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Haunted by Dreams of the Children They Aborted

July 21, 2014

My step-daughter just gave birth to a beautiful 7 pound baby girl this past Thursday morning. Your standard pro-abortion liberal would have been all for murdering the child even as she was being born. Letting her little head come out then jamming scissors into her little neck and severing her spinal chord.

Yep, I’ve had liberals come on here and write the sickest comments …  Here are a couple of comments from something I posted a little over a year ago when the mass murderer Kermit Gosnell was busted …

It seems to me that some of the anti-choice forces are exploiting such crimes in an attempt to reduce access to safe procedures by trying to get the safe clinics outlawed and shut down. In my mind that kind of sensationalism serves no constructive purpose whatsoever and may actually contribute to making life a lot less safe for women who need these kinds of services.



And oh by the way – – – Abortion is LEGAL in the United States and Christians are supposed to be law abiding – – so why don’t we just either abide by the law or work to get the laws changed? Seems kind of cut and dried to me.

Shortly after because of the callous and arrogant nature of those and other asinine comments, I blocked the dick-weed from commenting on this site again. I don’t mind having a reasonable dialogue with someone who disagrees with me, but smartassness to my readers tends to get folks bumped from this blog.

I stumbled across an article which reveals that some abortion practitioners have dreams about the babies they’ve murdered.  I know that there is no telling the number of potential scientists, intellects, doctors, maybe even presidents that never got the chance to be any of those … because someone murdered them in the womb.


Abortion Practitioners Are Haunted by Dreams of the Children They Aborted

I first heard of “abortion dreams” in university, in one of the first accounts of abortion I ever read. It was an essay published in a Norton anthology I had to purchase for one of my first university English courses, published in Harper’s Magazine in October 1990 by a nurse named Sallie Tisdale. It is called “We Do Abortions Here: A Nurse’s Story.” In it, she calls abortion a “sweet brutality,” and attempts to justify what she sees as a necessary evil:

But when I look in the basin, among the curdlike blood clots, I see an elfin thorax, attenuated, its pencilline ribs all in parallel rows with tiny knobs of spine rounding upwards. A translucent arm and hand swim beside. The girl asks to see it, sitting up. “It’s not allowed,” I told her sternly.

I have fetus dreams, we all do here: dreams of abortions one after the other; of buckets of blood splashed on the walls; trees full of crawling fetuses. I dreamed that two men grabbed me and began to drag me away. ‘Let’s do an abortion,’ they said with a sickening leer, and I began to scream, plunged into a vision of sucking, scraping pain, of being spread and torn by impartial instruments that do only what they are bidden.

I’ve had “fetus dreams,” and find it interesting that both an abortion clinic worker and a pro-lifer would instinctively refer to it as the same thing. Other pro-lifers, too, have admitted to me that some nights, after a long, hard day of activism, the realities we work so hard to reveal to the culture will not yet leave them to sleep. I remember one week in particular, when I was working with one of my colleagues to produce an abortion video for a campus debate with a late-term abortion provider. Wading through footage of chopped up children slithering out of the birth canal in a bizarre crescendo of blood is not conducive to a good night’s sleep.

And abortionists feel the same way. An old Mother Jones interview with notorious abortionist William Raushbaum reveals his struggles:

He was troubled by a recurring dream of a fetus trying to hold onto the walls of a uterus by its tiny fingernails. Raised to believe that abortion was wrong, he reasons, “What kind of dreams do you think you are going to have?”

It was not, one suspects, the moral compass of his youth that troubled his dreams. After all, the nightmare Raushbaum lived was horrifying to say the least:

The procedure is gruesome, as anyone who has seen it, including Rashbaum, will attest. One of his former interns remembers watching Rashbaum do a D&E on well-developed twins one hot summer day. He intently leaned in closely and methodically pulled piece after piece of the fetuses out of the mother’s uterus, ignoring the attending staff’s whispers of horror — “It’s twins. It’s twins” — to each other. The intern reacted violently, running home, throwing up, and asking herself, “Is this right?”




Dead Flies …

July 21, 2014

Folks, there used to be a TV show called Harrigan and Son. I remember the show mainly because of the catchy theme song … part of the lyrics I remember well:  (Harrigan) ” … it’s a name that a shame never has been conected with, Harrigan, that’s me!”

I’ve always thought that having a “good name is rather to be chosen than great riches” and indeed it was an honorable thing at one time to never have scandal or ‘shame’ conected to one’s name. Today, it’s no big deal anymore. It’s courageous to partake in unsavory acts or perversion. However that “courage” is only recognized by those of similar moral character.

Anyway the Bible says,  Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour.

That’s a relatively easy scripture to understand.  In other words it takes just a little corruption to tarnish the image of someone who has a reputation of being an honorable person. Politicians are held in high esteem, I suppse mostly in their own eyes. Never the less they are supposed to be honorable people, especially when it comes to the president. It seems the person currently occupying the Oval Office has quite an unsavory past. Even though he’s squatting in the White House with his motley “family” he just can’t seem too shake a lot of who he really is. Not only is his past rife with accusations of homosexual activity but his actions on behalf of forwarding gay and lesbian “rights” are quite telling. Now, a lot of the people who had first hand knowledge of Barack’s propensity for homosexual conduct have exited the land of the living, shall we say, “prematurally.”

I found this article and thought I’d share it with the folks who visit this humble blog.


Obama Caught In Gay Sex Act, Female Eyewitness Murdered!

An eyewitness who wrote in to internet blogger ‘The Ulsterman’, testified that she caught Obama, and another male, having gay sex at a convention center in Chicago shortly before Obama became a senator in 1996. The eyewitness, a journalism student and intern for a local Chicago newspaper at the time, has subsequently ’disappeared’, reportedly having been murdered.. The other male the witness observed in the Obama sex encounter, would also wind up dead, years after the fact.

The witness says the man with Obama ‘that night’ was choir director Donald Young.


Here is the woman’s testimony and two updates on the story from The Ulsterman.

I was an intern for a local Chicago newspaper and a college student working toward a journalism degree.  This happened before Barack Obama was president.  It happened a short time before he became a state senator in Illinois.  He was not the big name he would become just a few years later, but around Chicago he was a big enough name that I recognized who he was when I saw him.  His book had just been published and he had received some recognition locally for it, and I had actually seen him on campus a couple of times the year before.  He was an “up and comer”.

Anyways, I got the chance to attend this big dinner/party/celebration event downtown that had everybody who was anybody in Chicago at the time.  It was an event that took place just before the big Democratic Party convention.  The mayor was to give a talk and I was told to do a write up of the mayor’s comments and if possible, get a short interview.  (I did not get the interview)  I would figure about three or four hundred people were there.  Lots of money and power in the room.  As the night went on the drinking and noise levels both escalated.  I remember being a bit shocked to see these kind of people carrying on like they were, but it was also exciting to be around it.  I want to emphasize though that I was not drinking.  I was clear headed the entire night.  I saw what I saw.  I know what I know.

Just before I was going to leave, I ran into one of my professors and sat down to have a talk.  I remember being pretty excited that she actually remembered me, and even more excited that she seemed to want to ask me how I was doing and what not.  I also remember she did seem a little drunk.  We ended up sitting and talking for almost an hour and by the time she stood up to leave there were maybe just twenty or so people still hanging around.  Everyone else had left.

I decided to look for a bathroom before taking off myself and followed a sign that led me down a hall that had all the lights already turned off. There were about four doors to the left that were to conference rooms, with a sign on the right of the hall pointing further down to the bathrooms.   I was a little spooked because it was so dark but managed to find the bathroom.  When I came back out I noticed one of the doors to a conference room was about halfway open.  I had remembered that no doors had been open before and I got a little freaked out.  I hesitated because I was afraid to walk by the door.  That was when I heard the voices.  Or not so much voices but I heard sounds being made by a person or people.  I also smelled something that was odd.  Never smelled it before or since that night.  A heavy sweet smell that was filling up the hallway.  It was not marijuana or anything like that.  I was in college. I was plenty familiar with what marijuana smelled like.  Something different.  And as I stood there not quite sure what to do the smell seemed to go from sweet to kind of gross like rotting garbage.  It was weird.

I started to try and sneak past the open door so whoever was in there couldn’t hear me but I sure could hear them and that was when I realized the sounds coming out of that conference room were sexual.  I heard a male voice saying “Yeah,” again and again and then another sound from another male voice.  I realized then that there were at least two men in that room having sex with themselves or someone else I could not hear.  I was almost past the door when I heard a loud sniffing noise, and more of that weird smell coming from the room, and then one of the men yelled out the F-word.  And that’s when I tripped.  I tried to fall as quietly as I could but when my right hand hit the floor it kind of twisted under me and it really hurt. I cried out and then was trying to get up as fast as I could so I could keep heading down the hall.  I heard some scrambling from inside the dark conference room and then one of the men told the other one to shut up and be quiet.

And then the door opened behind me and I turned around and saw a young tall thin black man looking at me.  I recognized the face but wasn’t sure of the name right away, but was pretty sure he was someone important.  I told him I was just using the bathroom but knew I must have looked very embarrassed.  He just stared at me for what seemed like forever.  There was just enough light in that hall that I could see that his eyes were not really “right”.  I thought he was probably drunk.  Then his eyes seemed to suddenly clear up and become a lot more focused and he looked down at me and he gave a big smile.  He asked me if I was ok.  I looked down to his belt which was undone and I could see that his dress shirt was not tucked into his pants.  When I looked back up at his face the smile was long gone.  He looked really angry at me now.  He asked me again if I was ok but he said it in a way that really spooked me.  There was something in his voice that scared me.  Really bad.  And it was at that exact moment I finally recognized his face as the author and political candidate Barack Obama.  I was just about to turn and walk as fast as I could out of the hallway when the door opened wider and another black man’s face poked out.  He said, “What the F is going on B?”  The guy I now recognized as Obama stepped all the way out of the hall and closed the door behind him, leaving the other man inside the conference room.  He asked me again if I was all right. Now he was standing right over me.  He smiled again and I noticed one of his front teeth seemed to have a chip in it, or it was a lot shorter than the other one.  He must have had work done because the pictures of him today don’t show that.  I don’t know why I noticed that so much or why it has stuck with me but it has.  And his breath smelled really bad.  It made me want to gag it was so bad.  I told him I was fine and did a kind of half walk half run down the hall and  back into the main lobby.  I looked back right before I turned the corner and could make out Barack Obama still standing in the darkness of the hallway looking back at me.  It was very very creepy.

I didn’t really make much out of it.  I mentioned it in a joking way to some friends that I had interrupted some guys going at it in a conference room but never mentioned the name Obama when I did.  Then I forgot about it pretty much until I was watching the news and saw that Obama was running for U.S. Senator.  I figured whatever he was doing in his private life was his business though, and didn’t want to make any trouble for him.  I actually agreed with his politics and voted for him.  If he was gay or bisexual, I really could have cared less.  Whatever issues he had with that were between him and his family and none of my business right?  That’s how I felt.  So I forgot all about what I saw on that night again.  And I hardly thought of it when I heard Barack Obama was running for president.

That’s until I heard a news story coming from my television while I was making dinner.  A man had been murdered.  Shot numerous times at his home.  I glanced up at the television and there was the now dead man’s face being shown.  He looked older.  Heavier.  His hair was longer.  But it was him.  That was the same face that I had seen poke out from the conference room with Barack Obama about ten years earlier.  The news report said he was a church choir conductor and school teacher.  They didn’t mention it was the same church as Barack Obama.  I found that out a short time later.  Then I learned that another gay man from Obama’s church had been murdered about a month before.  That is when I started to really freak out.  I kept my mouth shut and didn’t say a word about what I had seen.  Then I started to feel like I was being watched.  I would see a car parked outside my apartment that wasn’t any of my neighbors.  One time I caught a man staring at me from across the street as I was getting my mail.  I worried I was losing my mind from way too much paranoia. 


Dead agents on the Texas border in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2….

July 21, 2014

Originally posted on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar - OH!:

Won’t be long now.  And we will cry, and we will howl, and we will be outraged – and we won’t do a damn thing about it.  

America is so well trained to just accept this s*it, we just roll on our backs, feet in the air.  NSA, IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious……

A dozen people in my city of half a million showed up for the border protests this weekend.  One dozen who give a damn about diseases and drugs and the homeless already in America.

The War For America is done and America has lost and we have no one to blame but ourselves because we just stood by and let it happen.

From Doug Ross JournalBORDER PATROL: “We need help!”; Cartels lay down .50-cal suppressing fire to help illegals invade U.S.

The border is completely safe. So say President Barack Obama, Representative Nancy Pelosi…

View original 219 more words

Steve’s Sunday Afternoon Rant … Illegals and team Obama

July 20, 2014

Good Sunday morning folks (I started this in the a.m.). I read on some liberal site that Obama needs $3.7 billion to “expedite” the deportation of the many thousands of illegal immigrants flooding the U.S. border. Of course we know Barack has no intentions of deporting all of these people. Oh, I read where 40 illegals were deported to Central America a week or so ago. Immediately liberals jumped on that as the proof that Obama actually is deporting all these illegals. 40. Forty. Out of how many?  300,000 … since April? Gawd I hate ignorance and stupidity, yet if anyone needs a dose of it just visit a liberal web site, but I digress.

I noticed that the TSA is now not only allowing illegals to board commercial flights without proper ID but they are allowed to by-pass security check points … to “expedite” the transfer to cities around the United States. Oddly enough, my little wife Rini had to go through a security check when she left for Alaska last Friday. Well, I guess we don’t have to worry about someone sneaking a bomb on board if their just being relocated in America. I’m sure they don’t want to kill themselves before they get to their tax-payer funded homes.


Really though, there is something else I wanted to write about for what it’s worth. I’m so tired of liberals praising the phony “accomplishments” of Obama. Anyone with an IQ greater than their waist size knows this guy has practically single-handedly bankrupted the United States and has put the nation in eminent danger. I think what pisses me off the most about liberals is they’ll take scandals in which Americans have died and because of perpetual stonewalling, lying and delays by Obama’s team of weasels it’s difficult for investigators to get to the truth of the matter, will mock conservatives saying stuff like … “Sooo what happened to Benghazi? I haven’t heard a thing lately. I guess “righty” has given up because there’s nothing there!” And other asinine crap that’s the modus operandi of the left. But I don’t let that get under my skin too much. I know liberals are more interested in eating their little rainbow burgers. As long as they think others are paying for their stuff it’s all good for them. Hey, give a liberal a rainbow burger and tickets to Man’s Country  (which I heard Obama and Holder are life members) and they’re happy.

The thing with Obama and company is they have flooded their time in power with so many scandalous things we can’t keep up with them. One scandal will come under investigation and before the investigators can get started, another one comes up. And again and again and again.

We could start with Eric Holder dropping the case of voter intimidation against the New Black Panthers. That in itself told us all we needed to know about Obama and the people he has working on his behalf.

Barack Obama gives good speeches. He reads the teleprompter well. However his actions do not fit his rhetoric and that in itself makes him a liar. Barack Obama’s years of squatting in the White House has been plagued with scandal after scandal and blatant waste of taxpayers money on endless parties and entertainment for the Obama family.

Everything from his bribing of Joe Sestak back in 2010 to Obama paying off automotive butt buddies with tax payers money. And then there’s Gen. William Shelton’s testimony that team Obama tried to pressure him to change his testimony about a wireless project being granted to an Obama donor which would interfere with the military’s sensitive Global Positioning Satellite capabilities.

Then we could look at Solyndra … half a billion dollars to a company going bankrupt.

And then we have Operation Fast and Furious.  Over 150 Mexican law enforcement officials killed as a result of Fast and Furious.  As have nearly 1,000 Mexican civilians, at least one U.S. Border Agent, and who knows how many other humans on both sides of the border who have yet to be accounted for.  And there are still over 1,000 weapons on the loose.  Hey, nothing to see with that one.

Usually around election time is when we’ll have a bunch of new “incidents” and all will be to make Obama appear to be a capable president.  The phony Bin Laden raid. No one saw the body. It was dumped in the sea. The Navy SEALs involved were all murdered. Those who happened to escape the ambush in the helicopter realize the same is in store for them if they open their yaps.

The Benghazi massacre. Obama sat on his faggot ass and was most likely smoking crack with the first bitch or is it butch … dunno … while good people were being slaughtered. Not to let a few bumps in the road get him down, Barack leaves for Las Vegas to fund raise before the smoke clears in Benghazi. Before investigators can even get rolling on Benghazi we find out the IRS had been unleashed on conservative groups hampering their ability to raise money for Barack’s opposition. Naturally the relevant information just happened to get lost and destroyed.

I’m not in the mood to rehash a lot of the crap which team Obama has been involved in as it’s way too time consuming and depressing. The bottom line is, when Obama gets his ass in a crack his team will think of something to run interference.

Now, we have “immigration reform” literally shoved down our throats. Just a couple months ago this was not even an important issue at all for your regular American citizen. Hmmm … team Obama then floods the country with tens of thousands of illegals and voila … we have to do fix our “broken immigration” system.

Yep, this is my Sunday afternoon rant and I’ll close this thing off with … I take great satisfaction that soon Barack and Michelle Obama will be moving out of our beloved White House. It will take some extra taxpayer’s money to clean the place up after having them occupying it for eight years. But I won’t hesitate to chip in some extra money for Lysol and cleaning supplies just as long as I know they are gone. I also take great satisfaction in knowing that Obama and company will not be around to enjoy the destruction of America that they have perpetrated.

The United States is much bigger than one punk-ass Chicago/Kenyan thug and his team of perverts.

MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Fooled By Howard Stern

July 18, 2014

If you ever go to a liberal blog and check out the blog roll in most cases you’ll see MSNBC as one of the sites they will link to for “factual confirmation” of their ignorant bliss. Here is a classic demonstration of just how ridiculous and  laughable these folks really are …

She’s beautiful! Meet Madilyn Mae!

July 17, 2014

7 lbs. of pure joy!!!

Madilyn Mae …


My grandbaby! Rini will be flying to Alaska tomorrow to see the precious one!

maddy 2~~~

maddy 3


295 killed in plane crash … Obama: “it may be a terrible tragedy. Man, I’m hungry!”

July 17, 2014

Lets see, 295 people die in a plane crash and Barack Obama says …  “It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy.”  (click on  the link and see how the media still covers Obama’s goat-smelling ass)

It’s just too stunning to even comment on the ass-hole-in-chief’s wording. It’s not surprising though …

Via:  excerpts from this article

… Obama attended a political fundraiser in Las Vegas the day after the deadly Benghazi terrorist attacks, did the same immediately after delivering a eulogy for the Fort Hood victims, raised a toast to “happy hour with the Democratic Party” minutes after issuing a statement on Russia’s invasion of Crimea, golfed through the shutdown crisis, and led a conga line through the White House for at his lavish birthday party in the midst of major economic upheaval, just hours before Standard & Poors downgraded the United States’ credit rating for the first time in history. I’ll leave you with the punch line from today:

Of course. RT @markknoller: AF-1 wheels up from Delaware. Pres Obama en route to NYC for two Dem fundraisers. Both closed to press coverage.


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