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Dead Flies …

January 15, 2013

Ecclesiastes 10:1
Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour.

We’ve all heard now that Lance Armstrong has finally confessed to using “performance enhancing” drugs when competing in the Tour de France which he won seven times. This is after years of lies, intimidation and cover-ups. During the time when the accusations of “doping” surfaced naturally Armstrong supporters were vehement in his defense. The main guy who testified under oath against Armstrong, was ex-teammate Tyler Hamilton. The story is readily available all over the internet, but to make it easy, HERE is a link to one I’m using. I want to use some of the comments in that article to make a point.

* Tyler Hamilton is liar.

* How could Lance Armstrong be a “cheat” if according Tyler Hamilton, “everyone was doing it?”

* Armstrong’s guilty of nothing until convicted by a court.

* Very disappointed with 60 Minutes and Scott Pelley in particular for running this story without any hard facts to back it up.

*  The case against Armstrong is based on lies, hearsay, and a CBS 60 minutes Witch Hunt for ratings.

* The 60 Minutes piece was a hatch job, any lawyer could defend these statements …

* I saw him drink a coke. What does that prove?

* Tyler is being forced into a corner– Testify or face charges. What a witch hunt?

* Relevance? …

* A whole of money was spent on this issue regarding Lance Armstrong – do you have nothing else to do with that money!

* Just another disgruntled Lance wannbe looking for his second in the sun.

* Why is this news? If he has pictures OK let’s look into it but this is nothing more than hearsay

* Proof, anyone?  ANYONE???????


Sound familiar folks? There are 248 comments on that article and nearly all are like the above. Some are quite lengthy but the majority of Mr. Armstrong’s defenders were vehement. Attacking, accusing CBS, 60 Minutes, Tyler Hamilton and everyone else of lying, looking for ratings, envy, of doing the same thing, etc.  And now, people are stunned and scrambling to justify Armstrong. It took years to bring this guy down and Armstrong’s admission has proven his supporters wrong.

Now there are multiple legal problems and Armstrong is facing some pretty severe punishments.


I don’t take any delight in Lance Armstrong being proven to be a liar and a fraud. But this should serve to let the defenders of Mr. Obama know … what people are, is not what we see. I believe Mr. Obama has been proven to be a fraud. I believe he is a foreign national and an enemy of the United States. What keeps Obama safe besides the intimidation, money, position and media cover is the fact the Congress, the Supreme Court, military elite and intelligence agencies to name a few would all be guilty of perpetrating the greatest fraud in history and possibly treason. This in short is the reason the lawsuits against Mr. Obama have all been stopped for various reasons. Mainly because the plaintiffs don’t have “standing”. Consider Lt. Col. Terry Lakin’s court martial. He was denied discovery for his defense, which is a standard and lawful procedure … because the judge said revealing Obama’s birth records would be “embarrassing” to Mr. Obama.
Mr. Obama is perfect to bring about the change to a European style socialistic government desired by those in the Congress and the ultra rich elite. He is the perfect person to usurp the Constitution and the power of the Congress to override the Bill of Rights and bring the American citizenry under complete control. He’s aggressive and he hates the United States and his hatred is the main driving force to “fundamentally change” the United States of America. Thus his arrogance and knowledge that he can pretty much do anything he wants with impunity.

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