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Will “sh#t-hole” nations cut financial aid to America?

January 13, 2018

I was somewhat hasty in my defense of the President’s alleged “shit-hole” nation comment. I realize the poor folks fleeing African nations, overwhelming the European continent, being forced to leave their thriving homes by imagined violence are simply offering western cultures the opportunity to become non-shit-hole countries. Barack Hussein, the pillar of Democracy once mistakenly referring to Libya as a “shit-show” and it cost him dearly. I know we didn’t hear much about it as the media was focused on Michelle Obama’s biceps and latest hair-style making stunning in-roads in the world of modern fashion. But alas, President Trump has “woke” the sleeping giant, the Media, with his now vulgar “shit-hole” comment.

I think he was somewhat presumptuous in his comment. Can you imagine the irreparable harm the United States will suffer when those African nations, along with Haiti and El Salvador cut off  financial aid over Trump’s racist statement?


Protecting America, the Constitution and U.S. citizens shouldn’t be negotiable

January 12, 2018

Oh the righteous indignation (or … ‘self-righteous’) of the media and the loons on the left, RINOs, and limp-wrist pundits over President Trump’s spot-on comment about “shit-hole” nations! Actually, it’s only “alleged” that he actually used that term. Now, I get it that the President could have been somewhat less descriptive or diplomatic. but referring to African nations and Haiti as being “shit-holes” as “racist” is kind of a stretch. But when your argument is that the United States takes only the “best and brightest” from those countries is an outright lie and everyone knows it … then the ol’ race card has to be played. I think there’s a difference between referring to countries and actual people from those countries. The countries can be “shit-holes” without the people from them being less than acceptable. But you know the left and the self-righteous, they can’t mentally process certain facts. I had to literally laugh out loud when I read that Anderson Cooper had to ‘fight back tears‘ when he defended Haiti from the President’s remarks. Man, this guy is the very definition of “snow-flake” whose greatest claim to fame is marrying another man.

And then there’s this other gay moron, Don Lemon. Mr. (or is he a Ms? … don’t know for sure) Lemon naturally calls the President a bigot and racist. What else is new? He suggests that Trump supporters can go f##k themselves. Classy, for a guy who enjoys taking it up the poop-chute, but I digress. Just the thought of what Cooper and Lemon do in the privacy of their homes is something that violates even nature itself (sorry for the “visual” but these guys make me sick), and they are vexed with Trump calling 3rd world nations “shit-holes?”

So, having mentioned just a couple responses from utter hypocrites, we can do a bit of “fact-checking” of our own to see if President Trump is right. Are these nations actually “shit-holes?” Refugee Resettlement Watch has a short piece which is a small example of just how accurate President Trump’s statement really is. HERE. I’m loving the fact that President Trump can get a rise out of the pompous hypocrites so easily. There isn’t one of these loony leftists, NeverTrumpsters, Democrats and/or RINOs who isn’t equally, if not more vile than what they claim the President is. They’re just much better illustrating pompousness for the cameras than he is. And the President isn’t really concerned what they think, or anyone else for that matter.

There is very little point is concentrating too much on the fact that if the countries aren’t ‘shit-holes’ then why are the people from them running as fast as they can to the “racist” “bigoted” United States? Also, aren’t these “non shit-hole” nations the same ones which Democrats claim violence is so bad, it would endanger to send people back to? (snip-a-roo!)

Hmmm … I wanted to just see what could be so bad about Haiti. (I know the Clintons ripped the Haitians off for millions of dollars via their phony charitable money laundering foundation) This is what I see …

“Shit-hole???” Nah … a vacation paradise.

Moving along here; I kind of wonder why we citizens have to negotiate with the government to enforce the established laws in America? I mean, the Democrats and a lot of Republicans are seeking diligently for ways to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. They are in the U.S. in violation of the Constitution. So why? Why aren’t those who took an oath to defend the Constitution looking for ways to undermine it? Liberals can say what they want. Other nations aren’t sending their brightest and best to the U.S. to help us out. Regardless of the misinformation which is a constant by the media, the vast majority of illegal immigrants are illiterate and have zero actual work skills. They are not a benefit to America in any way … except for one thing and one thing only and the Democrats see it. Future Democrat voters securing Democrat power for generations to come. What baffles me is the fact that a bunch of Republicans are on board to let as many illegal immigrants as possible stay here, knowing those folks will vote Democrat. A side note here: We always hear Republicans say, “We have to get our message out to the people!” My question is how? Via the major media? LOLOLOLOL! Yeah, that’s gonna work out great! Folks, if Jesus Christ were here today and was a Republican he would be labeled as racist, bigoted, homophobe and anti-Semitic by the media.

Anyway, sorry I got side-tracked. What is it, that what the Constitution and our established laws have to be negotiated about? All the time the hypocritical politicians spout of the, “We’re a nation of laws!” yet look for way to get around them. I’m thinking the citizens of America shouldn’t be negotiating with Congress to enforce what we elected them to do.


The Irresponsible Major Media

January 4, 2018

As we move into the 2nd year of the Trump presidency the media hasn’t let up on its 24/7 petty Trump bashing. For the past year I haven’t seen even one article or report from any major news sources on these issues:

4.1% unemployment

Record stock market gains

Illegal immigration down something like 70%

Employment for minorities climbing

Accurate reporting regarding Tax Reform

The repeal of the individual mandate and what that means regarding Obamacare.

The appointment of conservative federal justices … And the Supreme Court Justice appointee

How the de-regulating of Obama’s stifling regulations on business is expanding economic growth

Cutting of government waste

Reducing by billions of dollars contributions to the corrupt U.N. saving billions of tax-payer’s dollars

Keeping Americans safe here in the U.S. by trying to implement a travel ban of ‘refugees’ from hostile Islamic nations

The real defeat of ISIS

Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel … something a multitude of former presidents promised but never followed through

The withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement until it can be negotiated more favorable to the U.S. instead of us getting ripped off over the ‘global warming hoax.

Consumer confidence at a 17 year high

Those are just a few issues that President Trump has addressed and promises kept. HERE are some more.

I suppose I can’t say I have actually seen one report or article on any of the above. I have on a few … but not without the most bizarre liberal, left-wing reasoning as to why the stuff is bad.

What we do see every day from sources such as Newsweek, CNN, the HuffPost, the WashPost, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, The LA Times, The New York Times to name a few are stuff like the following:

Politics Newsweek
Trump Was Horrified When He Won the White House and Melania Cried, Book Claims

Politics Newsweek
Trump Eats McDonald’s Because He’s Afraid of Being Poisoned Elsewhere

Politics HuffPost
Trump Lawyer Moves To Block Explosive Book On White House From Publication

Politics Newsweek
Trump Told Hope Hicks She Was ‘The Best Piece Of Tail’ Corey Lewandowski Would Ever Have, Book Claims

Politics Newsweek
Trump Is Losing It: New Book Says President Can’t Remember Old Friends And Bannon Saw Chance Of ‘Unfit’ Determination

U.S. HuffPost
Some Trump Supporters Think Mueller’s Grand Jury Has Too Many Black People

U.S. Newsweek
Hillary And Bill Clinton’s Home Was Literally On Fire As Trump’s White House Went Up In Flames

Politics MSNBC
House Republicans call for Jeff Sessions’ ouster as AG

Politics Newsweek
Trump Campaign Officials Watched in Shock as the President and Bannon Tried to Destroy Each Other Wednesday

Politics Newsweek
Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Can’t Read Well, Former Employees Say

Politics Newsweek
Trump’s Impeachment Is ‘The Only Answer’ And His ‘Kremlin Klan’ Will Fall, Maxine Waters Says

Those are the current headlines at Yahoo News right now as I’m writing this. There are many, many more pathetic headlines as I scrolled down. Odd I don’t see anything other than Trump bashing. How irresponsible can you get? Tell you what, go to Drudge right now and check out some of the stuff that the major news networks should be reporting on. Such as: THIS and THIS and THIS.

I’m looking forward to this new year of the Trump Presidency!



From Lunacy To Switch-Blade Knives

December 29, 2017

I’m just going to skip around commenting on some stuff I’ve noticed lately.

1st up is I heard Gov. Jerry Brown of California ‘pardoned’ some illegal aliens with felony convictions and about to be deported, in defiance of President Trump’s agenda to solve the illegal alien immigration problem in the U.S. Now, it costs the tax-payers in California around $25 billion a year to accommodate the illegal aliens flooding the state. The number of homeless people is beyond staggering in Los Angeles, something like 20,000 people. Click HERE for a short video taken on Christmas Day. While Gov. Brown pardons illegal alien felons and the state opens its borders to anyone … what excuse or reason give the Democrats and liberals give for such utter nonsense. It’s stunning how states like California, Illinois and Arizona are racing to make their cities 3rd world trash heaps.

Folks, you have to wonder at the reasoning of Democrats and just what their priorities are. Take for example Democrat Representative Ted Lieu. This moron voted against President Trump’s tax bill because in his judgement, a relatively poor person who gets a tax break of say $380 would be jealous of a rich guy getting a tax break of $200,000. Rep. Lieu doesn’t want to hurt the poor guy’s feelings so he won’t give the poor guy the $380 … for his own good. I’ve been dead broke before, and I can tell you that $380.00 would have been a God-send to me, and my feelings damn sure wouldn’t have been hurt knowing someone else got more. And to think, people actually vote for these sanctimonious clowns!

Continuing the lunacy of liberal Democrats, how about this …

In the great city of Denver, Colorado it is now legal to defecate and/or urinate on the city side-walks and streets. It’s also legal for homeless people to camp out on private property. Changing the local laws to accommodate illegal aliens is the way Denver gets around proclaiming Denver as a sanctuary city, thus protecting it’s channel to federal funds. Utter lunacy!

Moving along here … what happened to all of the accusers of Roy Moore? I mean that’s all we heard about for the few weeks before the Alabama special election. Now that Mr. Moore lost, nada, zip, zero, zilch, nothing … I guess, ‘mission accomplished.’ It appears sexual misconduct applies only just before elections.

I purchased a very nice Kershaw automatic knife last week. I used to collect them and at one time I had quite a few; some Bench Made autos, Microtech, Hubertus, Boker and one very cool A.A. Sanders hand-made which I paid $500 for. I’ve been thinking lately about why in the world ‘auto knives’ were made illegal? I think the government passed a law around 1958 banning the sale and possession of the switch-blade knife.


The law varies from state to state and I think it’s now legal in Texas to own and possess one as long as it’s not a dagger or a stiletto or the blade isn’t over 5 1/2″ long. I’m sure there are some other restrictions but that’s my limited understanding for now. Of course the banning was forwarded by Democrats who thought that outlawing switch blade knives would reduce crime in the inner cities. Now, here’s a weird law in Texas; a person can open carry a hunting knife, dagger, etc. as long as the blade isn’t longer than 5 1/2 “. However it is illegal to own a ‘gravity knife.’ Basically a gravity knife is one which when a lever is pushed and the knife is held with the blade pointing downward, gravity draws the blade out of the handle. In my humble opinion knife laws as they are, make zero sense. What, so a knife in which the blade is exposed by gravity is illegal, yet carrying a hunting knife of which the blade isn’t hidden isn’t? A switch-blade knife isn’t? I mean come on … It appears someone has too much time on their hands and that the banning of any knife is a result of it being ‘scary’ either in appearance or opening action.

LOL! CNN is looking hard at a possible Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of President Trump. It appears though that the winning the award has been hindered for the time being. The President is in West Palm Beach, Florida and has been playing golf at the Trump International Golf Club. Apparently, CNN’s view of the President was obscured by a white box-truck which was parked in their line of sight. This was such an important story that CNN asked the Sheriff’s department if they had nothing to do with parking the truck there. Then CNN confronted the Secret Service about it. They stated their mission protocol of protecting the President and conducting investigations and that commissioning trucks to obscure the media’s view wasn’t something they do. CNN is very upset to let the Pulitzer Prize slip away.

You gotta love President Trump! Everyone knows he’s skeptical about ‘man-made’ global warming (oh, ‘climate change’ now). We’re seeing record low temperatures across the U.S. and the President calls for some global warming and for the wealth-distributors to “bundle up.” I can’t wait to see what how the media plays into that one.

Well, that’s enough for now. It’s nearly 5 a.m. and I’ve been at work since 2 a.m. and probably better get busy earning the ‘big-bucks’ I’m getting paid. Have a great weekend folks and a very safe and blessed New Year!

President Trump owns Mueller, the media and the Democrats … they just haven’t figured it out yet

December 26, 2017

I pray the visitors of C & H had a wonderful, safe and blessed Christmas holiday. Soon we’ll be starting a new year and I look forward to our President making America great again. We’ve witnessed some of the most bizarre behavior from the major media and the Democrat party. Before Hillary Clinton was soundly defeated and sent to the woods the media and her campaign colluded to take Trump out. They spread the most insidious lies and worked with highly placed  people in the FBI to make certain that there would be no President Trump. Oh the satisfaction garnered in their defeat! I have to admit, the morning of Nov. 9, 2016 brought a joy that will last this Texan a lifetime, but I digress.

Right now a special investigator named Robert Mueller is digging and digging, looking for a crime with which to charge President Trump with. It won’t happen. The fact is inescapable that President Trump is in complete control of the situation regardless of the claim of the media that he and his administration is in utter chaos and panic-mode. The media put out story after story of how honorable Mr. Mueller is. They also fawned over his “team” of Democrat, Hilary supporting investigators cheering from the sidelines as they smelled blood in the water surrounding President Trump. “Honorable” and Robert Mueller cannot be used in the same sentence … just ask Jim Comey, LOL!

I think President Trump is a genius … literally. I have the tendency like every one of his supporters to want him to simply step up, fire Mueller and his cronies, stop the nonsense and get the show on the road implementing his policies. Ah, but I have to step back and think about it. I have to think about what Trump said during his campaign; that is, he will never reveal to his enemies what his battle plan is, and I believe he’s applying that to a strategy to blow the investigation up on the investigators and the Democrats. The funny part (“funny” as in humorous) is that President Trump ‘points’ and the media, Mueller & company and the Democrats run like the wind blindly chasing Trump … and he isn’t there.

Robert Mueller, James Comey and others who have ‘honorably served America’ for decades (according to the media), have been exposed for the frauds they’ve been for all those decades. The media naturally won’t report on their nefarious dealings, just like they hide or barely mention the utter hatred for President Trump by those on the Mueller investigative team. Peter Strozok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe are all just collateral in the broad scheme of the Trump take down effort. The only thing that gripes my grunt is McCabe being allowed to “retire” in a couple of months to get his full tax-payer pension. I believe President Trump is allowing the Mueller team and the media, along with the Democrats to chase an elusive conclusion of wrong doing on his part … only to use their own findings to bring them down.

Why no investigation into Obama’s gay accusers and his cocaine use?

December 18, 2017

As we all know the Democrats are using ‘grope gate’ to destroy President Trump. The media is parading women out and lining them up for talk show interviews and are demanding an investigation into the accusations against the President for alleged past sexual misconduct. This seems to be the new weapon in bringing down anyone who the media doesn’t like. The Democrats who seem to get their cue to follow the media’s lead, in perfect harmony join right in the chorus.

Odd that Obama has been accused of practicing the gay life-style with a number of unsavory folks. Some accusers exited the land of the living mysteriously. A couple of guys in Obama’s former church claimed to have had sexual relations with him, were murdered a month apart. Around July of 2014 Joan Rivers pointed out that Barack Obama was gay and that Michelle is a “tranny” or transgender. Sept. 4, 2014 Ms. Rivers died while getting outpatient treatment for a ‘hoarse throat’ and acid reflux.

The most convincing of all the accusers is a guy named Larry Sinclair. This guy in a news conference back in 2008 spoke of some of the vile stuff he did with Mr. Obama. And I have to say, the guy is very believable.

Getting weary yet?

December 17, 2017

This morning I opened my usual home-page to check out the headlines. Here’s what I see … (I’m not providing links for the nonsense. it’s too much of a hassle)

Politics HuffPost
63 Percent Of Americans Believe Donald Trump Tried To Obstruct Russia Probe

Politics The Cheat Sheet
Brutally Honest Reasons Why Trump Will Probably Never Be Impeached

Politics Newsweek
Impeach Trump If Mueller Is Fired, Says Former Ethics Director

Politics Newsweek
Trump Is Failing to Keep His First Promise to Americans: Stopping Undocumented Immigrants, New Report Says

Where’s Barron? First son’s absence from official White House Christmas portrait raises questions

That’s enough. Then there’s this:

Celebrity Time
Barack Obama Dressed Up As Too-Cool-For-School Santa For His Latest Appearance

The ‘news’ wouldn’t be complete without a little Obama gushing!

Some of them I read, a couple of them I didn’t bother with as I already know pretty much what’s in them. Much of them are self-contradictory.

I have a co-worker, my office manager who is a very nice young lady. She really isn’t much on politics though she does get curious and we’ll have some discussions occasionally. Judging her limited political knowledge I would say she leans to the right. (thank goodness, I’d hate to have to fire her! KIDDING!) The other day she came in and said that when she gets up she’ll turn on the news for the weather report, etc. She said that it’s very frustrating to her that she can’t listen to any news outlet without instantly taking in a bunch of Trump bashing. In her words, “It makes me want to scream at times!”

I think this is a sub-ploy by the media. Of course the major media has been in full 24/7 Trump bashing mode since the campaigns and have accelerated their efforts to take him out considerably. I believe the major media also figures that if they constantly bash and trash President Trump enough, that people will simply get so sick of it, they’ll want to get someone else as President just to shut them (the media) up. I can almost see that happening in the example I illustrated.

I think the most stunning to me is the fact that we never hear anything about topics such as how the economy is doing, job creation, immigration, terrorism, or how the GDP is up around 4% (considering under Obama it was barely over 1%). How the unemployment rate is about 4.1%. How consumer confidence is so high the stock market is setting record after record and this started happening instantly upon Trump winning the election. I don’t know how the ‘tax reform’ will affect the middle class of which I’m there. I think it will be good basing my judgement simply on the standard deduction being doubled. I don’t give a rat’s ass if the “rich” get to keep more of their money. It wouldn’t do me any good if they were taxed 100% of their income. It’s hilarious to read the comments regarding the negative reports about the tax overhaul. The number of people who buy into the tired old “tax-cuts for the rich” line of crap is ridiculous, especially when even if that were true, it has nothing to do with those commenting. I guess they relish the thought of the “rich” being punished. Who knows? I can’t track with a liberal mind-set.

I believe that the ‘special investigator’ Robert Mueller has been tasked with investigating whether or not the Trump campaign ‘colluded’ with the Russians to influence or ‘rig’ the election for Donald Trump. I also think he’s looking into some obstruction of justice offense regarding the investigation. It’s odd that after all this time and all this investigating has been done that nothing nefarious has been uncovered on the Trump side of the thing. It’s odd because it’s been pretty much established that the Hillary campaign has been exposed front and center for those very charges. Not to mention colluding with prominent media personalities and even high ranking FBI personnel to take out then candidate Donald Trump. But the media has been focused on Trump’s over-indulgence of Diet Cokes (Pulitzer Prize anyone?), and watching television. The up-coming new year should be very interesting indeed.

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