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The Republican Party is considering excluding Trump from further debates.

August 24, 2015

I made a comment the other day about regular folks like me being able to choose who is eligible to run for president and who isn’t. I basically said we don’t get to choose who gets to run for the Republican nomination, just like we didn’t get to choose Barack Obama’s as a candidate. At least one person vehemently disagreed with me. He said we do get to choose by refusing to vote for anyone we believe isn’t eligible because of their citizenship status.

I don’t want anyone as president who has dual loyalties … a little to America and a little towards the country of which they could be a citizen. This is the reason for the ‘natural-born citizen’ requirement for becoming president. We’ve had seven years of what having someone whose allegiance isn’t with the United States and where that’s gotten us. Ted Cruz’s citizenship is in question as to whether he’s eligible or not. Personally, I don’t know the origins of the natural born issue enough to make an argument, and I think it’s vain to do so. I believe we can look at Ted Cruz’s record and surmise that this guy definitely has America’s interests first and foremost and exclusively in mind. I detect no loyalty to Canada or Cuba and nothing he has done or said indicates that he has any interest beyond pulling the United States out of the sh#t hole Obama and company have created.

Having said that, I can see a confirmation of my point of us not being able to choose the candidates … for what ever reason. Right now the Republican Party is considering bumping Donald Trump from further debates even though his popularity is soaring among voters. To say we voters get to choose the candidates is ludicrous beyond throwing the election and getting another socialist/Marxist squatting in the White House. Yeah, it shouldn’t be that way, but when you’re in the belly of a whale, you’re going where the whale goes.

The Republican Party should let Trump continue on and beat him on their own records instead of eliminating him because they can’t overcome his popularity. The idea of excluding Trump is indicative of the attitude of the establishment Republican Party. “Forget what the voters want, we want so and so because he’s a ‘party first’ guy.”

So we could end up with Bush as the frontrunner. The amnesty for all illegals guy, and the king of Common Core.

Here’s an example of what Bush wants to educate our kids with …

If Mary has eight apples and Johnny has two dogs, what kind of car does Mary’s parents drive?

Answer …

You can’t get the answer because Mary doesn’t really have eight apples … she has six pears, a cat and two gold fish.

The End

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  1. August 24, 2015 10:50 am

    I think it is very mysterious that neither Donald Trump nor John Kasich of Ohio were invited to the big “Americans For Prosperity” shindig recently and it tells me that Koch money may not be forthcoming to these two. So my question is, “Are these two candidates “Out Of The Loop” insofar as issues go in the eyes of AFP? And if this is true then what are the two candidates’ chances of ever getting the nomination?


  2. August 24, 2015 11:54 am

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  3. August 24, 2015 11:57 am

    The Republican Party may well go down in flames if they eliminate Trump from the debates and he runs 3rd Party.
    Bob A.


  4. the unit permalink
    August 24, 2015 12:35 pm

    If he is excluded, maybe he could record all the questions, buy a little TV time and give his answers without moderator. Who would carry it I don’t know? Cost? Sell ad time to Cialis, Viagra, and KY-Jelly.
    This comment for your last two posts (or so)…been holding and probably added something, at least as P.S.
    I like what you’ve explained. Got to think on it though about the constitutional requirement. Went shopping a while back (not just once either) with my pants unzipped. Was embarrassed when looked down and saw shirt tail sticking out. Then realized I was at Walmart, so what, at this point, difference does it make. I try not to make a precedent of that.
    Yeah a foreign, divided, devoted to mixed allegiance(Marxist, Muslim) POS got by last time, but sticking to constitution means what it means. Not sure I want to say Obama is precedent and can be followed and all OK. Zip it up, I think. Too NWO for me. You’re right about not in our hands, state election commission is suppose to certify who is eligible to run.
    What we got to lose? There was a movie named the Natural. Meanings of words don’t count for SCOTUS anymore. Still they(words) what I got to go by. Don’t like sodomy of our Republic. I know what natural born means to me.
    Will be thinking though. We got natural born traitors too.
    P.S. Don’t want POTUS that gets front lawn mowed by Huma Abedin, that a job no American would do. 🙂


  5. August 24, 2015 10:04 pm

    As a former Republican, now independent, I feel nothing but contempt and revulsion for the antics and filthy game playing of the GOP.
    Not allowing Donald Trump to debate? This can backfire on them big time. This election is THE most important in our nation’s history and they’re playing games.

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    • August 25, 2015 5:53 am

      Exactly Cheryl. It makes me sick. That’s why I mentioned they should let him run the gambit and if the established Republicans have better ideas then they can relay that to the voters and we’ll decide.



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