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Wacky Liberal Thinking … And: Obama, Pelosi, Other Liberals Diagnosed With New Disease

June 25, 2012

Quote from a wacky liberal:

“I would now like to answer the insinuation by some of these seemingly obtuse propagandists  that American Taxpayers are footing the bill for The President and His Family when they travel for pleasure.

The fact is that all such personal expenses are paid for by The Obamas out of their own personal monies and the Taxpayers are never on the hook for a dime of it.

It saddens me to know the above quote is from a seemingly intelligent person …



There is quite a bit to be blogging about this morning. I can’t seem to shake the thought at the massive amount of deception those on the left readily accept as truth. Yet as I visit and look at the content of most left-wing, liberal blogs I notice that most of the very important issues of scandal, crime, and waste being committed by Obama and company are avoided. Most of the posts on those blog sites are about the rich not paying their “fair share”. Or repeating the same old Bush’s fault stuff constantly fed by Obama and his ilk. I even saw one that was ranting about how the “radical right-wing conservatives” are responsible for the large soft drink ban in New York and the onslaught of smoking bans around the nation. All because the conservatives want to control everything. I really need to break free of how amazed I am that liberal-minded people can be so … I dunno … intellectually challenged?


Obama, Pelosi, Other Liberals Diagnosed With New Disease

House Minority Leader Nancy “Botox” Pelosi has said that Republicans’ pursuit of the truth about “Operation Fast & Furious” is nothing more than an attempt at voter surpression? What? If you question Obama’s policies or his statements you’re considered RACIST. If you are against ILLEGAL immigration, you are a BIGOT. It seems that if you’re in favor of obeying and enforcing our laws, you are a “narrow minded neanderthal”! Black Democrats are saying that Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr’s stonewalling on Operation Fast & Furious is really no big deal! Two men died because of that failed operation, and it’s no big deal?!

“The private sector is doing fine”, our President said. REALLY? Maybe the President needs a field trip out into the real world! It seems that Washington has contracted that most deadly of all diseases: ‘Terminal cerebral ambulatory rectal inversion.” It is brought on by stupidity and nourished by ignorance.



Okay, Hillary Clinton played a major part in Operation Fast And Furious. Am I surprised? Not a bit. She’s more corrupt than most of the people on the planet and has been working tirelessly for more gun control … or banning private firearm ownership altogether.

Barack Obama accomplished his goal of turning control of Egypt over to the Muslim Brotherhood; America and Israel haters …

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  1. AFVET permalink
    June 25, 2012 2:11 pm

    If the insane were not in charge of the asylum, it would be amusing to watch them.

  2. AFVET permalink
    June 25, 2012 2:43 pm

    One of our fierce warriors, Michelle Malkin and her family have been evacuated due to the wild fires in Colorado.
    All are fine, and staying in a hotel.
    See her post at

    • June 28, 2012 12:05 am

      Oh! I didn’t realize she lived in CO, AFVET! Thanks for the info. I know VodkaPundit has been packing in expectation of being evacuated also. Many prayers for all those in CO.

  3. June 28, 2012 12:03 am

    It’s the “willfully” part that baffles me. I get “ignorant.” Really, all that means is “unknown.” Lots of smart, intelligent people are ignorant of a lot of things. But to actually choose ignorance over facts when the facts are right in front of you is beyond me. Why in the world would anyone actually want to remain dumb, and then brag about it? I will never, thankfully, understand.

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