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America’s Most Miserable Cities … All Run By Liberals

February 23, 2013

Forbes has put out a list of the most miserable cities in which to live in America. Not surprising, all are liberal or overwhelmingly Democrat voting cities. Detroit topped the list as the #1 most miserable city to live in.

Most Miserable U.S. Cities Are Surprisingly All Liberal Cities

Hat Tip and thanks:  Stop The ACLU

Economist Arthur Okun developed the original Misery Index in the 1960s. It combines unemployment and inflation (and was 10.2 last year nationally, down from an 18-year high of 12.1 in 2011).

Our look at misery is more localized, and includes unemployment, as well as other things that aggravate people.

This year we examined nine factors for the 200 largest metro areas in the U.S. The metrics include the serious: violent crime, unemployment, foreclosures, taxes (income and property) and home prices. We also include less weighty, but still important quality-of-life issues like commute times and weather.

We tweaked the methodology in this year’s list in response to feedback from readers, dropping our rankings of both pro sports team success and political corruption, since both were based on regional, rather than city-specific data. We also added a new measure—net migration—which we see as a clear gauge of whether or not residents feel a community is worth living in. Detroit, which ranked No. 2 last year, also would have finished No. 1 under the previous methodology (click here for more details about the criteria for the list).

And how’d that turn out?

  1. Detroit, MI
  2. Flint, MI
  3. Rockford, IL
  4. Chicago, IL
  5. Modesto, CA
  6. Vallejo, CA
  7. Warren, MI
  8. Stockton, CA
  9. Lake County, IL
  10. New York, NY
  11. Toledo, Ohio
  12. St. Louis, Mo.
  13. Camden, NJ
  14. Milwaukee, Wisc
  15. Atlantic City, NJ
  16. Atlanta, Ga.
  17. Cleveland, Oh
  18. Poughkeepsie, NY
  19. Gary, Ind
  20. Youngstown, Oh

Every single one of those cities votes overwhelmingly for Democrats. You’re saying “woah, woah, Teach, Atlanta and St. Louis are in states that vote Republican. That means you are a complete and utter liar, and how dare you make this whole story up!!!!1!!!” Ah, but Atlanta is mostly in Fulton County, which voted 64-34% for Obama over Romney. DeKalb County, which includes a tiny bit of Atlanta, voted even higher for Obama over Romney.

The city of St. Louis, considered independent of a county, voted 82.7-16% for Obama.

Every single one of these cities is a recipient of massive liberal/Democrat policies and governance. Their citizens are overwhelmingly liberal. The funny (not ha-ha) part is that liberals are abandoning these cities in droves (those that can escape), which is one of the article measurements. And where do they tend to move? Areas that aren’t practicing far left policies and ideas, then these, let’s call them…..a**holes, bring the same Leftists ideas which destroyed the cities they’ve abandoned to other cities.

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  1. February 23, 2013 12:15 pm

    I see that ranking number 20, Youngstown, is my city. It has been a liberal town for as long as I have lived. We have high crime, low employment and overwhelming support for Obama. Is it any wonder that we rank high on the list as one of the most miserable cities?


    • February 23, 2013 7:13 pm

      I see that ranking number 20, Youngstown, is my city. It has been a liberal town for as long as I have lived. We have high crime, low employment and overwhelming support for Obama. Is it any wonder that we rank high on the list as one of the most miserable cities?

      One question and I think it is a fair question: “If it is that bad, why choose to continue living there?”


    • February 23, 2013 11:16 pm

      You got the money to give me to move, John? Maybe I’ll move by you.


    • February 24, 2013 8:08 am

      Why do people live in Siberia?


    • February 24, 2013 8:20 am

      Good point!
      I guess some people prefer misery and somehow cannot muster enough of that good old right wing self reliance to improve their situation.


    • The MAD Jewess permalink
      February 24, 2013 12:48 pm

      it is the LIBERAL LEFT that are the fascists. Taking our guns, censoring the net. Ya all are BULLIES


    • Anya permalink
      April 24, 2013 8:30 pm

      People live in Siberia because it is where the government forced them to live and now their families and lives are there. It is a region filled with unbelievably warm and welcoming people of higher than average intellect.


  2. The MAD Jewess permalink
    February 23, 2013 7:41 pm

    Leftist NAZI cities are dirtbag cities.


  3. February 24, 2013 8:11 am

    One talk show host (can’t remember who) said we should divide the nation giving liberals half and conservatives half and let both operate their half however.
    I’ll wager the conservative half would be far more productive and efficient than the liberal half.


  4. February 27, 2013 1:19 am

    The top 9 are all in only 3 states, the most miserably liberal of the lot. Lucky me, I’ve lived in 2 of those states! lol


  5. July 5, 2013 7:37 pm

    The misery is the economy and weather first. The tie to politics is the fact that the poor do vote democrat, duh. But so do the rich! and the educated! and conscientious! I live in the happy liberal San Francisco Bay Area and I love it!!! Want more liberal bliss? Try Boston, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, DC, Philly, Miami, I could go on and on. The most miserable socio-political group is tea-party republicans!!!


    • July 6, 2013 9:19 am

      Okay, ‘eyehop’, I really try to be kind to liberals and understanding of their severe lack of comprehension skills. But when I read comments which do not even stay on topic for 3 out of 5 sentences … well… I have a problem with it. Your mention of L.A., D.C., Philly, and Miami causes me to see plainly how your “bliss” is tied directly to ignorance.

      The Tea-Party is not necessarily Republican and to my knowledge the Tea Party people are quite happy. Second, conservatives and Republicans are two very different things entirely.
      I live in Ft. Worth and I love it!!!



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