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Dignity, honor and pride in America takes a back seat to ignominy

November 7, 2012

Well here we are. The morning after the election and unbridled corruption is now squatting in the White House. I wrote the following piece in August as it was easy to see what was going on. I haven’t even looked at “the numbers” … all I know is we’re in very deep do-do now as Obama will get very busy selling the U.S. out the rest of the way. We’ll have four more years of lying, scandals, lost American lives, and a surrender of America’s sovereignty to the U.N. The poor will remain poor. Liberals will remain stupid and ignorant. Michelle Obama will continue unabated traveling the world on the tax payer’s dime. And dignity and honor and pride in American exceptionalism will all take a back seat to ignominy.


Posted on August 12, 2012

Now that Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan to be his running mate maybe we’ll see him get serious defining exactly who and what Barack Obama really is. Doubtful. Mitt Romney is going to lose this election. Now it’s not that people don’t loathe Obama. The great majority of Americans do. They loathe his arrogance. They loathe his “everyone must sacrifice”, except me and Michelle attitude. But, that matters not a bit. One word explains why Obama will get a second term as the phony president of the United States. Globalism. Obama is a globalist far and above Romney. He is perfect for “fundamentally changing the United States of America” and bringing this nation into the global society. Regardless of how it happens, he’s in for another term. Now let’s not take this as something it’s not. Romney is a globalist as well, but will be far too slow at implementing the policies necessary to undermine America’s sovereignty. Let’s look at the things that Obama has done for the globalization effort. Socialized medicine. Open borders. Putting as many people as possible on the food stamp program and other social services to overload the system, ripening it for an overhaul. Undermining the morale and weakening of the military. Persistent, relentless dividing the nation via class warfare. Strict gun control measures … eventual confiscation of firearms. (be not deceived; these recent mass shootings were nothing but false flags perpetrated by the government for the specific reason to implement and justify more gun control) When I read the liberals writing about gun control and how the government is doing nothing to stop the violence, I can’t help but realize just how stupid those people are. They are perfectly in line to be controlled.

You can read the rest HERE.

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  1. November 7, 2012 10:32 pm

    America will cease to be the most powerful country in the world. The left bought into the lie and we are all going down because of it. To those with ears to hear, look up. for your Redemption draws near.

  2. November 8, 2012 1:57 am

    Seems it was the more conservative types who didn’t turn out and vote. Sick of the moderate Republican establishment type that Romney represented. McCain/Palin (and we know it was Palin because McCain was losing prior to her VP pick) got 3.5 million more votes in 08, than Romney did last night.

    Part of me understands that feeling – hell, I feel it too. However, part of me feels like, with friends like that … . *sigh* Hard to win a SuperBowl when the defense won’t show up.

    Deep breath. Keep calm. Carry on.

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