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Clinton Cash Map

August 25, 2016

Clinton Cash Map … Thanks to


Click on the pdf link below to be able to zoom in on the map.



I was listening to Michael Savage this afternoon for a little while. He made some excellent points. There are a lot of people who refuse to vote for Trump because he’s a narcissist or they feel he’s arrogant. Those are among other character flaws who ever reads the major media stories and buys into their misinformation can come up with.

I’ve always felt like “so what?” Isn’t Barack the quintessential narcissist and the epitome of arrogant? For certain no one has died because of any decision Mr. Trump has made, ever. Can’t say the same for Hillary. Donald Trump didn’t leave four Americans to be murdered in Benghazi. Trump didn’t sell America’s ballistic missile secrets to China. Trump didn’t instigate a racial divide in America which has resulted in the murder of a multitude of law enforcement officers. Trump hasn’t accepted into America tens of thousands of potential Muslim terrorists. Trump didn’t create sanctuary cities for criminal illegal aliens to hide and commit murder and rape. Nothing Trump has done has jeopardized America’s national security. Trump didn’t pave the way for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Trump didn’t trade five senior Taliban members for one American traitor. Trump didn’t force your little girls to accept grown men in their restrooms. Trump didn’t pay $400 million dollars for a ransom to Iran. Trump didn’t facilitate the sale of one-fifth of America’s uranium supplies to the Russians. Trump hasn’t met with the Muslim Brotherhood on multiple occasions. Trump hasn’t accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from hostile Islamic nations and then claim to be a pillar for women’s rights. There isn’t a long list of dead people who had past associations with Donald Trump … like Hillary and Obama has. Trump was never accused of being a racist until he announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. I’ve never heard Trump gleefully exclaim “We came, we saw, he died” over anyone’s death like Hillary did regarding Gaddafi. Trump hasn’t globe-trotted meeting with world leaders and with each meeting the visited part of the world got much worse … think Hillary.

Michael Savage had more stuff, but those listed are a few that I could come up with off the top of my head.

Folks, there is no comparison between Hillary and Donald Trump. I’ll vote for an arrogant narcissist any day over a person who has spent a life time dragging utter corruption everywhere and who has zero regard for human life … and no regard for America.

Besides all that, Hillary is ugly, inside and out.

A question for Hillary

August 24, 2016

I’m still waiting for someone to ask Mrs. Clinton, “Madam Secretary, when you were appointed Secretary of State and confirmed, handling classified and Top Secret communications was a part of your job description. What means of communication did you set up to receive and transmit these confidential, national security issues if you didn’t send or receive any from your personal email server and you didn’t have one with the State Department?”


MUST READ: Bill and Hill’s Convention: Beyond Obscene … by Devvy Kidd

August 21, 2016

Its been a while since I visited Devvy Kidd’s website and I’m glad I did today. Devvy is one sharp lady!

I’ll put the first paragraph of an article here and then provide a link to the piece in it’s entirety. If you read only one article from now until the election, please read this one. You’ll have no doubt as to who to vote for in November.

By: Devvy
August 1, 2016

Painful as it was, I watched large segments of both conventions. I haven’t belonged to any political party since 1996 (I left the Republican Party that year) and have been to two Republican conventions; 1996 in San Diego and 2008 in Minneapolis/St. Paul. They are very carefully crafted, scripted events. Well, except for this year when ignorant supporters of communist crank, Bernie Sanders, went off the rails. Adding in corruption by the DNC to ensure Hildebeast Clinton got the coronation and the scramble was on to corral the herds. On the Republican side we watched citizen of no country, Ted Cruz, fry himself in hot oil after the equally foolish ‘Never Trump’ players stomped off the field after losing in their efforts to defeat Trump.

Okay, now CLICK RIGHT HERE. You’ll be taken to Devvy’s archive page. Click on “Bill and Hill’s Convention: Beyond Obscene, 8/1/16.”

Some of the stuff she points out I had forgotten about. Man, the landfill of corruption the Clintons drag around is stunning. What’s more stunning is the fact that people are working tirelessly to put her in the White House. That dear friends, we cannot allow to happen.


Focus On The Real Donald Trump

August 20, 2016

Here we go …

We’ve been suffering a continual barrage from the media, individuals liberal and faux conservatives alike how Donald Trump is a heartless, selfish man who is running for president only to get attention and to promote his “brand” whatever that is. We’ve been hearing from the media and intellectually challenged individuals how compassionate Hillary and Barack are in that they reflect the “values” of said media types and individuals. I couldn’t help but notice that Trump flew to Louisiana, handed out supplies and toys and comforted the folks, blacks and whites alike during their time of utter despair. The people of Louisiana are fighting for their lives and their property and who shows up to offer hope? The selfish Donald Trump. Now Barack hasn’t shown up, but has been updated continually on the situation in Louisiana. He’ll be visiting after his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. In the mean time he extended his hand of compassion by sending a 16 page memo to warn the officials there that he is watching them to make sure they don’t do anything to discriminate against minorities in meting out the assistance. Ah yes, the compassion and care demonstrated by Barack is … typical. Typical of the phony accusations Donald Trump suffers every day. If you want to know what a Democrat or liberal is, listen to what they accuse others of.

Hillary still can’t manage to find a pant-suit to fit in visiting a disaster occasion so she makes a phone call to the Governor of Louisiana (I think it was the governor) expressing how her “heart is breaking” for the people suffering there. Similar to her broken heart for the people of Haiti.

The media doesn’t seem to be focused on important stuff like the $400 million ransom paid to Iran by Obama in exchange for U.S. hostages and the lies Obama (Gasp! Obama lied!!???) fed the American people about it. They aren’t focused on the landfill of corruption which follows Hillary continuously. Nope, what’s more important to the media? A book regarding Trump’s alleged inability in “achieving and maintaining an erection.” Now that’s news! I mean do we really want a president who has a problem with his “doodle?” I’m not sure if I can vote for Trump after learning that. I know Bill Clinton didn’t have that problem and he was a great president!

Getting back to Trump’s visit to Louisiana. The Democrat governor of Louisiana suggested that Trump would use his visit for a ‘photo op’ but that he hoped Trump would “… consider volunteering or making a sizable donation to the LA Flood Relief Fund to help the victims of the storm.” Trump didn’t bother to call the governor, but showed up and distributed much needed aid packages and toys and encouraged and comforted the victims. Naturally the “non-biased” liberal press reported that the Louisiana governor told Obama that it would be better if he waited a week before visiting, just enough time for Obama to wrap up his vacation at Martha’s Vineyard and celebrate Bill Clinton’s birthday. How convenient for Barack. You have to give it to the Democrats. They sure know how to cover each others a$$es.

Folks, the people of Louisiana who are in the midst of utter destruction and devastation don’t need lectures about racism as offered by Obama and company. They don’t need Hillary to make a phone call to the disgusting Democrat governor of Louisiana telling him how her pathetic heart is breaking for the victims. I did find this little tid-bit (not actually reported by the major media, but hidden). Here’s what one of the flood victims had to say.


I humbly suggest ignoring the headlines about nude pictures of Trump’s wife and children. I suggest ignoring the stories about Trump’s studly shortcomings and how his manhood could be smaller than Hillary’s … er … Obama’s. I think it would be more beneficial to focus on who Trump really is.  HERE and HERE.



Crooked Hillary

August 15, 2016

When I got home today I fired up my laptop and went to Yahoo News. Several articles bashing Trump and one article about Hillary on how a bunch of major corporations are supporting her. Because her “values” represent theirs, whatever that means. Personally, I’d be ashamed if my values were anything close to hers.

It’s stunning that anyone can actually vote for Hillary Clinton. Okay, Trump is rude, crass, arrogant and brash. Not one person is dead as a result of any decision he’s made. Not one U.S. secret has been exposed because of his actions.  I can’t say the same for Hillary.

Again, are we going to allow Hillary to be “Commander-in-Chief” of the U.S. military? Are we going to give her ultimate control in appointing justices to the Supreme Court? How about you 2nd Amendment folks, do you want her continuing what Obama has been doing … only much worse?

Will we give her access to the U.S. Treasury, control over the Justice Department, and allow her to be the one we have to trust with the security of the United States? Geez, this female wouldn’t even bother to help her “friend” Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans fighting for their lives … she left them to die. And her boss Barack Obama was missing the entire time of the attack.

Yet there are a lot of sanctimonious, moral giants who in the interest of their own hypocrisy will sell out the United States because they don’t like Trump’s personality. Some claim, “He’s a fascist, and won’t follow the Constitution!”  The mental midgets who spout off such drivel try so hard to illustrate some advanced intellectual prowess and fail miserably.

Anyway watch this video and then tell me you’ll vote for Hillary Clinton …



CNN admits to being all in for Hillary

August 14, 2016

If, and I do mean if you’re wondering why the Trump campaign could be struggling at times, the following very short clip pretty much tells it all.

And then, the media staying in Trump bashing 24/7, we’ve got phony conservatives and sanctimonious Christians (phony … who can claim to be conservative and Christian and facilitate a Hillary presidency?) who continue attacking him relentlessly. Complete and utter foolishness. All they’re doing is illustrating the hypocritical world they live in. And they will be the first ones crying and blowing snot when, for example Hillary’s Supreme Court eliminates free speech for conservative news sources and even blogs. The Christians will be,  “Woe is us! Practicing our Christian faith has been ruled as ‘hate speech’ by Hillary’s Supreme Court! Let us bind together in prayer for deliverance …” sob, choke, sniffle.

I read / hear all the time from people who don’t know whether to wind their a$$ or scratch their watch … “I can’t vote for Trump … he’s a fascist dictator, who will do unconstitutional acts, just like Hillary!”

Stuff like that makes me slap my forehead in disgust. It’s just drivel from folks trying to illustrate their intellectual prowess and they don’t have a clue about what they are talking about or the ramifications of a Hillary presidency.

Those folks are the first ones who will get their panties in a wad over their 2nd Amendment rights being “infringed” on, and all the other infringements that will be rampant under Hillary Clinton.

Newsmax Cuts Dennis Michael Lynch For Defending Fox News

August 11, 2016

The Republicans and many phony conservatives are working overtime to defeat Donald Trump. Most of us know the media isn’t reporting the truth about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. They are “reporting” anything about Trump they can present as negative and anything they can about Hillary as positive, or they aren’t reporting anything at all about Hillary. It’s difficult even to twist her actions as anything positive. The following is the perfect example of what’s going on even in the generally accepted conservative media …

There are quite a few so-called “conservative” news outlets who continue to attack Donald Trump and are literally in the tank for a Hillary Clinton presidency. Red State, Newsmax to name a couple. Then their are radio talk show hosts such as Erick Erickson and Mark Levin who continually disgrace themselves with their blubbering and sniffling over Ted Cruz getting spanked by Donald Trump. Especially Erick Erickson who owns a blog, The Resurgent as well. The Resurgent and it’s contributors are the most unhinged, unethical, morally inept people posing as conservatives I’ve ever seen. Every article is nothing more than the same drivel presented to us by far-left news media outlets and quite honestly, even worse.

Well, it looks like Newsmax has forced out the only honest show host they had. I’m going to post a very short video showing how Newsmax cut Dennis Michael Lynch’s mic off and took him off air because they didn’t like what he was saying. Then I’ll put a link directing everyone to another video which will include the whole monologue of Mr. Lynch’s comments. Dennis Michael Lynch is / was the host of the show “Unfiltered.”

Here is the first video …

Click RIGHT HERE then scroll down to the next one to hear his entire comments. Thanks to Right Scoop for posting it.


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