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Barack Obama Was Born In “Huwaii”

June 30, 2012

The simpletons that have their noses stuck up Barack’s butt would defend him even if he was directly responsible for selling weapons to Mexican drug gangs that have been used to murder hundreds of innocent people, a couple U.S law enforcement officers included … oh wait! He is responsible and is covering it up through the phony “executive privilege” order. Oh well, no big deal. Just make sure the liberal simpletons get their food stamps and that someone else pays for their health insurance. I mean you gotta have those food stamps for the beer and chips to snack on watching the game this Sunday.

Anyway, I found this little tid bit regarding the “birf certificate” that was provided by ol’ Barack. Jeez, I’m beginning to question that he’s smarter than the morons that believe his crap.

Savannah Guthrie proves that Obama was born in Huwaii?
Or did she mean Huwai, Indonesia? By Mara Zebest
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  1. July 3, 2012 8:17 am

    I removed the comments regarding this post. I rarely do that, but it gets offensive and I cannot stand the ignorance of someone that will tell me “there never has been a lawsuit regarding Barack Obama’s birth records”.
    Has anyone ever heard of Orly Taitz?
    Anyway, seemingly intelligent people wind up demonstrating otherwise during the course of a dialogue.

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