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Ted Cruz quit. Vote for Donald Trump

May 4, 2016

Now that Trump has all but sealed the nomination for the Republican Party, the crying and blowing of snot is in full swing. Mark Levin really got his panties in a wad when Trump mentioned that Cruz’s father was pictured with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before JFK was assassinated.

There is a story and picture in the National Enquire of Ted Cruz’s father handing out pro-Fidel Castro literature with Lee Harvey Oswald.  Donald Trump brought it up. Some of the conservative ‘pontiffs’ say it’s beneath anyone to mention something that’s reported in the National Enquire.  Well, why don’t we try reminding these sanctimonious ‘conservative’ Hillary supporters of the fact that the National Enquire was the publication which exposed John Kerry’s running mate, John Edwards’ cheating on his wife.

All I can say to Mr. Levin is “Suck it up Mark.” Mr. Levin is one of the ‘conservatives’ who sat on his fat ass and attacked viciously any who questioned Obama’s birth records. He along with Glenn Beck … that should tell you all you need to know about Levin.

Ted Cruz didn’t lose because of Fox News and the mention of the JFK thing. He lost because people are fed up with the illegals and Muslims invading the U.S. and Trump is the only one who’s really made it an issue that needs to be addressed right now.

It’s ludicrous to think for a second Mr. Cruz was attacked anywhere even close to what Trump went through.

Here’s a sample of the ridiculous amount of money spent by anti-Trump groups …

Via Gateway Pundit

AMAZING=> Anti-Trump Groups Spent $75.7 Million on 64,000 Negative Ads to Take Down Trump – It Wasn’t Enough

Anti-Trump groups and campaigns spent $75.7 million on 64,000 negative ads against Donald Trump this election cycle. And that’s just broadcast television. Millions more were spent on cable and satellite television ads.
CNN reported:

The television ad campaign to defeat Donald Trump was at least a $75.7 million effort, according to the ad tracking firm Kantar Media/CMAG. (Their full estimate: $75,723,580)

It comprised nearly 64,000 ad spots throughout the campaign.

And that’s the figure for broadcast television alone. Anti-Trump ads also ran on cable and satellite television, but the tracking data does not capture that.


Read what Erick Erickson wrote about Trump securing the nomination …

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. But I will also not vote for her donor, Donald Trump. But one man in Georgia is irrelevant to his winning or losing. What is relevant is that independent voters, female voters, and Hispanic voters all find Trump unacceptable now before the Democrats spend $20 million in the next month to define Trump further.

So Trump is on pace to get more GOP primary votes than anyone in history, yet Mr. Erickson claims all independent, female and Hispanic voters find Trump “unacceptable.”

I’m kind of wondering where this record setting number of votes are coming from?

RedState contributing editor Ben Howe said this, “Really, we’re just trying to prevent [a Trump presidency] with the full awareness that other consequences would replace that — Hillary becoming president, for instance,” he said, suggesting that in swing states, conservatives should vote for Clinton and in blue states, the should just stay home.

I rest my case for the claim that many conservatives have an “all or none” mind-set. “I won’t vote for Trump, ever! He’s not a true conservative. FYI Trump isn’t running as a conservative. I don’t know that he’s ever really claimed to be one.

People like Erickson, Levin and Ben Shapiro will either sit out the election or vote for Hillary and then blame Trump supporters if he loses.

I sincerely believe Trump will spank Hillary in the general election. I believe he will bring up a lot of her nefarious deeds and hold nothing back. He is the guy who won’t be a Mitt Romney who pissed off an easy presidential win in 2012.

I”m sick of conservatives saying Trump is rude, crass, arrogant and all he cares about is Trump. For all I care, he can possess all those characteristics and secure the border, deport the illegal aliens and stop the Muslim invasion from the Middle East. I don’t really care how arrogant or rude he is, as long as he does those things. In my view that’s good enough for now. Ted Cruz can be a two term conservative Senator or Vice President or even a Supreme Court justice.

Okay, we had a chance to nominate a Christian-Constitutional conservative in Ted Cruz. Folks, he lost. I can’t say why, and I’m not real happy about it but Donald Trump is getting my vote now and he damn well should get yours also.

In my humble opinion the arrogant ones are the folks who will let Hillary take the White House because they’re too proud to vote for Trump. That folks, is the epitome of arrogance.







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  1. May 4, 2016 11:38 am

    It will depend totally on who Trump picks to run second-seat. If the VEEP pick is eligible, he’s my man.


    Paul Smith


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  2. the unit permalink
    May 4, 2016 6:45 pm

    He quit! Heaven’s forbid. I remember when Sarah Palin was a quitter. No no. 🙂

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  3. May 4, 2016 7:07 pm

    The GOP deserves to die anyhow.
    Trump is much,much better choice than the Hildebeast,although I believe Cruz is more of a conservative,I just don’t think he was going to be elected,I live in Ohio,and Kasich ain’t all that he claims to be-and he voted for the 94 Clinton “assault weapons” ban.
    Hopefully the Hildebeast gets indicted-leaving Bernie as the Dem candidate.
    Even though there’s plenty of young stupid SJW’s and socialists-there’s enough older,wiser folks that there’s no way Bernie would ever be elected.

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    • May 5, 2016 5:53 am

      Bernie wouldn’t have a prayer to win. Indicting Hillary? How pleasant!


  4. May 4, 2016 10:23 pm

    I agree with you a Hundred Percent, Steve — make that 190%! Make it 200% Make it 1,000%!

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  5. May 5, 2016 3:49 am

    I’d like to see Mr. Art Of The Deal make a sales-pitch to Allen West. West didn’t want to be considered in 2012…

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  6. the unit permalink
    May 5, 2016 2:04 pm

    All need to visit Bunkerville to see the parody today.


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