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Obama’s new Operation Fast and Furious gun tracking operation

January 14, 2013

As Barack Obama prepares to be lied-into office on January 20 he’s beginning to show step by step his agenda for America. First off we get the same tired line of crap about “common sense” and “things that work” (think Chicago)  gun control measures. He actually said that he is working on by-passing legislation to gather data “on guns that fall into the hands of criminals, and how we track that more effectively.”  I think the new data gathering and gun tracking program is called Fast and Furious.


Let’s see … in the same article I read that Obama said  … “it’s premature to assume that somehow we’re going backwards. We’re not going backwards.”  Hmmm … I guess it depends on what the meaning of the word “backwards” is.  Remember a couple years ago Obama cancelled most of the space programs in the U.S.?  You know the ones which would have built the new Orion spacecraft and Ares rockets, which were supposed to replace the space shuttles. At that time Obama instructed NASA’s administrator Charles Bolden that his foremost duty would be to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science and engineering — science, math and engineering.

It’s easy to see the progress made there.  As far as actually making advances in space to protect the United States, it seems Obama has once again lived up to his desire to weaken America in every way possible … According to Reuters  The United States is concerned about China’s expanding ability to disrupt the most sensitive U.S. military and intelligence satellites, as Beijing pursues its expanded ambitions in space, according to multiple sources in the U.S. government and outside space experts.


Now I can’t claim to know how much damage Obama did to the America’s space program, but apparently China is loving our Muslim outreach program.

“We’re not going backwards” …


Remember the blogger Aaron Swartz  who criticized Obama’s drone “Kill List”?  Who’d a thunk it …  the guy has been found dead.



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  1. The MAD Jewess permalink
    January 14, 2013 10:55 pm

    Just another f n ‘coincidence!!’



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