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Muslims are destroying Europe and will destroy America too if we let them

November 1, 2015

As the 2016 election approaches we’re being inundated with topics and concerns we as American citizens have. We’re trying to prioritize these concerns … top priority, medium concern and those topics which hold very little importance are all being arranged and we’ll be comparing our most important issues with the views of the presidential candidates. At least with their “stated” views.

Watching the debates is an utter waste of time. The Democrat debate was obviously geared to cast Hillary Clinton in the most favorable light possible. Bernie Sander is a wash and his campaign is nothing more than one to bolster Hillary. Who else for the Democrats?  That’s is! A side note here, what is with the Democrats? Don’t they have anyone besides Hillary? Gawd, the Clintons just never go away … Bill and Hillary are truly the face, heart and soul of the Democrat Party. Corruption and sleaze personified.

Ray Charles can see that Hillary is the Democrat nominee. That is unless she pisses Obama off and he instructs Loretta Lynch to indict her for her criminal behavior. But that’s unlikely.

Okay, so if you’re a Democrat, Hillary is your choice whether you like it or not. What is she going to do to support the issues you have as priority?  Let’s see, we have the “women’s health” issue (which is nothing more than abortion on demand and free contraceptives).  When you think of women’s issues such as rape counseling and support think “Bill” and that should tell you all you need to know.

We have an immigration problem which I’ll be addressing shortly. Hillary is an open-border, give illegals amnesty, welfare, housing (not in her neighborhood), etc. kind of girl.  Is your economic situation where you’d like it to be? I don’t see how she will make you better off. If you have it fairly good, look for immigrants to be moved into your area. You can look at any Democrat controlled city of any size and see that poverty and crime are rampant. (yeah there are poor conservative communities also, but nothing like Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore and New York, so let’s stay focused and tell it like it is)  If you’re a Democrat gun-owner … will she support your right to gun-ownership? I think she was saying a while back that Australia’s gun confiscation program would be something to consider here in the U.S. So scratch that.

How about national security? Come on folks, her incompetence is staggering. Let’s put it this way, she’s either incompetent or compromised, and will continue to sell out the U.S. to the highest bidder.

How will she do as Commander-in-Chief of America’s armed forces?  That alone is enough to send her packing back to Arkansas.

Okay I’ve spent enough time dicking around with this. I guess I should start to get on track with what is really on my mind this morning.

For me, the most important topic, the main concern that really needs to be handled is the immigration issue. I’ve been thinking about this especially since the massive migration of Muslims into Europe has been going on. I noticed that this happened all of a sudden. Like one day a million Muslims suddenly all got the idea, “Hey, I’m sick of this sand-land. I’m going to Germany or France or Sweden.” Then the million Muslims packed up and started making their way towards Europe. Very similar to the Central American immigrants suddenly, all at once made their way into the United States. How does that happen? How do tens of thousands of people all get the same idea at the same time and just pack up and leave their home lands? Something isn’t lining up with logic or reason.

Okay, regardless of why it’s happening it is and as we look at the headlines we can see that the Muslim migrants are creating one hell of a mess in Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, and the UK. Germany is finished. It’s a wrap. Soon Europe will become one big Islamic hell-hole and with the governing people in place welcoming the Muslims, there is no stopping the suicide taking place for those nations.

I’m going to post a few headlines from Drudge and Bad Blue as examples … You can click on the links to read the stories.

Thousands of Muslim migrants ‘disappear’ from camps…

German Village of 102 — Braces for 750 Refugees!

‘Islam Coming and Your Daughters Will Wear Hijab’…

97% of Syrian refugees to America are MUSLIM – here’s a map of where they ended up…

Australia: Muslims complain that singing anthem is “forced assimilation”

Germany: “20 Million Muslims by 2020”

GERMANY: Christian refugees have to be separated from Muslims because they fear for their lives

Baltimore Mayor: Bring on the refugees to save dying city!

SHOCKING VIDEO: Muslim Migrants storm/BREAK DOWN BORDER FENCE Austria-Slovenia border

MAP: Did your state silently absorb more Syrian Muslim Refugees (with likely ISIS infiltrators) this month?

Those are just a few headlines that should start people thinking that just maybe the situation is getting out of hand.

Communities in America are beginning to feel the crunch of the tens of thousands of illegals who were allowed to enter and were relocated in towns and cities across America.

Crush of Illegal Immigrant Children Hits U.S. Schools

The lies of illegal immigration and infanticide

Okay, IMHO if America doesn’t get the immigrant / migrant situation under control, then “women’s health” “gay rights” “climate change” equal this, equal that, income inequality, and all the other nonsense which debate monitors want presidential candidates to talk about will be absolutely meaningless.

I don’t know how he’ll do it. I don’t really care. But I like the hell out of Donald Trump’s immigration policy to send all illegals out of here and stop any Muslim migrants from entering the United States. National security is threatened allowing these illegals in. Individual American citizens are under constant threat by them as well. Our children are being targeted by them and I kind of think it needs to stop.

Okay, there you have it. Stop Hillary. Elect Cruz or Trump if you’re interested in keeping America American.

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  1. November 1, 2015 12:00 pm

    Good Afternoon

    And…I’m waiting for the news to tell me where all the women and children are and how they are surviving in a place the men could not

    Where are they

    And we have Politicians who cry the blues about breaking up families if we send them back

    We’re sending them back to put the men back with their families they left behind

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    • November 1, 2015 12:46 pm

      Around 90% of the Muslims invading Europe are men 25 – 40 years old. What are they “fleeing” their homes for? Did you see the link about the thousands of migrants in Europe have disappeared? That is very disturbing.


  2. November 1, 2015 12:09 pm

    I think that the Germans and the others probably had some idea of what would happen if they did what they did but for some reason they simply refused to believe it until it began to rain the fire of reality on them in their midst on their own home ground. That’s human natgure in action …. people always want to believe the best about something and refuse to see the downside until they are knee deep into the muck and the mire. I am sure The United States will follow the same pattern of idiocy and then when it is too late to stop the flow there will be this big hue and cry and weeping and wailing ….like always …. like Pearl Harbor …. Like the Great Depression ….There is a Tsunami of despair coming and nobody is pushing the buttons to make the sirens sound and millions will be caught unawares by the wave as it floods over all their hopes and dreams and washes their futures into the sea of oblivion ….. if we are not all quick to awaken from our self-induced stupor, that is.

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    • the unit permalink
      November 1, 2015 12:30 pm

      There is high tide and there is low tide. High tide on a full moon is the highest. America and the west is suffering from a political “mooning” from the libs, showing their asses to the fullest.

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    • November 1, 2015 12:54 pm

      That’s pretty poetic Unit!


  3. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    November 1, 2015 12:27 pm

    Reblogged this on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH! and commented:
    Good – good post Steve. Now, if I may, let me connect the two issues you very clearly set out for consideration.

    “How does that happen? How do tens of thousands of people all get the same idea at the same time and just pack up and leave their home lands? Something isn’t lining up with logic or reason.”

    BINGO! That whole paragraph! People read it – read it two or three times if you must! Then consider the following:

    After all this time America still does not recognize a false flag when they see it.
    The 2016 elections are exactly that.
    BooHa for Trump he is going to build a fence and put a stop to it and set up a bunch of great new guidelines? GO TRUMP? GO TRUMP? GO TRUMP?
    I call BULLSHIT!
    THINK! That election is STILL twelve frickin months away!

    How long did it take for this mass migration of (mostly young) muslims to basically infiltrate Europe?
    Maybe all of six weeks/two months? What did you say – “it happened all of a sudden.”

    Are we stupid enough to believe that the powers that be that got them there don’t have the same capability to get them to our shores in twelve months or a lot less????

    “I don’t know how he’ll do it. I don’t really care. But I like the hell out of Donald Trump’s immigration policy to send all illegals out of here and stop any Muslim migrants from entering the United States.”

    And that is just the problem Steve and very typical of us. We are expecting someone else (Trump THIS time) to do the work that only the American people can do.

    In the meantime, are you and I to expect that the powers that be are going to sit on their butts (like we do) and wait for the elections to see what they have to contend with and go from there? I don’t think so.

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    • November 1, 2015 12:53 pm

      I have thought about exactly what you wrote Lady Raven and I’m sure the United States is getting targeted for invasion by Muslims. I think the Central American immigrants was kind of a test run. There are already politicians begging for the Muslim invasion to happen. Baltimore … and the governor of Minnesota in particular. That guy said that if the Minnesota citizens didn’t like the Muslim invasion to find another state to live in! WTF??
      Like I mentioned in the piece ‘their “stated” views’ is all we can go by for now. At least Trump seems to be the kind of guy who when he says he’ll do something, he will. If for nothing more than his pride’s sake. Who knows. We’re in the belly of a whale and sadly we’re going where it goes for now. I’m beginning to see an armed rebellion in the making …

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  4. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    November 1, 2015 1:28 pm

    ” I think the Central American immigrants was kind of a test run.”
    When you look at all written today – I think you are probably very and terribly right.
    And very possibly as scouts brought in to set up places for the islamists to “disappear” to (as is happening in Germany) once they get here?

    “At least Trump seems to be the kind of guy who when he says he’ll do something, he will.”
    Agree. Problem is, by the time he gets around to DOING something (12 MONTHS) where will America be?

    What is he waiting for? Does he really think we can survive twelve more months? I would take him as heading an armed rebellion. Will he do it or will he just continue to divert our attention?

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    • November 1, 2015 1:47 pm

      Time will tell Lady R. I’m gearing up (literally) for whatever happens anyway.


  5. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    November 1, 2015 1:58 pm

    Time is not our friend.
    While we hug a tree, “they” are moving people in, and about and ……
    If you are right and the Central Americans were a test run and if my supposition is right – we probably know exactly where to find them.
    If we wanted to.
    How many are there, a dozen or so terrorist training camps in the U.S which dot gov has done absolutely nothing about disbanding?
    They have been there for years.

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    • November 1, 2015 2:03 pm

      When the news about the terror training camps came out I was reading some of the comments on the piece. Liberals were doing their same line of mocking crap about people being paranoid, bigoted and racist against the nice Muslims.Stupid, stupid stuff.


  6. November 1, 2015 2:56 pm

    Islam’s latest attempt for global sharia and every other imaginable bloody conflict promoted by the one tenth of one percenters to sit back and watch depopulation. The earth turned into a coliseum for the twenty-first century, Hunger Games to be viewed from caves.
    Speaking of caves, leave some art on the walls and ceilings, Lascaux or Chauvet work. Sign it so that you will be noted some time in the distant future.

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  7. November 1, 2015 2:57 pm

    Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Enjoy today, but prepare for tomorrow.

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  8. November 1, 2015 3:51 pm

    Reblogged this on Starvin Larry.

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  9. the unit permalink
    November 1, 2015 7:30 pm

    Being P.C. and not wanting to spell any ones name improperly, there is an old joke about a U.S. Indian scout climbing a tree to see where the cavalry was located. He was a where the Phulkari indian. Native of course.

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  10. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    November 1, 2015 7:33 pm


    • November 2, 2015 6:08 am

      Sick bastards! It’s beyond by ability to understand how anyone could be so deceived into thinking Muslims are peaceful. Yet, leaders of multiple nations are welcoming this scourge into their countries committing suicide.


  11. November 3, 2015 12:12 am

    Well, I hear there’s a plan afoot to relocate 10 million Muslim refugees to Texas! That’s what that whole Jade Helm thing was about. They were surveying for good places to put the new Mosque/Government buildings. And Benghazi? Coincidence? I think not! Call Trey Gowdy! Put up the Bat Signal! AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!


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  12. the unit permalink
    November 3, 2015 12:23 pm

    I’ve read all the conspiracy theories for years. Well, for 50 years. Starting with ‘None Dare Call It Treason’ and ‘A Texan Looks At Lyndon.’
    I ask though…Who told me they were theories? I think I know…that’s my theory! 🙂 The names have been changed over the years to protect the guilty.
    Some might like to read here:


  13. December 23, 2015 4:15 pm

    Reblogged this on Lines By Liming and commented:
    This was so interesting I was absolutely compelled to share it!


    • December 23, 2015 6:20 pm

      Thanks John. I have to say liberals and conservatives had better pay attention. Terrorists make no distinction in the two … or women, children, the elderly, the handicapped, gays, etc. All will be slaughtered like freaking pigs.



  1. Muslims are destroying Europe and will destroy America too if we let them | necltr

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