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A brief venting for 3/21/2016

March 21, 2016

Being absent from the blogosphere with all the utter chaos going on world wide scale tends to build up inside until the need to “vent” somewhat.

The continued onslaught from phony conservatives with the “I’ll never vote for Trump” banner of faux patriotism leads the pack in abject hypocrisy. HERE is the perfect example of said hypocrisy. The author of that piece essentially says he can’t vote for a “near clinical narcissist,” (Trump) or a “pathological liar,” (Hillary). Now, that’s interesting. If the election comes down to those two choices … I’ll take the narcissist. I’ll take the arrogant, self-centered narcissist who is probably just arrogant enough to follow through on his promise to attempt to make America great again or at least attempt to. Hillary … will only continue to sell out the nation to all those she’s beholden to during her time as Secretary of State … the contributors to the Clinton Foundation.


Lets see … what else do we have going on? Oh, we have this ass-clown John Oliver breaking down the potential cost of Trump’s ‘wall’ along the Southern border. After blowing all the Oliver smoke aside he comes to the conclusion that the wall could cost $25 billion. Sigh … who knows, and what difference does it make? He fails to mention the $6 billion “lost” by Hillary’s State Department and the other $12 billion in cash loaded up on transports and sent to Iraq only to disappear.  Hell, the IRS doles out billions of dollars in fraudulent tax refunds and not a word is spoken from the liberal freaks who all of a sudden are concerned about the cost of something. 


Another “historic” first by the historic black/white – Muslim/Christian – Marxist/American president Barack Hussein Obama … he’s visiting Cuba. Prayer of the day: “God, please let him and his family stay there. Amen!”


Naturally there are way too many atrocities committed by Muslims to get a grasp on the barbarism which rages within the worshippers of death, rape, lies and destruction. I did notice that some ISIS members murdered four nuns, Missionaries of Charity in Yemen. According to one story the Islamists tied up the women, shot them in the head and then smashed their skulls. Not a bad days work for a bunch of goat-f#cking freaks.


Finally, this piece at the Washington Examiner is enough to demonstrate clearly what Obama really is. The divider-in-chief. The America, police, military hating, racist fraud squatting in the White House who should have been impeached years ago. Knowing that the special place in Hell for Hillary will also welcome the likes of Barack Obama is comforting to me. Oh, I’m sure there are some liberals and/or bleeding heart dick-weeds will think that I have no right to judge Barack. Well, like the article suggests, the actions of Mr. Obama leaves us no other option.

Via: Washington Examiner

Despite a 300 percent surge in the shooting deaths of police this year, President Obama has done little to signal his regret, leading law enforcement to charge that he is condoning the slayings.

“He has a microphone in his face almost every moment he’s awake, and has unprecedented access to the media. He could certainly take a moment to acknowledge these events and give us the same support he provides those that attack and kill us,” Carroll County, Md., Sheriff James T. DeWees told Secrets.

Since DeWees wrote an open letter to Obama on Facebook urging attention, 14 more police have been killed, six by gunfire, and the president has still hasn’t addressed the issue, prompting the sheriff to add: “I also speak for thousands of police officers throughout the country that feel the White House has forgotten about them; a White House that remains silent about the uptick in deaths which ultimately gives them the perception that it’s condoned; and for them perception is reality!”



There’s much more … but I’m already sick of this crap. Have a great week folks.




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  1. March 21, 2016 2:09 pm

    I have read – mostly around pro-life camps, that when you vote for the lesser of a thing, it’s a fail. For instance, when you pass a law that prohibits abortion after 20 weeks, it’s a failure because you didn’t vote to totally abolish it and people will become comfortable and complacent with “well it’s sort of a win.” Their opinion is that’s how we got so many RINO types, and in many ways, I can see their point. Here in IL, we have Sen. Kirk, who is a RINO like nobody’s business, but because he was a Republican, and not as liberal as Durbin, people thought “good enough” was enough. So, I can understand the feeling that people can’t vote for Trump if he’s the nominee. No one wants to hold their nose while casting their vote.

    At the same time, there is also the opinion that, at least in this instance, a vote for Trump would be a vote against Hillary. That’s basically how I felt in the McCain/Obama race (although I wasn’t really voting for McCain as much as I was voting for Palin).

    It’s hard to think of the long-term ramifications when we vote, sometimes. I don’t want “good enough.” I want good. No, I want awesome.

    Heh, guess I won’t get that until the Second Coming.

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    • the unit permalink
      March 21, 2016 2:27 pm

      Yes Ma’am. Note comes in my quarterly garbage bill, no late pick ups. Get it out on time or hold your nose ’til next week. 🙂

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    • March 21, 2016 4:25 pm

      My dearest Vanessa. You know I love you and you’ve been a faithful friend for many years now, one of my original friends when this was Stevex09 … what … 10 years ago?
      I want awesome as well. I want abortion on demand completely done away with … actually abortion in every sense of the word. But dear, it isn’t going to happen with one election.
      I would love to see Ted Cruz as the nominee. I actually voted for him a couple of weeks ago in the primary here in Texas. However … if he doesn’t win the nomination … and I mean WIN it on his own merits, his own ability to convince the voters that he’s the guy for the job … and Trump gets it, I’m in hook, line and sinker for Trump. Okay, in my view, and you know me better than anyone except Rina that I’m no b.s. er … (heh heh… not even a word!!!)
      In my view if we do not secure the border, stop the invasion of Muslims from hostile nations, until we get a grip on the motives why they are here, we won’t be worrying about late term abortions, or gay rights, or prayer in school, or baking cakes for same-sex marriages. I promise Dane will be worried to death if Vanessa can go to the supermarket to buy groceries for him and the kids without getting raped or worse. You’ll be worrying about the little ones going to the park to play. To me all else takes a back seat to the illegal immigration and the invasion of Muslims here in America.
      I can’t tell you for certainty that Trump will live up to his promises. I just hope he’s arrogant enough to do what he says.
      Call me when you can … 817-495-8194. love ya!

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  2. the unit permalink
    March 21, 2016 10:25 pm

    All this and more of the like I read about requires frequent venting into and through my briefs every day.

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  3. March 21, 2016 10:43 pm

    Gee Whiz! I thought that by now Obama would have taken to the airwaves to say something about the police being killed and at least offered his condolences to the families of the victims and his apologies to the criminals for the police having pissed them off enough to shoot them.

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    • March 22, 2016 5:54 am

      Through Obama’s actions … not his words, we know where and with whom he stands.


  4. March 21, 2016 11:38 pm

    Bless you Steve; I note your number has changed from 817-585-0584, and I updated in my contacts.

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  5. AFVet permalink
    March 22, 2016 2:17 pm

    Well here’s a video that Ronald Reagan would approve of.
    Remember, he was the one that promoted this Country in stead of demeaning it.

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  6. March 22, 2016 10:26 pm

    Hey Steve, to the rant, I’m good with every word. You know I support Cruz, but I’ve never not supported Trump. I choose Cruz, but he is not going to be the nominee. The last thing I want is an “open” convention, which means a “fixed” convention. All the smooth talk –– nope, it will be fixed. I do see the need for getting 1237 delegates. That’s the way it works, but I put nothing past the RNC.

    Any Republican saying he/she cannot stomach a vote for Trum is a Democrat, and I bet many of them voted for Obama in 2008. Krauthammer comes to mind. If Trump is an unknown quantity, Hillary is not.

    I’m surprised that you voted for Cruz in the primary. I did the same in OK but our vote isn’t as weighty as yours in TX. I believe the country would be good under Cruz. I don’t think he will fold (and I think he will quit droning –– gosh how he has droned on –– but was so electric until the elections got underway). But Cruz can’t make it without The Donald not getting 1237. In fact, I heard Rove say even if he, does, it doesn’t guarantee he’s the nominee. Can you imagine that?

    I also agree that illegal immigration, terrorism and the economy are the issues we must focus on. Abortion is legal, and that’s a fact, settled law and all that. The best we can hope for is prohibiting after a certain date, but I’ll tell you, I EXPECT Trump or any Republican, to stop taxpayer funding for the lying, deceitful, predatory Planned Parenthood. I EXPECT a complete overhaul of how taxpayer monies are wasted.

    Hope you and Rina are well. (Trump just won Arizona)


    • March 23, 2016 6:37 am

      Good morning Maggie!
      Yes ma’am, I did vote for Cruz here in Texas. Honestly I kind of felt like I “betrayed” Trump, but I had to vote who I feel is consistent and Cruz clearly has demonstrated that he’s consistently conservative. Also he does stand for the other issues important to us. I still feel the illegal immigration and Muslim problem ‘trumps’ (no pun intended) all others. The Right Scoop, Red State and SOOPERMEXICAN all banned me from commenting because I wrote nearly the same thing in my reply to Vanessa on their sites! Talk about thin skin!
      I’m with you on the expectation end of the deal Maggie. I think you are spot on about the Republicans who refuse to support Trump regardless of if he wins the nomination. I have to say, those guys really chap me a$$ for making such asinine statements.
      I think it’s Lindsey Graham who said he would rather see Hillary take the White House than Trump. That’s precisely why the ‘establishment party’ has to go!
      Oh, I’m delighted Trump won Arizona! Seeing McCain struggle there is great, even though his competitor is a Democrat!
      I need to get hold of Paulette (the Mad Jewess) and find out what’s up there.
      Have a great week Maggie. I’ll venture over to the Notebook in just a little while.


  7. March 23, 2016 1:18 am

    I agree with everything you said, Steve. I know abortion won’t be done away with in a single election. Sadly.

    I think I just have a lot less confidence in Trump than you do. He’s been a Hillary supporter in the past, so I have zero trust in him now. It would sure be nice though if Dems would quit crossing party lines and hijacking the open primaries to vote for him – they sure are confident that he’ll lose to Hillary in the Nov. election, which tells me they have a greater fear of Cruz.

    Updating my contact info for you in my phone now! Thanks for that! ❤ *hugs*


  8. AFVet permalink
    March 23, 2016 11:56 am

    It’s about time.
    Giuliani trashes Obama and hands Cavuto’s head to him.

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  9. March 26, 2016 3:11 pm

    Well, I’m kind of glad you haven’t been as hyper-active as some bloggers. I can keep up fairly well. Good stuff. I agree with the Sheriff et al. perception is everything. It always was to Obama. Not a minute of time or space can be given to law enforcement.Too busy with Tango and all sucking up to dictators while dissidents get smacked down, . Well, sound familiar? Oh and doing dirty deals with Iran

    Gee, here I thought there were a multitude of narcissists running, not counting the Oval Office Occupant. Come on though, it’s a good thing O is well-protected for life w/ no LEO woes of his own. Screw the border protection, screw out of control immigration, screw rioting Marxist protestors and refugee chaos. They just can’t wait to continue that ‘legacy’ with Hillary — to ramp it all up a few notches.

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