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Mitch McConnell wants an investigation into Franken’s sexual misconduct. Wants Roy Moore to drop out of the Senate race over his accusations

November 16, 2017

As I continue to watch the various “news outlets” via the internet it is utterly vexing that the media overall is still going after President Trump and Republicans in general all the while completely ignoring other issues of vital importance. Take for example President Trump’s Asian tour. About the only thing that made “the news” upon his return and his speech summing up the various agreements, etc. is him breaking from his speech briefly to take a drink of water. Never mind reporting on what he said he accomplished, but the fact that he drank water while speaking … in-freaking-credible. And then we wonder why the people are so ignorant and/or misinformed. What gets me is most on the left actually enjoy being misled and rejoice if some murderous dictator insults the American President. Stunning indeed. Then there are the incompetent “Republicans” which are essentially Democrats who continually oppose President Trump on every issue. I kind of think these RINOs, all of whom ran on the same platform of Presdient Trump … Obamacare repeal, border security, tax-overhaul, etc. need to be voted out of office. If the Republicans are more than willing to give control of Congress back to the Democrats then lets help them. That’s what they’re doing anyway. John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker, Susan Collins, and numerous others either all at once or just enough to defeat President Trump’s agenda go against his every move. It’s disgraceful the way Democrats protect their own no matter what, yet the Republicans can’t join together and accomplish anything for the folks who voted them in and voted for President Trump. Since 2010 the American people have spoken loud and clear that we want the crap that Obama and his ilk done away with. The Republicans said, “We can’t do anything without control of the House.” We gave them that. Then they said, “We can’t do anything without control of the Senate.” We gave them that. Then they said, “We can’t do anything unless a Republican wins the White House.” We gave them that. Result? Nothing changed because they are liars, each and every one of them. The one good thing that we’re getting is the fact that President Trump is filling all the vacant Federal Judge positions with conservatives. There are something like 108 Federal District, etc. seats left open by Obama that President Trump is filling quickly, not to mention the appointment of Justice Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Roy Moore is finished. The establishment Republicans had to know these accusations were waiting in the shadows. Yet they didn’t allow them to come out until after the defeat of Luther Strange which was who the establishment Republicans wanted. So Roy Moore, in Trump-like fashion defeated the incumbent and then the SHTF … just like they tried to do with President Trump; women suddenly coming forward alleging sexual misconduct.  Hmmmm … a side-note or question, What happened to all of the “ladies” who accused President Trump of sexual misconduct? Since he won the presidency we’ve not heard from them again. Odd; it seems these kind of accusations come out only just before a major election … then when the election is over, they vanish.

I noticed that the major media isn’t reporting at all on the nefarious actions by a Democrat candidate trying to win an open seat at the House of Representatives. Democrat candidate David Alcon has not only been accused but was arrested for felony stalking of a woman in New Mexico. Lets have a show of hands from those who’s heard about that one from the major media. Hmmm … no one? Well I’m stunned! One would think that the media, you know, like CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, HUFF POST, and all the others would report on this; kind of, fulfil the obligation of keeping the people informed about the candidates. And how about this little tid-bit about one darling of the left, Al Franken? For some reason I haven’t heard anyone calling for him to resign his position. But, he’s a Democrat who had no choice but to apologize because … there’s a picture. So, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” is enough to ‘move along’  …  lets get the Republican.

Now lets consider my claim that the Republicans are intentionally disgracing Roy Moore to keep a conservative out of the House. I think they are throwing the election in Alabama to the Democrats just like they would have allowed Hillary to win the presidency over Trump. Judge Roy Moore gets accused of sexual misconduct and Mitch McConnell immediately calls for him to get out of the election. Right now, today, Al Franken gets accused, admits to sexual misconduct and Mitch McConnell calls for an “ethics investigation.” Come on folks. An investigation that would probably take a freaking year and the guy has already confessed the accusations are true. Moore has illustrated the accusations against him are absolutely false. A forged signature on the year book. One accuser’s step son saying his “mom” is lying against Mr. Moore, and a former mall manager testifying that he didn’t know of Roy Moore being banned from entering the mall to keep him “away from the teenage girls.”

Anyway, I’ve been checking out the moronic news reports and its all the same old crap … anything and everything President Trump does is bad and wrong. And the media is already coming to the rescue of Hillary’s Uranium One deal at the very mention of an investigation by a special counsel. Typical stuff.

                                     funny man Al Franken groping sleeping woman






Trump bashinig, perversion, and the corrupt U.S. Government

November 12, 2017

I’m just sitting here in the kitchen this Sunday morning waiting for Rina to wake up. I listened to a little of Chuck Smith (through the bible) this morning, then checked out the various depressing attacks on President Trump, America, her citizens and how a lot of young Americans are being persuaded that living under Communism or Socialism is much better than living under the freedom we enjoy under Capitalism … all by the major media. I found it rather pathetic that the Huff Post via Yahoo News gleefully put up an article about how Kim Jong insulted President Trump. This illustrates the mind-set of the left that gets a delightful feeling when our President is insulted by some murderous dictator. As I said, its pathetic.

I noticed another piece which claims that President Trump is accusing Iran of violating the nuclear deal made by Barack Obama … like the accusation is somewhat incredulous. Geez, the thought of Iran actually lying to the world is “incredulous?” Okay, sure. Maybe they’re violating the agreement by not pursuing nuclear weapons … who knows?

And then we’ve got the major media working overtime in reporting the allegations of sexual misconduct by Judge Roy Moore.  I do find it rather curious the media is frothing at the mouth over some allegations of misconduct that may or may not have happened nearly 40 years ago, yet there’s nary a word being reported over the current Democrat Senator Robert Menendez who has been charged and indicted with corruption, etc. and this is being tried in court right now. But he is a Democrat so what can we expect? This is how they roll … corruption … media covers it up, and on and on.

I’m somewhat surprised the media has even reported the exceedingly long list of Hollywood “icons” getting accused of various sexual misconduct crimes from rape to pedophilia and everything in between. Nearly all who are being accused are solid anti-Trump, hard-core liberals. But I do confess, there are “reports” but as far as follow-ups go or digging for more “dirt” goes, the media seems to be focused on the accusations leveled against any Republican, and I’ve noticed the Hollywood reporting is dried up now almost completely. The media can’t be bothered with child movie stars getting raped and molested by some of the biggest names in Hollywood when they have a Republican that’s accused of doing something unsavory almost 40 years ago. Gotta have those priorities.

I saw an article just a few minutes ago where a couple of gay guys fled Iran because they knew their lives were in serious jeopardy in their home country. They came to the U.S. and got married and get to do all the stuff that homos do without anyone blinking an eye. Yet, now they are “afraid” that they’re not being treated fairly or something for some unknown reason. It was reported at the Huff Post and the article was very long and rambling and the take-away was … well … typical gays not satisfied for some reason. I never did get the point if there was one. There were nice pictures of these two love birds all dressed up, walking hand in hand … anticipating … well, that’s enough because I just ate breakfast and I don’t want to lose what Rina made me. Dear God, we are living in one sick world! I can’t say I’m surprised because I’ve spent over 40 years reading and studying the Bible and it does say that eventually good will be evil and evil good. I believe we’re there for sure. For sure if the above paragraph is one’s idea of a truly, inspiring love story then this is a very sick world indeed!

Now, getting to the Russian “collusion” thing leveled against President Trump. Folks, we’re being played for fools. Instead of investigating the “real deal” … that is the Clinton involvement in the Uranium One deal, we’re being led in a complete hoax of an investigation. We’re being led away from probably the biggest scandal, the most treasonous actions by Obama and Hillary Clinton’s State Department in U.S. history. Click RIGHT HERE to get a small take on the “deal” and why it happened. And Congress is doing nothing about it and won’t ever. Why? Because every single person in the Congress is corrupt. Yeah, I know there’s Trey Gowdy and Mike Lee and other conservatives around. But do you think they’ll do anything? Do not wait for it to happen. I sincerely believe the entire U.S. government is corrupt to the point that a very few ‘patriots’ could never make any difference. That there is no going back. We’ve crossed the Rubicon and Barack Obama brought the ship beyond the point of no return, with the help of the Congress, the Supreme Court, the intelligence agencies, and the media. It’s too bad. America was once a God-fearing, beacon of light to the world and without America there is no free world. Now she is reduced to nothing but a future of perverts and limp-wrist “snow flakes” in line to lead her. The men in the Congress checked their manhood at the door when they got elected and never went back to get it.

One of Roy Moore’s accusers is a Democrat opperative …

November 10, 2017

Okay, suddenly former Alabama judge and Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is accused of sexual harassment … like 40 years ago. The guy is a conservative and the establishment Republican elite do not like him at all. The Never Trump crowd, people like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, John McCain and John Kasich jumped on the allegations, reported by none other than the Washington Post and demand he withdraw his bid for the Senate.  Now, to me it’s awful suspect that just a couple of weeks before this election, and after decades in various positions of power, suddenly he’s accused of these nefarious acts. He beat the establishment favorite, Luther Strange and the RINOs don’t like it. I discovered that one of his accusers is none other than one Debbie Gibson. CLICK HERE to learn more about this woman and you should receive a bit of enlightenment of where these claims are coming from. Folks, this is the same crew who did the same crap to President Trump. RINOs and Democrats. The establishment Republicans would rather see a Democrat win the Alabama Senate seat and possibly lose the majority in the Senate than see Roy Moore win. Exactly the same players who came against Donald Trump. I suspect they are lying. But, rest assured if the allegations are true … of which it is impossible to prove and even harder to dis-prove, then he should step aside. I say let the thing run it’s course and tell the “judges, juries, and executioners” to take a hike.

The weasels know that simply the accusation could be enough to damage the guy. I mean hell, they’ve even accused 90+ year old G.H.W. Bush of touching women inappropriately. Geez, give me a freaking break!

Who will the Democrats give us in 2020?

November 8, 2017

Good morning folks! Well, it’s easy to see the media’s pushing of a continual Trump bashing campaign is paying off. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised to see a Democrat win the governor’s election in Virginia. I mean Hillary actually won the state in the general election. Now, the Democrats are fired up. I think it’s beyond sad and even criminal the way the media isn’t reporting the facts of the Trump administration’s accomplishments. They are hiding the fact that unemployment is at 4.1% and that around 250,000 new jobs were added last month, and that consumer confidence is at a 20 year high. I saw an article which headline read something like, “Most people believe that Trump hasn’t accomplished anything while in office.” We should realize that those “most people” get their news and information from the major media via television, the internet on search pages such as Yahoo and Google, so should it be any surprise that folks won’t know about what he’s accomplishing? Yahoo is beyond biased and incredibly anti-Trump. They put up on their home page absolute nothing but negative articles about President Trump, featuring reports mainly from the Huff Post, Newsweek, Think Progress, CNN,, ABC and all the other far-left ‘news’ sources. Regardless of the obvious bias and negative reporting a lot of folks can see the media for what it is. However, when you have over 40% of folks under the age 35 saying they would rather live under Socialism or Communism, than a free, democratic society, then folks, we really have a problem.  The re-election of Bill DeBlasio as mayor of New York should make us very thankful for the Electoral College. I sincerely believe that Trump being elected is a respite if you will, to slow down the inevitable… the destruction of America. The media is working over time to be sure that a liberal, and/or Democrat wins the next presidential election. You can rest assured the media isn’t going to take a chance on the next election. They started when Trump won the nomination and when he actually pulled off the victory, well we all know the media response. You don’t have to take my word for it. Go to the Yahoo Home Page right now and in the comments section tell me what you see there regarding President Trump. A month’s pay says nothing but Trump bashing.  In fact it’s so petty here is what’s there right this second on the very top:  “Obama’s photographer on taking 1.9 million photos of America’s First Black President is throwing shade at Trump.”  It’s okay I suppose, the left get their jollies at demonizing President Trump and it’s gotten beyond pathetic. At least Hillary didn’t get to be president and that in itself is enough satisfaction to last the rest of my life-time. Don’t you love how the media reports on how divided the country is, yet they are the very ones promoting the division?

I know I’ll get some who will say or think, “Steve, you’re only mad at the media because you think if they don’t report what you want, then they’re biased and out to get Trump.”  Close, but no cigar. I’m angry at the media because they admit their bias and hatred towards the U.S. president and they have successfully manipulated the minds of the ignorant. (take the 40+% who would rather live under Socialism for example … I rest my case) Heck, it’s been openly admitted that less than 5% of all reporting about President Trump has been positive. That folks, is by choice and a plan being executed to destroy him. Who’s seen any reports about the record number of people in the work force? Who’s seen any reports about how illegal immigration is down almost to nothing? Who’s seen any reports that unemployment is at 4.1%? Who’s seen any reports that a record number of people are off food stamps and welfare? Oh contraire, none of the above, at least from the major media except when they can slant the credit to Obama or put some sort of negativity on the reporting.

Let’s see, what else is happening besides mass murders (by “guns”) or how being white makes one automatically racist?  Okay, the gun thing. bottom line … the folks in the government want to disarm the American people. These guys/gals want us to “trust” them to keep us safe in our neighborhoods. They can’t even stop illegal drugs from coming into America or illegal aliens (even children) from openly coming into the country and they want us to trust them to keep illegal guns from getting into the hands of criminals? Nah, I think I’ll hang on to the guns I have. This is no different from when Roe v Wade was being considered. “What about cases of incest and rape?” was the argument of the left. Voila! Nine men on the Supreme Court gave in and made it legal to murder unborn children in the womb … and we have abortion on demand, at will, for any reason and right up until the little one is coming out of the birth canal in some states. They can be killed … legally. Give in a little and folks, the left is never satisfied. That’s why when the Democrats want to “ban” certain firearms, rest assured they want to ban all of them from the law-abiding public.

I have to go to physical therapy a couple of times a week … (for about the next six months … bummer!) and one of the young men at the Sport Therapy facility asked me what I thought the problem with society is referring to the mass shooting at the church here in Texas. I simply answered, “The lack of God in people’s lives.” We’re reaping exactly what we have sown. We’ve allowed liberals to corrupt our children (if they are murdered before they’re actually born) in our education system. Our children are taught that perversion is okay from the time they are in elementary school. By the time they get to high-school they’re being taught (indoctrinated) leftist, liberal ideals. They’re taught nothing about the truth about the founding of America. They are taught nothing about the strong part that Christianity played in its founding. When they get to college the colleges are literally filled with socialist and communist professors and the result is again, 40+% think that living under socialism or communism would be great. They have zero idea of the millions and millions of people massacred throughout the history of mankind under those systems of government. As morality has declined, immorality abounds, and it’s being manifested all around us in every facet of our lives. Communist leaders decades ago stated they would destroy America from within and folks we’re watching it happen.

But, suddenly a guy named Donald Trump unexpectedly gets elected President of the United States and the liberals … both on “the left” and those who claim to be on “the right” are very upset about it. This guy, despite his personal failures and character flaws, loves America and wants to genuinely put America and her citizens first. He actually wants to do things to protect the people of America and he’s a bad guy. He’s not “compassionate.” He’s “nationalist.” He’s anti-globalist. He’s against American tax payers paying for the world’s problems and he’s a bad guy for it. Folks, President Trump got in the way of Hillary Clinton carrying on the same anti-America policies of Barack Obama. He’s taking away some of the power of career politicians via cutting taxes. Politicians wield power over the American people via controlling America’s tax dollars and what’s it’s being spent on.

We spent eight long years enduring the actions of the most corrupt presidential “administration” in U.S. history under the fraud Barack Obama. We endured eight long years of seeing an equally corrupt media cover up his ignominious and nefarious actions … and in-actions in which a lot of innocent people lost their lives. After all is said, the media, the major media which has the most access to the most people is under-reporting, not reporting on important issues, are spending every waking hour thinking up misleading or out-right lies to present to the American people regarding what President Trump is doing. They attack him personally. They attack his wife and his family with disgusting and lewd commentary with such disrespect it’s sickening. They report with joy when a murderous dictator such as when the leader of North Korea calls our President an unsavory name instead of regarding the insult as exactly that … an insult. Hollywood comedians provide “entertainment” to their ignorant audiences in ways in which even the notion of doing such towards Obama would have instantly gotten them fired. Yet when their disgusting insults are directed against President Trump the simpletons they fill with their crap rejoice.

We can expect at least three more years of this b.s. from the media against the U.S. president. Like I said, they will leave nothing to chance this time around and they will not rest until they bring down President Trump or ensure some loony liberal Democrat is elected in 2020. I doubt that Hillary will get the nod again. I believe Joe Biden will though. He’s already getting moved more and more to the spotlight. As moronic as Biden is, the media is already building him up. We’ll see soon enough.

Why all the negativity towards President Trump? He wasn’t supposed to win the election.

October 24, 2017

I’m wondering if anyone is noticing (not that I’m special or anything) that the great majority of people within the Federal government, people in the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and every “alphabet” agency we can think of are corrupt?  I know how that sounds and as much as it pains me, I know that I’m right about that statement. Can we look at some things of interest (or that at one time were things of interest, but are now long forgotten … we’ve “moved on.”)? We’ll skip the assassination of JFK and the downing of American Airlines Flight 800, and the long trail of dead bodies of those whose association with the Clintons, the Bush family and the Obamas led to their premature exit from the land of the living. We’ll even skip the more recent “tragedy” of 9/11/2001 in which approximately 3,000 Americans lost their lives … you know the event in which three huge steel-frame buildings were completely destroyed by two airplanes … by guys who couldn’t fly airplanes, not to mention the destruction of a portion of the Pentagon in which no plane was found. Hey, no problem, sh#t happens right? Just as long as it doesn’t happen to us directly it’s all a-okay. Thank God not one person lost their job while four jumbo jets cruised U.S. airspace undetected for about an hour. Oh, and I won’t mention the plane that “crashed” in Pennsylvania and the “recovery” team couldn’t find anything larger than wouldn’t fit into a sandwich bag. Nah … Sh#t happens.

Whew, sorry it took so long to get past that stuff that we’re really not interested in any more.

I watch with great interest guys like Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz just embarrass the hell out of obvious liars during Congressional hearings. I mean these guys severely humiliate who ever they question. Trey Gowdy interviewed Eric Holder about the Fast and Furious thing, oh around five (5) years ago. Now, there are way too many videos of Eric Holder’s testimonies in which the lies pour forth like water plunging over the Horse Shoe Falls. I think that was the same Fast and Furious of which Barack Obama interjected “Executive Privilege” to cover Holder’s ass, even though Obama claimed to know nothing about the matter. I believe a federal judge stepped in and rejected Obama’s claim of “executive privilege” in the case. At any rate the Congress never did receive all the documents they requested from the DOJ, and no one was fired for supplying

Getting back to the corrupt folks in every entity of the U.S. government, I kind of wonder what exactly the purpose of all the Congressional hearings are for? I mean, Mr. Gowdy and Mr. Chaffetz (too bad he’s not running for Congress again) blister whoever they question. They catch them in a multitude of lies … yet nothing happens after that. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen blatantly  and openly lied to Congress and for some reason is still IRS Commissioner.

Lets see, this is October 23, 2017 … ten months into Donald Trump’s presidency and the Russian Collusion thing is … well … still the same b.s. as it was when it started, which was with Hillary’s loss to President Trump. That folks, wasn’t supposed to happen. That dear friends is how Robert Mueller has gotten appointed to “investigate” the matter. The only collusion with the Russians was with the Clintons and Barack Obama, among a few others. Suddenly the “Oh sh#t!” moment came and everyone from CNN, MSNBC, and every other major news outlet and the FBI, IRS, CIA, members of Congress, ex-Attorney Generals, etc. etc. were forced into COA mode. The Clinton Foundation had to shut down. I guess all those compassionate donors suddenly didn’t feel the compassion any more when Hillary lost.

Getting a bit off topic, but I wanted to throw this in before I forget about it or can’t find it again, check out THIS HEADLINE and story about the beautiful First Lady.  Believe it or not, I saved that link in ‘my favorites’ so I wouldn’t lose it. When I clicked on it … it was gone. I had to do a bit of searching to actually find the piece. Honestly folks, does anyone think for a second that Melania Trump is obsessed with Michelle Obama? I’m still scratching my head on that one because for the life of me I can’t think of anything Michelle Obama has, has had or will ever become that Melania would even give an envious thought to. but hey, the left gets more bizarre each and every day.

I saw THIS today and had to comment … this is what I had to say:

What I’m loving more than anything is the special place in hell reserved for all five of these traitors. I can’t figure out though whose spot will be the hottest as all are equally corrupt and have all betrayed the nation they swore to protect. Hmmmmmmm … I think it’s a toss-up between Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush and Obama. The trail of dead bodies they’re dragging behind them is beyond staggering. The funniest part (funny, as in odd) are the morons who think these guys are “presidential.” Put together they are the worst mass murderers probably in world history. What’s sad is the ease in which they sacrificed American lives and then put on their phony “mourning” looks at the events honoring the very people they’re responsible for killing. Ah yes, they are very much like the Pharisees that Jesus spoke about. They and their fathers killed the holy prophets and these guys (the Pharisees he was speaking to) set up memorials for them.
The ignorance of the American people honoring this assembly of some of the most wicked people on the planet if beyond stunning.
Isn’t it curious that G.W. Bush suffered eight long years of negativity from the press. Then eight long years of blame from Obama and company … and sat silently by like a good little moron and then Donald Trump upsets the ol’ global agenda being planned and executed for decades by every one of these weasels, and now he’s praised by the very same media and Barack Obama? Stunning indeed.
Not to worry “boys” … Hell is definitely coming and it ain’t going to be pretty … and there won’t be any media and morons fawning over your sorry a$$es. LOLOLOL!!!

Now, I’m sure there are going to be folks who will be offended at that and that I “shouldn’t judge” anyone, etc. etc. I’m not going to get off into the stuff that “yes, I have the right, yea, even the duty to judge righteous judgement” and on and on, because I have to stand in judgement just like these guys and I’m not exactly the poster-boy for Christianity and I hope and trust in God’s mercy towards me.

I can see I’m having difficulty staying on track here. I believe that’s why the media flood us with so much crap, being “all over the map” if you will, so I’ll go along with it.

Okay, I see where the Mueller ‘investigation’ is turning it’s attention to Clinton’s top aides.  Folks, is there anyone on the planet who believes for one second that Bill and Hillary Clinton will be prosecuted for anything? The private email server, the sharing of classified and top secret information to just about anyone with  eighth grade computer hacking skills, the ‘pay for play’ access to favors when she  was Secretary of State, to lying to the American people about Benghazi and calling the “gold star” families of those victims liars? (though calling them liars probably isn’t a crime unless you’re Donald Trump). James Comey admitted to composing her exhortation speech months  before he made it and didn’t even question any witnesses. And then we get Trey Gowdy badgering the hell out of Comey, Clinton, and a whole bunch of obvious liars, tearing them new a$$es … result … nada, zilch, nothing, zip, zero ….

The IRS targeting of conservative groups, think IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and man, you got one arrogant s.o.b. who knows he won’t be touched … and isn’t.

Right now we’re being inundated with the insensitivity of President Trump by the media and who is this lunatic … oh yeah, Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., who claimed to be present and on speaker phone while President Trump spoke with the widow of Army Sgt. La David T. Johnson and that she wanted to talk with President Trump. Folks, being on speaker phone allows all present parties to speak to each other at the same time. Now, I’ve never heard of this Representative from Florida but if I have a choice in believing this female saying that President Trump just said, “Hey, your husband knew what he signed up for. Tough break.” and President Trump’s side of the story … well … I don’t believe for a second President Trump is stupid enough to say something like that, or insensitive enough to say something like that knowing  this bitch has been calling for his impeachment from the beginning. So, I’m inclined to believe she is a liar.

I think what I’m having a lot of difficulty with is where this “White Nationalist or White Supremacy” stuff materialized from? I mean “racism” has been so overplayed and overused that it’s not sticking any more. Now, oddly enough, every white news-reporter, liberal politician, analyst, actor, etc. throws this White Supremacy thing around in place or in contemporary with “racism,” I suppose to give it more force …. or something.

Now we get into the latest, the insulting of “gold star” families by President Trump. Personally, I hate using anything written by SOOPERMEXICAN. He’s a stark-raving anti-Trumpster and his site throughout the campaigns was 100% negative against Donald Trump. “Racist,” “bigot” “liar” and all the other terminology spewed by the Never Trump crowd. However he does have an article in which he reminds us of the hypocrisy of Barack Obama and his use of Gold Star families for photo-ops against their will. CLICK RIGHT HERE for the piece and remember that Obama and Hillary actually created more “Gold Star” families than we can count.

The point to this rambling piece is something much bigger than what the media is throwing at us. Something much bigger than “White Supremacy” or “racism” or “climate change” or “immigration” or “Islamophobia” or “gun control” or “gay rights” and on and on and on.  I’ve always said to get a better picture of what God expects from us we need to get a view from a “higher perspective.” Or to grow spiritually to see things around us as maybe God sees them. I’ve used the example of walking out of the front door of my home and looking up and down the street on which I live. I can see from the end of the block to the other end … all the homes lined up, cars parked, kids playing, neighborhood cats milling around looking for a local bird bath in which easy prey might be available. If I climb up on the roof of my home, suddenly things appear different. I can see the same thing from a higher position and now I can see things I couldn’t from ground level. That’s what we’re dealing with right now. The media and global political forces are letting us see the things they want us to see. There are clues as to the nefarious and insidious workings therein evident by the continued bashing, ridicule, and demeaning of President Trump. Trump’s winning the White House upset the course set in motion spoken decades ago by people like Prescott and G.H.W. Bush among others of the New World Order. Things were going exceedingly smooth with Democrats and Republicans working hand in hand with the leaders of other nations, signing agreements and making pacts breaking down the barriers of sovereign nations until there is no national sovereignty, no borders, no distinguishable cultures. The utopia sought by those past-living presidents and other world leaders had a wrench thrown into the works by one President Donald J. Trump … the America first president. Granted the respite will be short-lived,  but it sure is great to see the left freak-out. Yeah, all this is coming to a head and the nations of the world will rise up against Israel. (America included)

There is a whole bunch of stuff I could mention and what I’ve written doesn’t even touch what we’re facing as we continue about living our little lives. All of us are of the same mind-set, that if  some tragedy or something unfortunate happens to us or our loved ones and we can continue to make a decent living and go to church and picnics and movies and look forward to the holiday season, spending time with our loved ones, then all is okay. For sure we can thank God that Donald Trump won the presidency and he has four years to undo a bunch of the crap Barack Obama shoved down our throats. Please just know this, even if you think what I’ve written is b.s. The media are lying to us each and every day about President Trump and his policies, his character and what his priorities are.

So for all those who think this is all just a “conspiracy theory” may I suggest studying the Bible and see what it says about it.  You can skip a lot of it … I suggest the Book of Revelation.

Have a great week friends!


Christians Kicked Out Of Coffee Shop By Boy-Bone Smoking Owner

October 8, 2017

And to think these perverts expect “tolerance” from anyone? I’m a peace-loving man, but this guy would have pushed me to the outer limits of restraint.

Warning: extremely graphic language and blasphemous content.

5% positive media coverage for President Trump = 5% too much

October 7, 2017

Well, the media hasn’t let up at all in it’s effort to divide the country and discourage Trump supporters. Frankly, I surely believe the negativity and out-right lies about the president is only securing his 2nd term, should he decide to run again. Hell, it takes a mass shooting to get the media to focus on something else besides Melania Trump wearing sunglasses after daylight to the President’s limo going through a yellow traffic light. Then that lasts only a day or so and it’s intermingled with more negative bullshit about the president. I stumbled across this article about a study by the Pew Research Center. The study involved 3,000 articles from 24 different news sources during President Trump’s first 100 days in office. Five (5) percent were positive. Rather stunning? Not according to certain lewd fellows of the baser sort … ie … liberals. That is five percent too many.

Anyway here’s some excerpts from the article

Via: The Epoch Times

Media Give Trump Most Negative Presidential Coverage in 25 Years
Only 5 percent of news reports are positive, according to Pew Research Center

Claims by President Donald Trump that media organizations primarily report negatively on him were proven true by new research by Pew Research Center.

An analysis of 3,000 stories during the first 100 days of his presidency across 24 different media organizations found that reporting on Trump has been the most negative compared to other presidents over the past 25 years.

The research shows that only 5 percent of media reporting during the period was positive. Sixty-two percent of the stories were negative, and 33 percent were neither positive nor negative.

By comparison, coverage of President Barack Obama during the same time period was 42 percent positive, and 20 percent negative. For President George W. Bush the number was 22 percent positive, and 28 percent negative. And for President Bill Clinton it was 27 percent positive, and 28 percent negative.

The study also revealed that most media coverage of Trump focused on his character traits rather than policy.

Only 31 percent of all stories published on Trump focused on policy issues, compared to 50 percent for Obama, 65 percent for Bush, and 58 percent for Clinton.

“The evaluations of President Trump were far more negative and less positive than those of his predecessors,” wrote the Pew Research Center.


And for those who want to drivel that this study was done by a right-wing publication of which only conservatives regard, click on the provided link for Pew Research Center and it breaks down all the sources in which the study was taken.

It’s pretty evident the major media is cemented in the liberal agenda and are simply the outlet of which the left and Democrats can manipulate public opinion on just about everything. The tried and true method of “lie, repeat and repeat and repeat until it becomes ‘truth'” is the modus  operandi of the Democrat Party via the major news media. This folks is why beyond any doubt the major media is the greatest threat to America we face and have been dealing with for literal decades. When you have better than 300 million people and a great majority watch the major news networks for information, and said information is slanted left, false, disparages the President, Christians, conservatives, and refuses to report on issues of vital importance to the public, then little wonder why there are so many liberals and or misinformed people in America right now. This is why the economic growth is over 3% right now … never achieved by Obama and company … but no one knows about it. This is why unemployment is at 4.2% right now but no one knows about it. All we know is Trump’s latest gaffs, what his wife is wearing and Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s opinions about Trump’s policies which naturally are dangerous and dark. You know, vetting immigrants from hostile Islamic countries and deporting illegals is dangerous for America. Protecting unborn children from being torn apart during late-term abortions is “dangerous” for women’s reproductive rights. Obama’s trading of five high-ranking Taliban members for one deserter plus a few pallet loads of cash as ransom is good. Providing 1/5 of the uranium in the U.S. to the Russians … good (probably just for microwave ovens, etc). Letting Iran stop inspections of their nuclear processing sites … good. Open borders … good. Releasing of illegal aliens with criminal backgrounds into American cities (Obama)… good. Stopping that (Trump)… bad. Racking up $10 TRILLION in national debt … (Obama) good. Cutting taxes for everyone (Trump) bad, especially those dastardly small business owners who employ tens of thousands of people … bad, bad, bad Donald Trump.

Have a great weekend folks.


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