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Obama: The Clear and Present Danger To America

August 15, 2015

I wasn’t going to write anything today but I’ve had a couple of things on my mind I figured I’d write them here for what they’re worth.

Trying to put these thoughts down is proving somewhat difficult. Let’s see, I’m ‘troubled’ with the lack of urgency within folks like Obama. That’s not really how I wanted to say it. Let me try this … I’m sickened by the fraud who squats in the White House, playing president, who couldn’t care less about the American people. I’m sickened knowing Barack Obama is the ‘clear and present danger’ to the United States. I’m sickened knowing he has propped-up ISIS, armed them, and grants them safe passage to commit the most barbaric crimes against humanity imaginable. Personally I don’t give a rat’s ass about what the Muslim people do to each other in their own countries. I don’t give a damn if they slaughter every Muslim in ‘sand-land’ for not being Muslim enough or whatever reason their warped minds can come up with. What chaps my a$$ is folks like Obama sits on his goat-smelling ass while ISIS slaughters American citizens and does absolutely nothing. I just can’t imagine any U.S. president allowing freaks like ISIS to murder American citizens and not miss a beat with his vacations and his time of perpetual entertainment. I mean this is the guy, who, when James Foley was beheaded, made about a 30 second statement and within minutes headed out to the golf course. There is absolutely no excuse for Obama and company to allow violence against American citizens to go without any retribution. The only reason stuff like that takes place is because he (Obama) digs it. He has to. If he didn’t, he’d do something about it. Despite the gaying up of the U.S. military, I’m confident we could obliterate ISIS in two weeks if we had a leader who actually cared about the United States and her citizens. And I’m sick of the media covering his ass.

Yet we get nothing from Obama except his goofy assed, shit-eating grin while he plays golf with his butt-buddies. And his tranny wife, mother-in-law and kids suck the taxpayers dry globe-trotting. A side note here … have you ever taken a close look at the Obama kids? Well, I think a little DNA check is in order because there’s no way Barack fathered them and for damn sure they ain’t Michelle’s.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest I can get back to expressing my disgust. I’m sickened at how Obama and company are flooding the United States with Muslims from places like Somalia and other third world countries who can’t contribute anything productive to America, but will only help with Obama’s goal of destruction.

What also gripes my grunt big time is how the media will hammer politicians with “gotcha” questions about lame assed non-issues such as the phony “war on women.” The first Republican debate is the perfect example. They don’t even bother to ask what the candidate’s will do about the security of America.

According to an AP-NORC Poll just yesterday, the number one concern that Americans have right now is the threat of terrorism, with immigration concerns right with it. What do we get from folks like Obama and his team of perverts? The push for more gun control and “climate change,” and gay  rights!  Those are some of the priorities that Obama and company have. We’ve got wide open borders, illegal alien criminals who are reeking havoc on innocent American citizens. Illegals get picked up and Obama’s directives are to let them go, only to rape and murder some more.

Terrorism is the number one concern for Americans and what does Obama do? He imports tens of thousands of Muslims into America without regard to the fact that terrorists are in those numbers. I guess I can’t say “without regard” because there’s no doubt he’s well aware terrorists are coming into the United States.

One last thing which will probably chap a few folks. I was listening to Mark Levin briefly last night. Okay, first of all I think what he does is good. I think he’s knowledgable, articulate etc. The thing that rubs me wrong about him especially is the fact that he knew Obama is a foreign national right from the beginning and didn’t do anything about it. I know, I’m a weasel for even suggesting that … but folks, it’s true. Let me see if I can give an example of how I know. Hmmmmm … okay, have you ever confronted someone about something and they vehemently deny what you’re inquiring about? As the denial continues the person says something like “Even if I did do such and such … ” The admission of the truth comes out but is presented in a way to create doubt or make it seem the deed was impossible for the person to do because of whatever.

When people do stuff like that, they’re confessing, but hoping to reinforce the denial.

I’m going to provide a link to something Mr. Levin said a few years ago. The audio is only about a minute and a half. Listen and tell me what you think in the comments section of this post.


Anyway … IMHO Mr. Levin admitted that he knew Obama was a foreign national but it would have been too much of a hassle to take him down. That folks, chaps my ass. Had folks like Mr. Levin, the “defender of the Constitution,” actually defended the Constitution we may not be in the deep do-do we’re in right now. That’s all I’m going to say about it.

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  1. August 15, 2015 4:00 pm

    Much of this was laid out by good friend Robert Gard a couple of years ago. The work is massive and cumbersome as he is a stickler for details and research. He offered to send free copies to many so called ‘conservatives’ and every one of them refused or did not have the courtesy to answer him. This work came out a too late and it is a shame.

    He was going to break it down into smaller chapters but never happened. I have read the entire work as me eyes were asked to do so and offer my opinion and suggestions.

    It is excellent. Did require many ceegars and ‘beverages’ to get through at times.

    Link is here for any interested to the page.

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    • August 16, 2015 3:28 am

      If you go to the page in the link I shared, note the ‘conservative blockade’ tab or heading.

      Many of the names there will be sadly familiar.


    • August 16, 2015 9:49 am

      Thank you PatriotUSA. I had heard of Bob Gard before and am aware of his book. If memory serves me correctly he and I corresponded back and forth a couple of times. The list of folks who received his book and never responded is not surprising to me at all. I’ve written several articles pointing out the complicity of those ‘pillars of conservatism’ and got raked over the coals by conservatives. I don’t care what they (conservatives or liberals) think. I might have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night and it was obvious the entire list of folks knew the truth yet every single one of the sold out for their big $ careers. They would rather hear, “It’s a great honor to speak with you.” “Thank you for taking my call.” “You’re a great American.” “Thank you for all you do.” You’re the only one speaking the truth.” blah, blah blah. I understand they all were told to keep quite about Obama’s birth … maybe question it, just a little, but don’t really go there. Why do you think folks like Levin and Glenn Beck came out so viciously against “birthers?” Only one reason, they were getting exposed.
      Again, that’s why I get vexed when I listen to some of these phonies. Levin in particular because he’s the angriest at Obama’s Marxist policies. To Mr. Levin, I say … “Kind of late don’t you think? The egg is in the frying pan with the yolk broken … it ain’t ever going to be sunny-side up … ever … not a chance.”
      One thing might have helped Mr. Gard. That is, IMHO he should have kept his evidence short and to the point. Like I said, I haven’t read his book, but there aren’t very many people gonna read 1,700+ pages trying to piece anything together. Just saying.


  2. August 15, 2015 4:22 pm

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  3. August 15, 2015 4:36 pm

    Levin claimed it would take too long to get through the courts-and when it did get to SCOTUS,there wouldn’t be 5 justices to agree,and do anything about it-very doubtful,cases have been kicked up through state and fed appeals courts to SCOTUS before-look at Obamacare-it’s been already been heard twice
    Sure,the whole thing was a distraction-it allowed the Obama admin. to begin their “fundamental transformation” of this country while everyone was trying to prove Obama was born in Kenya-and arguing over whether or not it could be proven,and was worth the effort.
    There are multiple reasons to impeach Obama,and enough unconstitutional bullsh*t he’s done to charge him with treason-the charge would get nowhere though because of Obama’s hand picked leftist tools in the DOJ,and as AG-neither Holder,nor Lynch would have gone,or would go forward with charges against the man-plud the media covers his ass almost daily.

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    • August 15, 2015 6:48 pm

      Yes, and I actually agree with Levin that there would never have been 5 justices to remove Obama especially after John Roberts sold out and swore Obama in knowing he is a fraud. I simply have a problem with Levin and all the others bitching and moaning about how bad Obama has been for America and yet they knew about it from the beginning.

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    • August 15, 2015 9:23 pm

      Obama has done pretty much what he said he was going to do,he stated what many of his plans were-then did exactly what he said he was going to do.
      None of it should be a surprise to anyone who was paying attention.
      Levin,along with quite a few others really have no right to whine about how Obama is screwing the country-they did nothing to organize any meaningful opposition to his agenda.

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    • August 15, 2015 9:49 pm

      exactly the way I feel gamegetterII. It’s like trying to make a sunny-side up egg from one that’s been scramble already. They let him in and now can’t believe the damage he’s done.

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    • August 15, 2015 10:45 pm

      As I pointed out-Obama clearly told us what he was going to do-then people act surprised when he did/does exactly what he told us he was going to do.


  4. daveinga permalink
    August 15, 2015 5:34 pm

    one nite (2009) I was surfing/blogging here and there when people from Honduras were popping into the conversations and asking/begging Americans to appeal to hero 00-bama on their behalf. they told the story of their prez. election gone wrong. their congress/military/s.c. had banded together and removed their sitting prez., zelaya, a known marxist. he had been making noises (organizing) for another run at the upcoming presidency. unfortunately for him, the Honduran constitution was drafted by people who had suffered dictators, as has most all of south and central America, over the centuries. although crafted similar to ours’, their constitution is very specific about what to do when one of these nasty dictator types started making moves toward destroying a democratic republic very similar to our own. it instructed them to do exactly what they did, overpower his palace guards and escort the basturd to the border. they inserted a popular local guy until the next election, which was fairly soon.

    zelaya then got admittance to the Brazilian embassy where he commenced causing internal troubles. that part was really no big deal because they had encircled the Brazilian embassy w/ tanks, and he wasn’t too popular anyway. Marxist commies never are after the peons finally wake up. fortunately for them their forefathers told them exactly when to eject the offending member – when he begins to make preparations for another run at the presidency. their constitution also says that ‘no person shall serve but one term as prez. in their entire life’.

    wish we had such a clause in ours.

    anyway, what was growing into a very big problem was that our little illegal alien was telling them to let zelaya back into the prez., and allow him to run for a second term. iow, he was trying to dictate how they would run their country. they bravely declined. from there it had gotten nasty. our state dept. had pretty much put the whammy on Honduras. NOBODY would have anything to do w/ them. no trade, no nothing. they are not a rich country. imagine some country telling us how to run our political system. I mean if we really had a prez.

    this is about where things were when I found out all this stuff. some (few) people went around the net trying to stir up interest in their problem, w/ no luck of course. the whole world was still swooning and singing songs about the 1st black prez in the u.s.. NOBODY wanted any part of any of this growing crisis. only about 3 very small nations would even talk or trade w/ them.

    well, as the election loomed large, the us really started applying the squeeze. the us papers only had glancing blow coverage amounting to how a wrongly deposed president was valiantly fighting the military coup, and how there was some light fighting in the streets. the people on the internet told another story. they said there had been a couple of small demonstrations but the guy just wasn’t too popular, as one can well imagine. it got worse economically and it was looking like the Hondurans were going to have to do as they were told. then I got wind of how u.s. personnel had suddenly ‘swooped in’ (their words) and done something to the voting apparatus. I never did get the details of how they voted (machines, boxes, etc.).

    what happened next was pure genius mixed w/ hold onto your nuts diplomacy on the part of the Hondurans. right at the last minute (few days) before the election they agreed to let zelaya leave the Brazilian embassy. immediately all of the secret sanctions were lifted, the election went on as scheduled, and they immediately swore in their new prez., same day. problem was, they didn’t actually let zelaya out until it was too late. they never gave the us an exact date.

    all I heard after that news was that the us had immediately swooped back in and removed whatever they had done to the voting stuff. also, the scuttlebutt was that all of this was just a warm up for something bigger, later.

    oh, and that the little illegal alien golfer was absolutely livid.

    I kept an eye open for a couple years afterward waiting to see what punishment Hondurans were to receive for tricking the little kenyan. still haven’t picked up on too much. for some reason i read where our resident ‘importer of destruction’ was bringing plane loads of their children here, illegally of course. its what he does, ignore our laws. try to destroy us.

    why would the prez. want to do something like that you ask?

    lessons learned: from what researchers have been able to surmise, this wasn’t really about putting zelaya back into office where he could become a dictator. not a requirement really. somewhere in the past their forefathers learned that it usually takes 2 terms to get it together enough for dictators to take over a country in this matter. this was in real time, a practice run at trying to surpass the designated term limits of a prez. w/ a constitutional requirement similar to ours’, and seeing what happens. the scuttlebutt about what all this was really all about makes a LOT more sense today, huh? it didn’t then, although i suspected.

    I wrote this because I am getting older and my health is not the best. the truth needs to be heard. btw, another interesting point, I saw the other day where something was said in the press about hillery’s people finding some email that might be construed to make it look like she was against all of this Honduran stuff, if ever needed. I don’t know if she approved or not. she was involved (sos). if I remember right, she made a sort of secret trip to ensure compliance right after I found out about all this. probably 99% of Americans never heard anything about any of this. neither mr. levin or the msm would ever have dared touch it. they have a name for people who don’t want to ”tip the rice bowl’, and yet still want to be taken seriously. it was all a very strange and surreal time for me following this non-story. its when I realized what kind of problem we really had w/ our new would-be masters.

    thanks msm, for giving constant cover for people bent on our destruction. journalists you ain’t.

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    • August 15, 2015 6:52 pm

      Excellent comment daveinga. I know we’ve already crossed the Rubicon and there is no turning this rogue government around. It’s just sad there are no real patriots. Granted there are a few Republicans who love this country but they know they would get no where trying to remove Obama.


  5. August 15, 2015 6:51 pm


    Well said, well said. I am an orthopedic wrecking yard and in my 60’s. I remember much of what you wrote about, followed it quite closely.

    Where are the real journalists? Dead, gone into deep six hiding, bought off to shut the hell up or tossed in with communists thinking it will save them.

    Most of them wear red diapers now, one way or another.


  6. August 17, 2015 10:17 am

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  7. the unit permalink
    August 17, 2015 1:00 pm

    I once lived in a place one couldn’t go the bank or the Courthouse without pigeon droppings everywhere. You were lucky not to get hit. And you didn’t look up for the safety for your eye.
    Clear and present danger is just as evident now and getting more so daily.
    P.S. Yes, important one is home now. Safe and sound off the aeroplane. 🙂



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