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Closing an ugly chapter in American history

November 2, 2012

Well the day is almost here. November 6, 2012 when voters will choose a president. We can allow Barack Obama to continue his quest to destroy the United States and turn her sovereignty over to the U.N. or we can vote to have him removed from the office he didn’t deserve to occupy to begin with. In spite of his flowery speeches every move, every decision he’s made has damaged America either domestically or internationally. Only a person with the demise of the U.S. in mind would do the things he’s done and to many of us it’s been obvious. To others all the scandals, the murders of American servicemen and women, the Constitutional violations, and endless lies are all “right-wing propaganda”. Regardless of the belief of some that Republicans and conservatives make a big deal out of the lawlessness of Obama and his administration consisting of criminals and perverts, many Americans have lost their lives, as a direct result of his reckless policies. The needless loss of American lives … any lives, because of Barack Obama is a very big deal and its past time for it to stop. It’s going to take more than electing Mitt Romney as president. Conservatives must root out the Republican establishment and install a true conservative majority in the House and Senate.

As I sit here and write this I can only imagine the misery, pain and suffering Barack Obama has caused for a multitude of families. Needless, senseless deaths because of the blatant disregard for human life at every stage. From his support and promotion of early and late-term, yea even post-birth abortions (infanticide) to his policy of open U.S. borders allowing illegal aliens to murder U.S. Border Patrol agents (his Fast and Furious program supplying the weapons for the criminals), to his “rules of engagement” abroad in effect sending our troops on suicide missions … it all adds up to a person who hates Americans.

I read a very good article by James Lewis at The American Thinker. Here are some excerpts from that piece …

The  nature of the Benghazi  disaster is now clear.  Ambassador Stevens  was engaged in smuggling  sizable quantities of Libyan arms from the destroyed  Gaddafi regime to the Syrian rebels, to help overthrow the Assad regime in  Syria.  Smuggling arms  to the so-called “Free Syrian Army” is itself a huge gamble, but Obama has been  a gambler with human lives over the last four years, as shown by the tens of  thousands of Arabs who have died in the so-called Arab Spring — which has  brought nothing but disaster to the Arab world.

For  the last four years, the Obama policy has been to offer aid and comfort violent  Islamic radicals in the delusional belief that their loyalty can be bought.   We therefore betrayed Hosni Mubarak, our 30-year ally in Egypt, so that  the Muslim Brotherhood led by Muhammed Morsi could take over.  Obama indeed  demanded publicly that Mubarak resign, for reasons that never made any sense at  all.  Egypt went into a political and economic tailspin, and the Muslim  Brotherhood were elected.  The Muslim radicals have now purged the only  other viable political force, the army and police, to protect their monopoly on  power.  We have colluded in that betrayal.


It’s time to close one of the ugliest chapters of American history. It’s time to vote Barack Obama out of the White House and restore some dignity and decency to the Oval Office.

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  1. The MAD Jewess permalink
    November 2, 2012 9:40 am

    Please GOD, relieve and deliver us from this evil drek.
    We cant face what we are going to face with evil in charge. PLEASE have mercy on us that DO fear you

    • November 2, 2012 9:48 am

      Amen Paulie!

    • AFVET permalink
      November 2, 2012 2:30 pm

      Thomas Jefferson said that the people will make mistakes, but they will correct them.
      We are seeing our mistakes take effect now, and we will correct them.
      Our Lord is watching us to see how far we will allow the mistakes to fester.
      Obama, the hurricane, the marathon, the election.
      The Lord is watching His children.
      Watching and waiting.

  2. AFVET permalink
    November 2, 2012 2:16 pm

    Harry Reid has stated that if Romney wins, he will do anything in his power to stop him.
    We must take the majority in the senate, thereby relegating Reid to the back bench.
    He has 4 years left on his current term, and we cannot allow him to reign supreme in the senate as he has done for the past four years.
    There are 30 bills that the house has passed to try to improve the economy and Reid refuses to bring them to the floor for a vote.

    There are two people that we need to defeat in this election. Barack Obama and Harry Reid.

  3. November 2, 2012 9:32 pm

    Hate to bust your bubble but it was “The Lord” who ordained Obama because it is “The Lord” who appoints all the earthly authorities over mankind be it kings or princes or presidents. All Real Christians know this.

    So the upshot is that Obama will never be defeated until such time as “The Lord” feels he has served his purpose and all the Obama Hating in the world cannot change that because after all is said and done, God is more powerful than all the powers of darkness including both hate and racism.

    • November 3, 2012 8:44 am

      John I’m delighted you are such a man of faith! You have gained my admiration immensely! I look forward to your staying home Nov. 6 exercising your faith, knowing “The Lord” is going to put whoever He wants in there. You really should get the word out to all your Democrat friends … tell ‘em to stay home and let “The Lord” take care of the election.

    • The MAD Jewess permalink
      November 6, 2012 4:41 pm

      Good comeback Steve LOL

    • AFVET permalink
      November 3, 2012 12:57 pm

      An interesting dissertation John.
      Could this be ‘tongue in cheek’, or are you referring to Satan as the lord ?

    • The MAD Jewess permalink
      November 6, 2012 4:40 pm

      The Lord appoints leaders over Israel.
      Israel has a covenant, America does not.

      The GOOD LORD leaves it up to AMERICAN Christians, who love and fear his name to decide to follow Torah law by electing in one of their COUNTRYMEN so that you are not so stupid to enthrone a dictator.
      When Christians do not vote, and are not involved in their nation, Elohim allows the devil to take charge. Hope that makes you happy, Limey.

      Alas, ‘liberals’ are NOT Christian, they are NOT Jews.
      They are satans children of destuction.

    • The MAD Jewess permalink
      November 6, 2012 4:42 pm

      Take your racism/schmacism up with the LORD who separated all of the ethnicities at Babel..
      WHY did he do that?? Because BOLSHEVISM/COMMUNISM has been around longer than Marx & Engels


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