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Nut-fringe conspiracy mongers

February 13, 2013

Ignorance must be bliss. To be deaf, dumb and blind has to have advantages though I’m not sure what they could be.  When those of us see the moves for more gun control and out right banning of many civilian weapons yet at the same time differing government agencies stockpiling literally billions of rounds of ammunition and ordering thousands of AR15’s we shouldn’t even question it.  Questioning  it is “right-wing” paranoia.  It’s humorous to read some left-wing drivel actually trying to come off as intelligent. They use phrases like “nut-fringe conspiracy mongers” and other catchy labels in the attempt to make prudent people look paranoid, when the only people they impress are those of like minds … or like “mind-less”.

You know, governments are not known for controlling the citizenry or wiping out millions of unarmed citizens.  According to very ignorant yet seemingly intelligent people we are to accept whatever those in our government tells us is for our own good.  Government control over food, transportation, communication, firearms, ammunition, manufacturing, media, speech, medical services and education doesn’t add up to “liberty” in my view.  I’m sure many of us have read liberal blather the question, “Name some freedoms you’ve lost”.  That is a good point, but that’s like seeing the signs of cancer and not doing anything about it.  It’s like not wearing your seat belt thinking “If I was going to have an accident, it would have happened by now.” Now that the government has succeeded in taking control literally over everything … we are only one “emergency declaration” by the president to enter a state of martial law and lose everything.  All the president has to do is say, “Shut it down” and suddenly the “nut-fringe conspiracy mongers” won’t be conspiracy mongers any more. For me, it’s a matter of concern that the U.S. president longs to posses the same power that the president of China has, and in reality actually has it.

Now, us “right-wing nut-wads” know martial law could never happen in America … or at least those whose oars are not quite hitting the water would like us to believe.

Ah yes, the liberal … the mind-less “left-wing nut-wads” who worship at the feet of their ‘lord and savior’ Barack Hussein Obama who has betrayed the heroes of the Ft. Hood massacre, facilitated the deaths of four Americans at Benghazi, supplied the weapons used in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry via Fast and Furious … and on and on.

The liberal, who because Obama says things are getting better, and four million new jobs are being added to the “job market” believe it.

Even though the truth of the matter: 2.6 Million More in Poverty, 45 Million on Food Stamps, Median Income Down 10%, Record Unemployment, Record Gas Prices  (Gateway Pundit)


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  1. February 13, 2013 11:44 am

    I am pleased to see the growing maturity of the writing style of this blog. This article is one of the most hard-hitting and interesting pieces I have encountered anywhere in some time. Being a left of center moderate Liberal with excessively strong political views, I do not agree with much of the premise of this article, but I am thrilled to see the power with which it is presented.

    This is what proper use of those First Amendment Rights we all enjoy is supposed to look like.

    This article presents arguments, viewpoints and propositions with clarity and not much is left to the imagination which makes this a valuable piece of blog-style reporting and editorializing.

    By the way, those gas prices were just as high or even higher under the Bush administration but no one seems to want to remember that or to acknowledge it.

    My point today is not to come onto this blog and make stupid statements about what is written here. What is written here probably actually represents the true feelings and experiences of whoever is writing here and that must be respected.

    That is why we have Conservative Blogs and Liberal Blogs – – – so that the appropriate audience may be served from the appropriate ideological perspectives.

    I just wanted to mention that this article, even though I do not agree with many of it’s premises because I find myself to be on the side seemingly most accepted by the vast majority of our citizens as evidenced in their voting and so on – – – this article represents a very elevated style, is impressively done and looks to me like it is extremely honest and real and that is what makes something like a blog truly sing.

    Good work!

    Build on it!

    Your readers will love you for it.

  2. February 13, 2013 11:50 am

    we are only one “emergency declaration” by the president to enter a state of martial law and lose everything.

    Wake me when it happens and I declare here and now that if it does happen, I will switch politics immediately but it must affect the entire nation and look like it is going to be a permanent situation. It cannot be some temporary situation after a natural disaster or something like that.

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