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About those Democrats and winning elections

October 19, 2015

I’ve been thinking a lot about the 2016 election. Looking at the Democrat Party candidates and shaking my head at the fact that these folks are the best the Democrats have? I mean come on! The front runner, Hillary is like a bad habit … you just can’t get rid of it, but you hate it with a passion. She’s old, white and rich … all the stuff the Democrats hate. I don’t think she realizes it but when she endorsed Australia’s firearm confiscation she shot herself in the foot (no pun intended). Beside that can the Democrats actually expect to win with her? Who in their right mind would vote for her? And then there’s Bernie Sanders who is a ‘candidate’ only to bolster Hillary’s campaign. Sanders is a zero, period. Elmer Fudd could win against him.  For the past couple of years I’ve read time and again how the Democrats win election after election and the Republicans can’t even think about winning one.

Well, I found an interesting article addressing the topic. Keep in mind this is coming from one of the most liberal web sites, easily in the same category as Think Progress or The Rude Pundit (just not as “rude”). Far, far left …

Via: (excerpts)

Democrats are in denial. Their party is actually in deep trouble.

The presidency is extremely important, of course. But there are also thousands of critically important offices all the way down the ballot. And the vast majority — 70 percent of state legislatures, more than 60 percent of governors, 55 percent of attorneys general and secretaries of state — are in Republicans hands. And, of course, Republicans control both chambers of Congress. Indeed, even the House infighting reflects, in some ways, the health of the GOP coalition. Republicans are confident they won’t lose power in the House and are hungry for a vigorous argument about how best to use the power they have.

Not only have Republicans won most elections, but they have a perfectly reasonable plan for trying to recapture the White House.


Now don’t take me wrong. If the Republicans cannot break the back of the so called “establishment” Republicans, we’ll have the same load of crap that we’ve suffered for the last seven years. Getting rid of Boehner was a great first step, but we need much more. We have to do it incrementally. If conservatives don’t get off this “all or none” mentality as far as the presidency is concerned, it’s going to be politics as usual. I want to blow a gasket whenever I read some conservative rag ranking on Donald Trump and his lack of “political experience.” That happens to be precisely what this country needs. We’ve sat back and watched for decades what politicians have brought America. Entitlements which are impossible to be funded. Debt which can never be brought under control. Deficit spending which is hard to get a grip on when the government spends over $3 TRILLION and it’s not even close to being enough.

The bottom line is, in my humble opinion, that Donald Trump is my first choice … Ted Cruz #2 … Ben Carson #3. There’s no number four because all the others are there only to usher Jeb Bush into the presidency and another Bush is the last thing we need.

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  1. October 19, 2015 1:13 pm

    Well … Donald Trump is a fresh face, a courageous figure and he seems to have the best interests of America at heart and it is because of these exact things that I think he doesn’t stand a chance because the really Big Money behind the shadow government will not tolerate any power residing in the hands of “The People.” — They will pay lip service to the idea so they can hide behind their cloak of righteousness and patriotism but when the rubber hits the road they will not permit a populist President who actually wants to do something to help “The People.”

    Oh they might throw out a carrot from time to time to keep the masses of people who dwell in “The Clueless Horde” happy and in check, but having said that, let me say this:

    I believe the next president was chosen a long time ago and assured an ascendency to the throne when the time is right. I think there has been a long list of “Future” presidents being held somewhere in some secret place by a set of power brokers who really call the shots but who are hidden from public view by their various masks and cloaks.

    So whoever the next president is you can probably be assured he or she will work as a willing marionette to the “Person or persons ‘behind the curtain’ that the rest of us peons aren’t supposed to pay any attention to.

    I think that if a truly populist presidential candidate ever were to get close to winning, either the Electoral College or Citizens United or The SCOTUS would get into the act and mess the whole deal up for whoever it is and install their own choice …. like I am sure has been done many times in the past.


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