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Major media continues covering Obama’s a$$

February 27, 2013

While the 4th branch of Obama’s government, the major media inundates us with Obama’s lies you can always count on the truth being somewhat much different. Obama surrounds himself with pathetic props and stooges (probably selling his presence to them for $1,000) spewing crap that no rational person would believe, playing on the emotions of the truly ignorant. He continues to blame everyone for any and all  negative results of his policies while he hide vacationing and playing golf or going off on little private getaways with people like Reggie Love.

With the so-called “sequester” looming Barack hasn’t let up crying that these cuts in spending will starve children, weaken national security, ground airplanes, send hundreds of thousands of government workers to the unemployment lines and cause border patrol agents to work fewer hours, thus weakening our immigration programs. He demonstrated this last point by releasing thousands of illegal aliens from jail, blaming the potential sequester and then blaming ICE and as usual claim to not even know about it. (according to Obama he had no knowledge of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Solyndra, shovel ready jobs weren’t quite shovel ready, the economy was worse than he thought and now this. Wow, now that is one engaged “commander-in-chief”)

But alas! We find out that Mr. Obama himself has the authority to determine which, if any cuts gets applied to which or any program … so if any poor kids go hungry, if thousands of government employees get laid off, etc. it will be, like it always has been, Obama’s doing.  But rest assured he won’t cut funding to study the habits of goldfish


Media Ignore: ‘Obama Can Choose Where Sequester Cuts Fall’

Over at White House Dossier this morning, Keith Koffler points out an inconvenient fact that completely undermines the Narrative Propaganda currently emanating from the White House and its media about the dire, world-ending, economy-crashing, dangerous sequester cuts.

Uhm, yeah, except Obama has the authority to choose what is and is not cut:

President Obama has far more latitude than he is letting on to choose the cuts he wants if the sequester kicks in, and he can avoid many of the cataclysmic results that he has been warning about over the past week, according to the Wall Street Journal. …

What’s more, Republicans are prepared to give Obama more authority to make good choices.

Meanwhile, Obama surrounds himself with the very same first responders and teachers he intends to lay off in order to win a crisis he manufactured. After all, sequester is a law Obama proposed, saw passed, and signed in to law.

And as the media rolls over and intentionally lets Obama get away with his lies and falsehoods, this very same media is all confused over why Obama dismisses them as low-level stenographers.


Cartoon by: Glenn McCoy

glenn mccoy

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6 Comments leave one →
  1. AFVet permalink
    February 27, 2013 3:25 pm

    Isn’t it fascinating to watch little Barry destroy himself ?
    I find it extremely entertaining.
    Aside from the fact that his policies will destroy the Country unless the congress retrains him, this is the best soap opera that I can imagine.
    Too bad the congress is afraid of him, or, maybe not now.
    Bullies have always been afraid of mobs.
    I think that Obama is going to get an education pretty soon.

    • February 27, 2013 3:39 pm

      The only major problem we have is there are a lot of people that fall for Obama’s b.s. He can lie, get caught, lie again, get caught … then blame someone else and his worshippers just continue on like nothing happened.

    • AFVet permalink
      February 28, 2013 1:00 pm

      Until it happens to them. ;)

  2. Dixie permalink
    February 27, 2013 5:02 pm

    You are absolutely right. This man is the Blame Master. If he were ceo of any business he would have been fired a very long time ago. But as we all know, the very wealthy and the unions paid for him to be in office and they do benefit. Then I just saw a thing online here in California where federal and state funding will be stopped if organizations such as the Boy Scouts don’t allow gay people to join and be in charge! This country doesn’t have a leader. This man is mentally disturbed truly. He is like a sociopath by definition.

  3. February 27, 2013 6:58 pm

    The world will always have tyrants but I just don’t understand the American public buying into so much bull that is literally going to sink this country. Thomas Sowell made a statement that really hit the nail on the head concerning Obama. He said, ” It is so easy to be wrong- and to persist in being wrong, when the costs of being wrong are paid by others!” Can I hear an “amen”?

    • AFVet permalink
      February 28, 2013 1:02 pm

      AMEN !!!!

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