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Look for it soon.

December 10, 2014

I’m going to put together a little video acknowledging my readers and blog friends and that’s gonna be it. look for it soon.

Black Woman: Michael Brown’s Actions Led To His Own Death

December 10, 2014

And now for all the race-pimps and little fairies on the left … this black lady with more sense in her little finger than your typical liberal, speaks out the truth of why the punk-ass Michael Brown got his sh#t blown away. Uh … hey liberals, is she a racist?

Scroll down to the comments on the Clash Daily link and see what real Americans say about this very short video.

So sleep deprivation is ‘torture?’ Give me a break!

December 10, 2014

As I  read the disclosure by Dianne Feinstein about the ‘enhanced  interrogation techniques’ allegedly used by the CIA on known terrorists I’m disgusted that, even if some of the report is true that she and the Democrats would broadcast these things to the entire world. To what end is a question I have and why? I’m so sick of Obama, the Democrats and America hating liberals disgracing the United States with their petty gripes. It’s remarkable to me that the sleep deprivation and other relatively modest interrogation techniques used by the CIA are labeled as “torture” by these freaks seeking nothing more than to inflame our enemies and to distract against the current lies and scandals which have been the real signature accomplishments of Barack Obama and his merry band of perverts. America has thousands of men and women serving in the military in some of the worst hell-holes on earth who are sleep deprived, without showers and decent food. Maybe the left should show a little concern for those folks instead of bitching about the benign treatment towards those sworn to slaughter Americans.

The phony indignation of the left is stunningly obvious and typical of those who think that being nice to those sworn to our demise is the way win them over.

Via: Gatestone Institute  (excerpts)

Raping and Beheading the Faithful

A Christian man in Syria recently had his head brutally hacked off by Islamic militants after being forced to deny his faith and salute Mohammed as “the messenger of God”.

The incident was caught on video for the world to see and broadcast as a warning to “everyone like him”.

In the video that was posted to YouTube with translated captions, the helpless Christian man is surrounded by armed militants wearing masks and he is heard reciting as instructed: “There is no God but God and I testify that Mohammed is the messenger of God.”

An apparent leader in the group of militants is then heard instructing the group: “No one will shoot him now, do you understand? He will not be killed by shooting because it is merciful for him.”

“He will be beheaded because he is Kaffir, non-Muslim, sided [with] the government and was not praying at all. Everyone like him will have the same end, beheading,” said the militant.

A militant armed with a machete then grabs the defenseless man by the hair and begins to cut his head from his body as the group cries “Allahu Akbar… there is no God but God.”


In Nigeria, the Islamic group Boko Haram, which seeks to enforce Islamic law over the whole African nation, beheaded a six-year-old boy, because he was Christian. During Sunday church services, over 100 Islamic militants descended upon Attagara, a Christian-majority village. With machetes and machine guns, they slaughtered men, women, and children.

According to Christian Today, “One villager, Sawaltha Wandala, was arriving at church for the second service when he saw children being massacred. One six-year-old boy had been slashed and thrown into a ditch, but he was alive. Wandala picked him up and was carrying him to a hospital in Cameroon, when he was stopped by five of the militants. The men reportedly took the child from Wandala’s arms and beheaded him, then began beating the 55-year-old with tree branches. After striking him in the head with a rock, they left him for dead.”

Another Christian man, John Yakuba, was told by Boko Haram members, “You must convert to Islam or else you will die a painful death.”

When Yakuba refused to denounce Christ, they tied his arms and legs to a tree, and hacked his hands with a knife.

“Can you become a Muslim now?” the militants asked.

“You can kill my body, but not my soul,” Yakuba cried out.

The men continued to cut his feet and back with a machete and knife to torture him.

“We will show you,” they said.

Yakuba’s head was slashed, and an axe was driven into his knee, reaching the bone.

He lost consciousness and was left tied to the tree for three days before someone found him, after which he was taken to the hospital in a coma.


Maybe Ms. Feinstein should go to Nigeria or Syria and have a little ‘sit-down’ discussion with some of the good folks mentioned above and get back to us (if she still has her ugly head, they might be doing her a favor though by removing it) on what “torture” really is.

I’d foot the bill for air fare for some of these Gay Pride Whopper eating liberals to do the same.

Barack Obama had this to say,  “These techniques did significant damage to America’s standing in the world and made it harder to pursue our interests with allies and partners.”

I take issue with your statement Barack. You and your anti-America policies have done significant damage to American’s standing in the world. Your policy of releasing national security secrets to our enemies is nothing short of treason and I can’t wait until you’re prosecuted and jailed for your crimes against America and her citizens.



Federal autopsy reveal same facts as original two concerning Michael Brown’s death

December 9, 2014

 So, the Federal autopsy performed on Michael Brown produced the same results of the first two.  According to this storyMany of the documents contained information that was similar or identical to the materials that McCulloch released on Nov. 24 …. 

Michael Brown did assault the cop. He did attempt to get control of the cop’s gun. He didn’t have his hands raised in surrender. He did charge the officer and he wasn’t shot in the back.  That’s sad, but facts are never good or bad … they are simply facts. The only ‘bad’ part about the facts in this case is the race-baiters are scrambling to hold on to the racial divide which has been working well for them. 

Yet Eric Holder still is looking for some way to indict the police officer because he’s white. 

I read today where some liberal claimed Michael Brown was just another victim of a “trigger-happy” white police officer, and that Mr. Brown was “more or less” minding his own business.  Another statement equally as ignorant is white cops get a little “hair-triggery”  (sic)  when citizens may not be “conducting themselves in a model fashion.” 

I would say, “what a waste of brain power” but there’s obviously no “brain” involved with such asinine statements.  

Click HERE to read the story and scroll down to the comments to read the public’s view.


Barack and Michelle’s “timeless romance story”

December 9, 2014

Holy moly!  Someone in Hollywood is  producing a movie about Barack and Michelle’s first date and timeless love story. I doubt the film will be a blockbuster hit. I think it would be based on a true story if it was about Barack being in love with himself …


Obama Romance Movie In Works – Who Will Play Young Barack?

EXCLUSIVE: The White House legend that is Barack and Michelle Obama’s romance is heading to the screen. Southside With You, a drama in the vein of Before Sunrise, chronicles the summer 1989 afternoon when the future President of the United States of America wooed his future First Lady on an epic first date across Chicago’s South Side. Get On Up’s Tika Sumpter will play Michelle Obama (née Robinson), while the search is on to cast the young Barack.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the article sure to make one gag …

“I took her to this new movie that everybody was talking about, directed by a guy that not that many people had heard of, but it was supposed to be pretty good,” Obama recalled during the film’s 25th anniversary celebration this summer. The site of the Obamas’ first kiss – curbside, outside a Baskin-Robbins in Chicago’s Hyde Park – was commemorated with a city plaque in 2012.

“Stephanie and I are excited to produce this smart and timeless film that sheds light on one of the great love stories of our time …”

So, there’s a city plaque where allegedly Barack and Michelle first kissed??? “One of the great love stories of our time???”

Give me a break!  The lives of Barack and Michelle are nothing short of fraud and staged every step of the way.  I’m still wondering who’s been playing their children at the White House.

The best part of the article is in the comments section. Click on the following link, scroll down to the comments and the first thing you’ll notice is the popularity of Michelle and Barack.


A message for liberal writers … pull your heads out of your a$$es

December 8, 2014

I read an article last week at the far-left loony rag Addicting Info. Man-o-man! That is the most hate-filled p.o.s. web-site I’ve ever seen. Nothing but certified b.s. misrepresentations and out right lies against anything decent and good, and nothing but praise for anti-America, anti-God, anti-Christian entities.

The article I looked back up this morning is The Pope Has A Message For Christian Fundamentalists: You’re No Better Than ISIS.   Now even a cursory read of the article will reveal that the Pope made no such statement and or comparison. According to the actual article to deflect condemnation of the atrocities of Muslims against innocent people, the Pope said, “You just can’t say that, just as you can’t say that all Christians are fundamentalists. We have our share of them (fundamentalists). All religions have these little groups.”

The misrepresentation by the author regarding what the Pope actually said is typical of this hate rag. The more stunning parts of the article is how the author tries to make the following fictitious incidents seem worse than the beheadings and massacres being committed word-wide by Muslims. Here’s a few of those things highlighted …

“Christian and Muslim fundamentalists have far more in common with each other than the rest of us.”

Was it US Muslims or Christians that lobbied against legislation outlawing spousal rape? Answer: Christians.

Was it Muslims or Christians that used the state’s legal system to allow corporations to remove female workers’ control over their own reproductive health?  Answer: Christians.

Was it a Christian or Muslim legislator who argued a woman could only get pregnant through consensual sex?  Answer: The US Republican Party.

Was it a Christian or Muslim fundamentalist news channel  that put women on air to advise other women not to vote? Answer: Christian.

Ok, so maybe there’s a parallel with women…but then there’s the violence. Christian fundamentalists aren’t terrorists are they? Answer: Yes they are.

According to the author, the Republican Party is a Christian fundamentalist political party. Fox News is a Christian fundamentalist news organization. The Supreme Court (think Obama-care) is dominated by Christian fundamentalists. The “spousal rape” thing was “lobbied against” by Christians … but it was only one guy who argued against the thing.

Also the author claims that White Supremacists are “Christian fundamentalists.”

Ah yes, to inhabit the mind of a liberal has to be sheer torment!

HERE is a link to the article.

The author lists a few violent acts, claiming they were committed by Christian fundamentalists, and that those are acts of terror worse than anything that Muslims have done in the U.S.

Well, if you can buy into that, you need help.

Compare any of the above with just a bit of THIS and get back to me. Bottom line, the Pope didn’t send a message to Christians, and the good folks over at Addicting wouldn’t know a Christian fundamentalist if they actually met one.


Hillary: Let’s empathize with the perspective and point of view of our enemies

December 5, 2014



The above video is of Hillary Clinton giving a speech at Georgetown University in which she said,  Smart Power is … “leaving no one on the sidelines, showing respect even for one’s enemies, trying to understand and insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.”


And this bitch wants to be president? Well Mrs. Clinton, why don’t you “empathize” with these guy’s perspective and point of view …


Better yet, maybe you can have a sit-down discussion with the guys in THIS VIDEO.  (H/T: Bare Naked Islam)

I’m wondering if Nick Berg would agree with Hillary? Or Daniel Pearl?

Or James Foley?  Perhaps the 3,000  Americans murdered on 9/11/2001?  Or maybe Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the three other Americans at Benghazi?

Isn’t it treason to give comfort and aid to the enemy?

Mrs. Clinton, you go ahead and empathize with the enemies of America. Real Americans will fight to destroy the freaks.



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