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Questions for Hillary’s first debate

August 13, 2015

Won’t it be great when the Democrats have their first debate? I can see it now, Hillary, Bernie Sanders and whoever else the Democrats can find who will want to carry the torch for Barack Hussein, will be grilled in similar fashion as Trump. What I look forward to are questions posed to Hillary such as:

“Mrs. Clinton, it was widely reported that you and Barack Obama lied to the American people when Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were murdered in Benghazi. You claimed the attack was spontaneous and was caused because of an anti-Islamic Youtube video, and that a demonstration turned violent because of it. We now know that wasn’t the case and the attack was pre-planned and well organized. Do you think the American people would want to elect someone as president who would lie to them and to the families of the victims, especially concerning something so serious?”

How about this …

“Mrs. Clinton, it has been reported that there really was classified information and National Security secrets sent from your private email account which was, or could have been easily hacked into. At first you claimed you used only one device for communicating, for the sake of convenience. Lately it’s come out that you did in fact use multiple devices for sending and receiving sensitive material. Do you think it would be wise for the American people to elect someone as president who would be so reckless with material and information which could jeopardize national security?”

And this …

“Mrs. Clinton, while you were Secretary of State you were in a position of immense power and influence. You continually met with leaders and representatives of foreign governments who would benefit greatly from your influence within the U.S. government: such as obtaining weapons, economic favors, etc. There has been some controversy or should I say coincidences with some of the meetings and communications you had with several of the foreign leaders. It seems that a pattern of after said meetings, donations to the tune of millions of dollars poured into the Clinton Foundation from those same folks. Your husband received massive speaking fees from them as well. Being Secretary of State, you seemed to have placed yourself in conflicting positions with these incidents. Do you think the American people can trust that you would not, as president, follow the same pattern of questionable situations, possibly opening up a door for blackmail?”

And this …

“Mrs. Clinton, your and your husband’s entire political lives have been plagued with scandal after scandal, many or most still remain unanswered. How can you assure the American people this never-ending pattern of possible shady dealings wouldn’t follow you to the White House?”

I guess we’ll soon see how she answers. NOT! You can rest assured the moderators would never go after her like Megyn Kelly went after Donald Trump. But it would be very cool to see the bitch squirm.

Cartoon by: Glenn McCoy



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  1. August 13, 2015 11:32 am

    These debates — like all American political debates — are contrived theater to make citizens think they still have a voice in their government. The fact is they do have a voice in their government but now that voice has no impact or clout because the politicians see themselves as somebody the people have to follow and obey rather than seeing themselves as servants of a people who tell them what to do. The debates, the voting, the whole modern elective process is a sham, a show, a fantasy meant to keep the population fat and happy — and docile and submissive.

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  2. August 13, 2015 12:24 pm

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  3. the unit permalink
    August 13, 2015 4:46 pm

    I think these questions have to be sent in by snail mail, or slug or thug mail. 🙂

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