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Lois Lerner’s “Smidgen of Corruption”

February 27, 2015

Following up on the “smidgen of corruption” ….

Via: Daily Surge
Here’s The Most Damning Lois Lerner Email Ever

An extremely suspicious and potentially incriminating Lois Lerner email has been uncovered, just as an IRS watchdog investigating the disappearance of Lerner’s emails testified to Congress that criminal activity could be afoot.

The recently revealed email in question came directly from the internal IRS email account of Lois Lerner, the disgraced former director of the IRS’ Exempt Organizations office who was at the center of a political witch hunt against conservative, religious, and Tea Party affiliated nonprofit organizations.

Sent in June, 2011, at the height of the IRS targeting controversy, Lerner’s email seems to be questioning the odds of the public believing that numerous IRS hard drives crashed within days of each other:



February 27, 2015

You know the religion of peace … the one which really isn’t a religion at all and has proven time and again since … oh … say the 6th or 7th century it is any but peaceful? It’s called Islam. The followers of Islam are known as Muslims. Muslim is not a race of people … it’s simply the name given to anyone who follows Islam, exactly like Christians are not a race of people. Christians are what people are called who follow the teachings of Christ. So, the next time someone infers “racism” when pointing out the nefarious deeds of Muslims, laugh in their face.

I noticed how the followers of the religion of peace hacked a blogger to death because he often spoke out against religious intolerance. This happened over in Bangladesh. The guy, Avijit Roy and his wife Rafida Ahmed we walking down a crowded street after visiting a book fair when a group of tolerant Muslims attacked them with meat cleavers, killing Mr. Roy and seriously injuring Ms. Ahmed.

HERE is the story. Geez, can we get through just one day … one hour, without some Muslim beheading, raping, burning, hacking to death some poor person who doesn’t believe in the nonsense they believe in?

I know, I know, not all Muslims are violent. Sad to say, the ones who aren’t are also on the list to be slaughtered by those who are.


I found this over at Liberal Logic 101

Good news! The Government “fixed” your internet.



Via: The Washington Times

Get this, the IRS is conducting a criminal investigation into how Lois G. Lerner’s emails disappeared, saying it took only two weeks for investigators to find hundreds of tapes the agency’s chief had told Congress were irretrievably destroyed.

Investigators have already scoured 744 backup tapes and gleaned 32,774 unique emails, but just two weeks ago they found an additional 424 tapes that could contain even more Lerner emails, Deputy Inspector General Timothy P. Camus told the House Oversight Committee in a rare late-night hearing meant to look into the status of the investigation.

“There is potential criminal activity,” Mr. Camus said.

Isn’t this the same “Not a smidgen of corruption” … as judged by Barack Obama, but now “There is potential criminal activity.”


I don’t know how many times this guy has to prove that he is a pathological liar. Yet we’re supposed to believe him when he talks about ISIS/ISIL and the threat they supposedly don’t pose to America?

We’re supposed to believe Mr. “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your plan.”  Mr. “average savings of $2,500 per family with Obamacare.”  Mr. “ISIS/ISIL has nothing to do with Islam.”

Uh, sorry Barack I don’t buy anything you say except that you’re going to fundamentally change the United States. I’ve been seeing her decline since the day you and your family started squatting in the White House.




Down Syndrome, Clinton Corruption, and Gun Control

February 26, 2015

I’m fixin’ to go to bed soon. I’m having a difficult time … trying to quit smoking. Dug a butt out of an ash bucket out back … Rina on my a$$. Sigh … yeah, I’m miserable right now, but I’ll get better.

I saw this piece over at

Mom Was Told She Should Abort Her Baby With Down Syndrome, Her Response Was Perfect

Two-year-old Gabe has Down Syndrome, but sometimes his mother, Sherry, forgets that her son has the genetic condition. Sherry explained more about Gabe on her blog, Hand Me Downs.

She writes, “Sometimes I forget that our son has Down syndrome. It’s easy to be distracted by his two-year-old tantrums, his mischievous smile and go getter attitude. Gabe is kind-hearted but stubborn. He immediately runs to check on sister when she is having a dramatic, I’m four and the world is over, meltdown. He will climb onto your lap randomly and stretch his little fingers up to stroke your cheek, just to say I love you.”

However, one day at a grocery store Sherry was reminded of the heartbreaking reality that some people don’t see Gabe the way she does. As she was checking out, her cashier whispered, “I bet you wish you had known before he came out. You know they have a test for that now…”

Please read the rest right HERE


And to think, Hillary could be the next president … Corruption personified … Clinton Foundation Did Not Disclose Donation While Hillary Was Secretary Of State


I’ve read time and again liberals writing that if “The government wanted to take our guns, it would have happened already.” You know, I appreciate that reasoning though folks who say those things do not know what it is to achieve something incrementally, a little at a time. The 2nd Amendment affords Americans the right to keep and bear arms … guns. And then some liberals will say we want to have the right to have RPGs, grenade launchers, tanks, atomic bombs etc. To them I say “No, we just want to have our pistols and rifles and ammunition for them.” Anyone paying even the most cursory attention know the Democrats desperately want to ban firearms. Well, that’s somewhat difficult because of the 2nd Amendment … thankfully. But it’s easy to see that Obama and company have been conspiring to infringe on our Constitutional rights. Obama signed a executive order to ban the 5.56 mm round in the U.S. …. the most popular round for the AR15. You see, Dianne Feinstein stated long ago that she wanted to “dry up” ammunition for existing firearms. So yeah, it would be nearly impossible for the ATF to go door to door gathering up guns and ammo … but banning and/or regulating the manufacture and sale of bullets will accomplish the mission. Regardless of the blather that the “big bad government is coming for our guns” … they are, slowly but surely.


Okay, I’ve got a lot more to write but I’m tired. Sandy wants some attention and I need to say good night to Rini, so that’s it for Steve tonight.



Of illegal alien criminals

February 26, 2015

Every time I hear a politician babbling “How can we tear apart families?”  referring to deporting illegal aliens who could be parents of those born here, it makes me sick. It’s typical of liberals and Democrats especially, to play on emotions to justify their propensity to break the law and/or do things which will harm the United States, but benefit themselves.

Let’s see … If a guy is married and has a couple of kids, and he decides to break into a neighbor’s home, should his family be “torn apart” by sending him to prison for breaking and entering?  My thinking is if you don’t want your family torn apart, don’t break the law. But of course when you have a lawless president and lawless administration behind you, breaking the law means nothing.

Conservatives sent Obama and company a strong message the past election, retaining control of the House and taking control of the Senate. I have to tell you though it appears Harry Reid is still running the Senate and Nancy Pelosi is still running the House. I think it’s about time to send some of the lying Republicans who promise us one thing then do another a message as well.


I noticed this little tid-bit <<<click there

Five young men “of color,” whom all could be sons of Obama,  invaded a home and repeatedly raped a white lady in front of her children.  Personally, I don’t think their lives matter one bit.




While Obama continues to violate his oath of office and trample the Constitution, his amnesty program seems to be working pretty well. His “Dreamers” are committing the crimes that most Americans won’t.  Testifying before an Oversight and Government Reform panel, one gentleman walked the panel through the tragedy of his son being murdered by one of Obama’s Dreamers …


Dad Whose Son Was Murdered By Illegal Immigrant Asks Congress: ‘Do Black Lives Really Matter?’

An African-American man whose son was murdered by an illegal immigrant had a question for Congress on Wednesday: “Do black lives really matter?”

Jamiel Shaw testified before an Oversight and Government Reform panel about the death of his son Jamiel Shaw II, who was killed by Pedro Espinoza, an illegal immigrant.

“My family’s peace and freedom were stolen by an illegal alien from Mexico,” he said. “He was brought here by his illegal alien parents and allowed to grow up as a wild animal.”

“Some people believe that if you are brought over by no fault of your own that it makes you a good person,” he continued. “They want us to believe that DREAM Act kids don’t murder. I am here to debunk that myth. Kids brought over the border by no fault of their own do kill Americans. How many American’s killed by illegal aliens are too many?”

Then, Shaw described how his son was murdered.

“He shot my son in the stomach and then in the head, killing him,” he said. “Do black lives really matter? Or does it matter only if you are shot by a white person or a while police man?”

HERE IS THE STORY OF THE MURDER   Mr. Pedro Espinoza had been released from prison shortly before he murdered Jamiel Shaw II.


Ann Coulter wrote a great piece describing just a few of the crimes committed by illegal aliens just the past couple of weeks.



Ms. Coulter’s last three paragraphs should bring liberals and conservatives together if in nothing else but the realization our politicians have duped us …

Lenin seized power from Russia’s provisional leader, Alexander Kerensky, in 1917, because Kerensky would not stop fighting wars. By promising peace, Lenin won such widespread support from exhausted Russians that the Bolsheviks were able to overthrow the government in less than a day.

That’s what a lot of Americans thought they were voting for last November. Couldn’t we please focus on Americans for a bit? Can’t a Republican Congress do anything to stop the surge of foreign criminals, viruses and parasites crossing our border? Will politicians ever stop gassing on about what’s happening 7,000 miles away and worry about us?

But politicians and the media only want to give us war, while aiding the enemy in the war we’re already in, here at home.



February 25, 2015

Well, here we go. Team Obama, along with some folks I’m sure will be benefitting of the action are on the brink of the government taking control of the internet. I know, I know, this is “net neutrality” keeping the internet free and open for all. Folks, I don’t go for that at all. The internet in America doesn’t need “fixing” so why is Obama and company looking to apply more government regulations? Surely not to control content or “speech” those in government don’t appreciate …

Well, naturally we, the people have no clue as this is very much like having Obamacare shoved down our throats … we don’t get to see it until it’s here. Anytime those in government won’t make a bill or laws available to the public know there is some nefarious stuff going on, and positive labels don’t mean anything.


I noticed the Democrats, Hillary Clinton in particular have made my point again. I always say if you want to know what a Democrat is just listen to what they accuse others of. It appears Hillary paid her female staff $.72 for every $1.00 paid to the men on her staff. So much for equal pay for equal work. Oh, by the way, there already is a law requiring equal pay for women, going back to 1963 … the Democrats don’t keep that one, just like all the other laws they break.


Now that the Republicans are pushing a partial shutdown for the Department of Homeland Security suddenly we’re in danger of attack according to Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. These are the same freaks who just a week or so ago claim Americans are “overplaying” the threat of terror groups attacking the U.S. homeland.

The way I get the partial shutdown of the D.H.S. is that non-essential personnel will go home for a short time … and this is aimed at defunding Obama’s amnesty for millions of illegals.


Oh that dastardly main-stream media. They just can’t help but fabricate, manipulate and withhold the truth from us.


Folks, I’m really so fed up with the lines of certified b.s. flowing from team Obama. Just last week I noticed articles which relayed the fact that millions of illegals will receive up to $24,000 from the IRS because they worked and paid taxes. Now we get this

 “To put it bluntly, the Department of Homeland Security was ready last week to begin taking the steps that would bring millions of people out of the shadows. These are individuals who have been in this country for a substantial period of time and have family connections inside the country. These are individuals who would begin paying taxes. These are individuals who would submit to a background check. So every day that goes by we have individuals who will continue to be in the shadows, who will continue to not pay taxes, and who will continue to not have gone undergone a background check which means that they could pose a threat to public safety.”

That’s from Mr. Ernest, Obama’s latest paid liar. Can you actually believe that 11 million illegals will submit to a background check? Where’s the information going to come from for these background checks. How can they continue not to pay taxes … when they are paying taxes according to the Democrats?

A History Lesson About True Islam

February 22, 2015

The following is a little history lesson on how burning and torturing Christians is routine for Muslims dedicated to Islam. And for the freaks who will say I’m attacking all Muslims … kiss my ass, because that’s not true at all.

Via: Raymond Ibrahim

Christians Burned Alive for Refusing Islam: The Story of Sidhom Bishay

As the world reacts with shock and horror at the recent immolation of a Jordanian pilot at the hands of the Islamic State, it is well to remember that this particular form of savagery has a long history in Islam and under the state.

The image to right is of Sidhom Bishay, a Coptic Christian sidhombishaywho was immolated in 1844 by local authorities for reportedly “insulting Muhammad,” the prophet of Islam. Today deemed a saint for his martyrdom — he was tortured and eventually immolated with burning tar for refusing to renounce Christ and convert to Islam — his face and body appear frozen in the same position he died in (he turned his head away from the pouring tar and his raised shoulders are indicative of the initial shock of feeling molten tar on his head).

A summary of Sidhom Bishay’s story follows (thanks to Michele A. for researching and translating):

Sometime in March 1844, Bishay was on his way to church located in the Damietta cemetery when a Muslim donkey-driver ran into him and started scolding the Copt for not knowing his “dhimmi” (inferior) status and giving the Muslim driver the right of way.  As crowds gathered around, the Muslim driver falsely accused the Christian of insulting Muhammad in order to “get even” with him for not “knowing his place.”**

Further incited by a local imam, the enraged mob  beat and kicked Bishay and dragged him along the street until his face was a bloody pulp.

A few days later, they brought him before Khalil Agha, the governor of the city.  In the presence of the judge,  Bishay was asked to abjure Christianity and embrace Islam under pain of death.  He refused and was condemned  to receive 500 lashes followed by execution (recall Sudan’s Meriam Ibrahim for a recent and similar sentencing). In front of the governor, Bishay was beaten with shoes and dragged across a staircase until his facial bones were crushed.

All the while the mob was shouting ” Kill him! Burn him!” According to a 19th century manuscript referring to the incident, that martyr for Christ experienced many tribulations before finally being smoldered to death in tar.

On the fourth day, his persecutors returned and stripped him naked, mocked him, and paraded him through the streets of town dressed in sheepskin. They covered his body with mud and  his head with a dirty cloth. Then they fastened cuts of meat with iron clips around his hips and tied two hungry dogs and a cat  to let them fight each other and bite at his flesh. After that, they made him ride a buffalo upside down. The crowd cheered as he crossed town as if he was an animal being led to slaughter.



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