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Five Reasons Why Hillary Cannot Be President

May 24, 2016

This is the best written piece I’ve read yet explaining why there is no doubt that Hillary Clinton simply cannot be allowed to become the U.S. President.

Via: The Federalist

5 Reasons To Stop Kidding Yourself That Hillary Is Better Than Donald

Donald Trump may be a loon. But Hillary Clinton is worse.

The Trump candidacy has done many things, one of which is divide lifelong GOP voters. These Americans align most with the aims of the Republican Party and want to vote for the Republican nominee, but for a variety of reasons, many believe that this year they cannot.

Admission: I did not support Donald Trump’s candidacy during the primary and even held out hope that a contested convention could have resulted in an alternative Republican candidate. The voters determined it was not to be, and now there are, realistically, two choices: Trump or Hillary Clinton.

It’s understandable that many Republicans continue to be wary of Trump’s candidacy. It’s up to Trump to earn the support of those critical voters who want to support the Republican nominee, and it’s possible he will begin trying. But, amid the Trump-saturated media, here are a modest five reminders why Hillary Clinton should not be elected president of the United States.

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  1. May 24, 2016 2:55 pm

    I only know of one reason she shouldn’t be president and that reason is that if she becomes president you can kiss America’s a** as we have know it goodbye!

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  2. June 1, 2016 12:51 am

    I caught the headline of this news article, and I knew you’d be as PO’d as I was. Stupid media! No, not media, advertising arm of the Democrat Party.

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