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The Media, Democrats and Republicans want President Trump gone

March 21, 2017

Barely 60 days into Donald Trump’s presidency and the left has ramped up the attacks into desperation mode. Actually I think it’s working. Judge Andrew Napolitano was removed from Fox News for reporting that British intelligence officials had helped former President Barack Obama spy on Donald Trump. I noticed that Fox has succumbed to the pressure of the major media choosing to rather to give credibility to Shepard Smith who is a rabid liberal, anti-Trump attack dog (actually a puppy).  Fox put Smith on the air who said, “Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now-president of the United States was surveilled at any time, in any way.”  The shame about it is, is the media is succeeding in undermining Trump’s presidency which is the obvious goal. The relentless articles published 24/7, hammering the most absurd, hypocritical lies into the American people is beginning to take hold. The old saying, “Tell a lie often enough, it will eventually become the truth” is more than applicable. It is well-known that Obama and company spied on foreign entities, gathered information on journalists (does James Rosen ring a bell?), and had the NSA gather information on U.S. citizens. And now we’re to believe that Obama and company didn’t “spy” on Donald Trump?  They keep pounding this idea of that Trump claimed Obama “wire-tapped” his campaign headquarters, suggesting that Trump accused Barack of physically sneaking into his offices and placing listening devices on Trump’s phones. The media and Obama and Hillary Clinton are such liars it is beyond stunning. And what’s more stunning is a great number of Americans actually believe them. Donna Brazil time and again lied when she was accused of forwarding the debate questions to the Hillary campaign saying stuff like, “I’m a Christian and would never do such a thing!” Suddenly, just the other day she admitted that she did it. Each and every time team Obama has been accused of various nefarious acts and lied about it, those nefarious acts actually happened. This whole idea that Russia influenced the general election in Trump’s favor is beyond absurd, but the lie has gained momentum and Republicans who have been against a Trump presidency all along see this as a foot-hold to impeach President Trump. People like John McCain and Mitch McConnell want Trump out of there and will certainly be on board any impeachment ideas. It is sickening and illustrates just how corrupt those in our government and the media really are. We finally have a president who is enforcing the law and they want him gone. It’s curious that there in no mention regarding Hillary’s hand in the sale of America’s uranium to the Russians and how Bill got $500,000 from the Russians for a 20 minute speech immediately after facilitating the sale. Opening Yahoo News and reading the various headlines about Trump makes me sick. What makes me sicker is in the comments section. It’s incredible how regular people eat that negative crap up. It is more than obvious that the opposite of what’s being reported is the truth, yet the hatred for Trump has made people accept anything to get rid of him. Hell, even people with assassination suggestions are given space to publish them.

The treatment of President Trump by the media, by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Democrats and Republicans is more than shameful. They genuinely have no class or respect for the values they claim to hold so dear. They are all frauds and when they spout crap like, “We’re for the little-guy and for American values” their actions prove they are utter liars. Why people cannot see that is beyond my understanding.

Obama and Hillary are directly responsible for the situation in Syria and other Islamic countries where the common people are fleeing the wars going on there. It is curious that Saudi Arabia and other more stable Islamic countries refuse to take any refugees in. They realize that they would be importing terrorism yet we’re not “compassionate” if we refuse to welcome them into the U.S.  Trump’s “Muslim ban” is genuinely an act of care and compassion towards the American people and is infuriating the left.  As I’ve said many times, Obama, the media and most politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike are creating a world for us, regular folks, to live in … one which they will be secure from.

I can see I’ve gotten away from my original topic as usual. I suppose if I wrote to get every thing out of what I’m frustrated about this would be a very multi-topic post. I’m just really sick of seeing daily attacks against the president for no apparent reason beside pure hatred. The support of America and the protection of her citizens is not even regarded in these attacks. Quite the contrary, America’s demise is highly acceptable to those attacking Trump as long as the mission to remove him is accomplished. Liberals bitch and moan about the waste of tax-payer money during the Benghazi hearings. Yet the waste of time and money investigating some thing that never happened … Russia influencing the election for Trump is a-okay if it keeps President Trump from executing the laws of America faithfully. As long as Trump is hindered every step from accomplishing any thing good for the American people, all is cool.  You can rest assured that Hillary hasn’t given up her mission to become president. The idea that she and Obama are working in the background to oust Trump isn’t that far-fetched. I’m thankful that President Trump isn’t easily defeated. I always said that Trump’s arrogance could be a good characteristic for him and it’s serving him well. He’s going to need all the help he can get to press forward in making America great again.

The Deep Do-Do Obama and Company is in.

March 7, 2017

This dear friends, is a must read. We know, as it is common knowledge, that Barack Hussein Obama is a liar. That he has used the IRS to harass law-abiding citizens. That he had the NSA spy on and gather information on Americans, the press, reporters and others. We know that he refused to obey and faithfully execute the laws of the United States time and again. We know he by-passed the Congress to shove his agenda down the throats of the American people and in many cases provide aid, comfort and support to the enemies of the United States. We know also that many innocent Americans are dead because of his actions or inaction. President Donald Trump has accused Barack Obama and company of “wire-tapping” his campaign headquarters and leaking sensitive, classified national security secrets to the media to harm Trump’s presidency. Naturally the media is denying all of it for Obama’s sake. James Comey is denying it as he cannot admit the FBI, and the Justice Department broke the law. They have to deny it and make Trump look like he’s accusing Obama of nefarious acts which “is impossible for him to do.”

Take a little time and read the following …

Via: The Strata-Sphere

Obama Administration Looks To Be In Very Serious Legal Trouble

There is a lot of breaking news this weekend as the nation learns that a sitting President (Obama) looks to have used the nation’s national security apparatus – which is empowered to protect this nation from foreign enemies and threats – for crass political gain (read “personal gain”).  If this is even partially true, this would be Watergate on steroids and irreparably tarnish the Obama administration for all history.

These high stakes may also explain the irrational fear and hate by the democrat leadership we have seen in their scorched-Earth actions since the election.  Events may be unraveling on them big time, events that started last summer in a very different world.

Let’s begin by setting down a hard and fast rule to blunt the coming weasel words from team Obama. The President runs his administration. The President’s cabinet has some individual authority, but they confirm with the Commander-in-Chief anything that could erupt back on them either legally or politically. No cabinet member – especially the Attorney General – would run near or across legal or ethical lines without concurrence (i.e., cover from) the top person.

To say Obama did not “order” the “wire tap” against the Trump campaign is as ridiculous as it sounds. Note: Trump used figurative parentheses when he tweeted “wire tap”, so read that as meaning “surveillance” legally.

It is not like the Captain of a ship actually “weigh’s the anchor” themselves! Captains order it be done. Or more accurately, it is one step of a process that has been established by the command chain so that when the Captain orders the ship to prepare to “get under way” this action is taken. However executed, the Captain is legally responsible for the people under him, and any mistakes they make. This would include any issues or damage done “weighing” the anchors.

So when someone tries to split hairs about who ordered the surveillance on Team Trump, remember this:

First, as Obama officials well know, under the FISA process, it is technically the FISA court that “orders” surveillance. And by statute, it is the Justice Department, not the White House, that represents the government in proceedings before the FISA court.

The fact is no one would be dumb enough to run afoul of the laws protecting the American People from our intelligence apparatus without top cover – because these represent very, very serious crimes. So let’s stop pretending AG Lynch did this on her own. If this happened, it was all coordinated.

We also need to start with specifying which laws were broken, and then get to the all critical timeline – because that is where we will discover how thin the ice is under Team Obama.


Personally I pray to God that President Trump nails Obama to the freaking wall.  And, he needs to go after Hillary Clinton …

Do Not Believe The Major Media.

March 5, 2017


Since Donald Trump fairly and squarely defeated Hillary Clinton to become President of the United States there has been nothing but negative major media articles, opinion columns, phony comedian mockery, Democrats calling for impeachment, Rich, trailer-park trash-in disguise Hollywood perverts attacking President Trump’s family and on and on. It’s a 24/7 marathon effort to bring down his presidency. Barack Hussein Obama, committing obvious sedition within our government is obviously behind the leaks and phony accusations of Russian influence in the general election. I’m sick of every time I read an article there is always the “no evidence” claims by Trump, the “right-wing” reports of said claims. Here’s a bit of what I mean …

Via: Reuters

The request came a day after President Donald Trump alleged, without supporting evidence, that then-President Obama ordered a wiretap of the phones at Trump’s campaign headquarters in Trump Tower in New York.

The White House offered no evidence on Sunday to back up Trump’s accusation and did not say it was true.

But when we get into the accusation of the Russians influencing the election the media keeps hammering this phony line of crap even though …

Clapper said “there was no evidence” of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in a January intelligence report concluding Russian interference in the 2016 election …

The lame-assed article I got those excerpts from also said this …

Trump should immediately turn over any evidence he has to support his allegation, said U.S. Senator Susan Collins, a Maine Republican who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Maybe they and the media should demand evidence of Russia tampering with the election and the Trump campaign colluding with Russia before falsely cramming down our throats this unsupported claim.

Folks, this f#cking James Crapper … er … Clapper is the same s.o.b. who lied to Congress about the NSA spying on American citizens. If the NSA under orders from entities of the government … ie … the White House via the Patriot Act will spy on American civilians, is it suddenly ridiculous to think Barack Obama, who is a certified liar and enemy of the state, who campaigned vigorously for Hillary Clinton, to have Trump’s campaign operations “bugged?”  Oh, hell no! Obama would never do that … but we’re to believe that the freaking Russians influenced the outcome of the election? Just go to Yahoo News and scroll down. You cannot find even one neutral article about President Trump, his family, his policies … anything. What’s happening to President Trump is by design. The design of powerful people who got caught with their pants down at Hillary’s loss. The media, the Democrats, the Republicans, foreign governments who funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, Mexico, Muslims, every anti-America entity on earth, devastated that the fat bitch who invested over a billion dollars of their money on a losing campaign are now desperately trying every second to take Trump down. The Democrats should be … well hell, I was going to write “ashamed” but that isn’t in their DNA. The media, same. Liberals, same. People like John McCain, same. Republicans, same. Like Trump said a long time ago, the gravy train is pulling into the station and people aren’t liking it. Heck my own son who is an utter moron, who thinks that Eve had sex with the snake in the Garden of Eden (he claims that’s how Cain was conceived) is on board with every anti-Trump attack. That friends, is an example of just how loony these folks are and what kind of people fall for the liberal crap about President Trump.

HERE is a little evidence Trump’s campaign was “hacked” via Barack Obama’s orders to his agencies. Everyone knows that I’m not fan of Mark Levin, but he hits this one out of the park.

Take a few minutes to listen to that … and know for a certainty that Obama, the media among others have been and still are working tirelessly to bring down Donald Trump. Yet there isn’t one word about Obama’s nefarious, insidious, treasonous seditious actions without them being labeled as ‘false, unproven claims’ being reported. The truth of the matter is not being told to the American people and this folks is where the media is without a doubt the enemy of the American people. Without truthful, unbiased information it is impossible to make informed decisions and the media is loath to provide it. They are doing nothing short of manipulating public opinion and providing lies for a political agenda they want imposed on us.

They certainly won’t let up. Actually it’s getting worse by the day. The worst part is, there isn’t any Republicans standing up for the Trump administration. They have, as much as the media betrayed the American people. They’ve betrayed the very voters who put them in office. “Give us the House.” “Give us the Senate.” “Give us the Executive Branch.” Folks, the Republicans have it all. They also have the Supreme Court in the palm of their hands, but President Trump will have to fight them also to get his conservative nominee confirmed. The majority of the Republicans are liars just like every Democrat and there is no difference in their goal of more power and control. All this crap of “For the people” is certified bullshit. One would think the folks who vote Democrat would have realized a long time ago the folks they elected are frauds. The Republicans are much more subtle in their methodology … same goal, different approach. Slower, more incrementally … same end … the demise of our Republic and our sovereignty.

I guess I’m going to end this rant with this:  Donald Trump is President of the United States. I sincerely believe that he has the interests of the American people as a priority. I believe he loves this country. I think that he’s tired of the waste. I think he’s tired of seeing the safety of the American people put in jeopardy. I think he’s finally doing something to protect us from the criminal invasion of our borders by illegals who are too coward to stay in their own country and fight for their own liberty, but want to sponge off the liberty Americans have fought and died for.  The media will continue their vicious, insidious attacks on President Trump and his family, his policies and his administration.  This will be only to the demise of the Democrat Party and the enemies in the Republican Party because there are not many (at least 61 million people) who don’t buy into their bullshit.

HERE is a source for news the major media will leave out.


I’m loving President Donald Trump … I’m hating the loony left

February 14, 2017

I had a great conversation with my good friend Mr. John Liming this past weekend. We talked about the Lord and briefly about politics and I was delighted to have had such a relaxing talk.

I’m more than disappointed in a lot of folks. I find their reasoning beyond lunacy. Such as, we wouldn’t have to ban Muslims if we’d stop bombing their countries. Now, I thought these folks were fleeing civil wars and persecution from fellow Muslims and that’s why they are attracted to all the free stuff western nations have to offer. It’s typical of morons who themselves rely on the government to provide for them to blame the United States for all the wrong in the world. It’s kind of bizarre though. People by the millions arrive in the United States every year, yet the hate, bigotry, intolerance and racism which are the hallmarks of America are noticed only by those who demonstrate those qualities in their own lives. The self-righteous who Google a few Bible scriptures and attempt to convince us of some intellectual prowess are stunningly ignorant. Those folks really should apply a scripture to their own lives and their own hypocrisy … Psalm 50-16-23

Okay, this is the second day since I started this post being the busy stud-muffin I am. (being facetious folks) I noticed the liberals and Democrats are rejoicing at the resignation of General Flynn as National Security Advisor. Folks, those people, the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama could not hold a candle to General Michael Flynn. I don’t know the details and neither does any of those morons, but President Donald Trump ordered his resignation amid the controversy which is far above anything we saw during the traitorous “reign” of Hussein Obama. At least President Trump had the dignity to dismiss the guy because he felt he couldn’t trust him to do the best job for the American people. You see folks, Obama absolutely trust his minions to do his bidding against America … that’s why whenever there was a scandal (never-ending) no one was dismissed or fired. He felt he had the right people to execute his dismantling of the U.S. Obama had every one’s back.  The Democrats keep this “friend of Russia” thing going against Trump. Of course no one is bringing THIS UP.  The Democrats are corrupt … as a whole and as individuals, the most corrupt people on the planet and are hands down the more dangerous entity fighting against the sovereignty of America. What is stunning yet sickening to me is the how the major media is deceiving the American public and pushing an anti-Trump agenda so blatantly that it’s frightening. Calls for Trump’s assassination go unreported. Unabated racism in colleges and death towards white people goes unreported. (notice that Mediate says the statement was “months ago.” Odd they can go literally decades to smear Trump and company … )

“Death to America” by the Iranian regime goes unreported or just mentioned as a dig towards Trump. Only anti-Trump bullshit and heavy on the “bullshit.”

Friends, we have a major problem and it is the left. The loony left, the media, the Democrats, liberals, the anti-American folks, the elite in Congress (Democrats and Republicans) do not want Trump as president, period and are working tirelessly to hinder his pro-American agenda, have him impeached, stall his policies, and yes … have him killed if possible. Folks, do not put anything past these people. Trump has upset the progressive, destroy America agenda and they aren’t digging it. Folks, Ray Charles, God rest his talented soul, can see what’s happening. The hatred coming from the left is absolutely overwhelming. I have to say, I admire Donald Trump more every day in that this 24/7 onslaught of negativity and call to violence against him and his family hasn’t stopped him.

Here’s a good win for morality … Jeff Sessions has already given the boys and girls their bathrooms and dignity back.

Okay, that’s about it for now. Have a great week friends!

The hatred for President Trump is beyond ridiculous

February 3, 2017

Folks, we have a minimum of four years of nothing but negative “reports” and articles from the major media about President Trump and his administration. Nothing but negative. I mean if he eats his main dinner course with a salad fork you’d think he’s a devil right out of the bowels of hell! Maybe he returned a VHS tape 20 years ago and didn’t rewind it … “weasel!” How about when he tore the mattress tag off … “Impeach the bastard!”

Here are a few headlines from the political section of Yahoo News …

Trump’s not Orwellian. He’s the distracter-in-chief.  (dumbass can’t even spell)

#BowlingGreenMassacre: Conway’s alternative fact becomes a joke — and an opportunity

Chelsea Clinton takes to Twitter to knock the new White House

White House defends Trump’s shot at Schwarzenegger as a ‘lighthearted moment’ in a ‘beautiful’ prayer breakfast speech

Sen. Murkowski on defying Trump: ‘I cannot live in fear of a tweet’

Evangelical Christians protest Trump refugee ban outside prayer breakfast

The White House took a victory lap on the jobs report, but it doesn’t really belong to Trump

Family of Frederick Douglass gives Trump a history lesson

Trump uses an actual bully pulpit, at National Prayer Breakfast, to bash Arnold Schwarzenegger

Trump threatens to defund Berkeley after violent protests force cancellation of Breitbart editor’s speech

Lady Liberty’s flame extinguished on New Yorker cover

Reuters memo: We’re ready to cover a hostile Trump administration

How Steve Bannon’s ‘bible’ explains Trump’s first 2 weeks as president

Severely burned Iraqi boy alone in U.S. after travel ban

At gathering on ‘politics of love,’ Sanders warns Trump could start a war

HERE is where I got those headlines. I just went down the list. I noticed I never, ever see any articles fawning over Melania Trump or his beautiful family like when Barack and Michelle were squatting in the White House. Gawd, you’d have thought Jesus, Joseph and Mary Lou were living there. Such “beautiful” people! Michelle … the stunning,  walking fashion statement making history every second of every day. The bias and blatant hatred for President Trump and his family is beyond stunning and frankly getting real old very fast. I’m not sure if the Democrats and the media realize the crap they continue to spew every day is precisely why Trump is president. People are so damned tired of the media trying to tell us we can’t believe our own eyes and ears. Obama’s nefarious lies, Hillary’s absolute corruption was on display for all to see, yet the media covered their asses every step of the way … but to no avail. The push to make Trump and his administration appear evil is nothing short of Fake News (such as Hillary’s 95% chance of winning the election) which any one can see through. I suppose after suffering eight long years of the most corrupt administration to occupy positions of power, such nonsense like “Trump didn’t wash his hands before eating! Do we really want those hands close to the nuclear ‘button?'” will be nothing. I know for a certainty that Trump isn’t rattled by such foolishness. I think he plays the press like a fine-tuned fiddle and will continue to spank them just like he did for the last 18 months.

Here you go folks … this crap for eight years.

And that is from today. Gag me with a spoon!

Enforcing the law and making Americans safe is a “radical” agenda?

January 31, 2017

I read an article this morning and realized even more that Trump is getting it right. Until now, the Democrats have been remarkably passive as the Trump administration threw red meat to conservatives in Congress with appointees who promise to move forward with what is shaping up to be a radical agenda on domestic and national security policy.  It boils down to this … Trump’s agenda of enforcing the existing laws of America is “radical.”  Just how twisted is the agenda of the Democrats and the left?  It’s not radical, but quite acceptable to disregard the laws of America, to the detriment of her citizens.  I got the above quote from THIS ARTICLE over at CNN.  The ‘Fake News’ organization pointed out the fact that Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to do her job of enforcing U.S. law.

Here is a good example of a liberal mind-set. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), who is about as anti-2nd Amendment as they come said that more gun-control would make Americans safer than Trump’s temporary immigration ban. Here is how Senator Murphy proposes to keep us safe …

Gun control was one of two steps he proposed that would make us “more safe” than Trump’s executive order; the senator also shared his ideal U.S. policy on immigration. “I’d argue that we should go towards the discussion about the pathway in which there’s absolutely no screening.”

So, no screening of people coming to the U.S. from terror supporting nations is the way to keep us safe?  I don’t give a rat’s ass whether one is a liberal or a conservative, this is complete lunacy.

And just when you thought the lunacy of the left couldn’t get worse we have this proclamation from former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords …

“Rarely has such an assault been so disconnected from the threats we truly face. The truth is this: In the history of accepting refugees in this country, none has committed a terrorist attack on our soil. Let’s put it in perspective. There is a group that has proven itself to be far more deadly on American soil. A group that has killed someone once a week for the last two years: Toddlers.”

I got that quote from and the writer summed the piece up nicely …

Gifford is of course talking about this silly liberal notion that accidental shootings by toddlers is a major issue in this country. The big question here is, what exactly does Gabby Giffords want us to do about the scourge of armed toddlers? Is she proposing extreme vetting of 2-year-olds? Does she want a complete ban on toddlers or perhaps a registry? No, she just wants law-abiding Americans to have less gun ownership rights to stop something that isn’t even a problem. That’s how gun control works.

I got a little off-track there. The point to my rambling is that it’s clear to anyone paying even cursory attention that the left and Democrats are all in for lawlessness and exposing the American public to imminent danger from illegal immigrants. Trump and his supporters are all in for the rule of law and keeping America and her citizens safe, even the anti-Trump folks and even if it means making some people uncomfortable and offended.

And on the humorous side of life, the famous  never disappoints …

untitled                                                                                                                                              He Should Hang This In His LieBarry



Americans First

January 30, 2017

The first duty of every elected official within the government of the United States is to protect the citizens of America. Regardless of the emotional heart-tugging situations of refugees and immigrants, if they do not come to the U.S. legally, they have no right to be here. That’s it. Trump’s actions to protect the American public … Trump’s executing and keeping the laws of the United States is not bigoted, racist, or inhumane. He’s doing what all other presidents should have been doing but refused to do. It’s about time we elected someone who genuinely has our back.

Haven’t we gotten sick of politicians who are more than willing to gamble with our lives to further their insidious agenda of importing potential terrorists under the guise of compassion?  Canada wants refugees … all of them. I say let them have them … all of them.

Why can’t we address the problem of the homeless veterans who served America? Lets start with something like that, then you can talk to me about helping refugees. HERE is the perfect example of how profane the elite have gotten. One would think that this moron would direct his company to make those job opportunities available to veterans who are having difficulty finding work after serving.

What a disgrace. Yeah, the world is laughing at us. But you can rest assured they aren’t laughing at President Trump … but at folks like the CEO of Starbucks.


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