what I’ve seen, it will be possible.

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    • June 1, 2016 9:27 pm

      The whole “survived” Obama is certified b.s. Like I mentioned we haven’t even started realizing the damage done. Undoing … yes!


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