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Homicides: Chicago vs Houston

July 30, 2015

Thanks to Vanessa



You can view some of the baby ‘parts’ for sale right here.

July 30, 2015

Skip past all the taking and rhetoric unless you feel like hearing how callous the pro-death folks are. Go to about the 10 minute mark and view the rest. If these aren’t the most despicable people on the planet I have no idea who is. Anyone who can support this, I look forward to seeing you working out in your special place in hell.

And not to be out done …


The dignity, grace and elegance of Barack Obama

July 30, 2015

Before I left work yesterday evening I stumbled across this article. I promise, I thought I was reading some piece from The Onion. The name of the article is,  Obama Has Outclassed the Grand Old White Establishment. The author subtly hints that Obama’s skin color is a reason the Republicans have obstructed Obama’s every effort to help the American people. He points out that Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers and said that John McCain was not a war hero. Naturally leaving out the fact that Trump didn’t say all Mexican immigrants were rapists and murderers and that he didn’t actually say McCain wasn’t a war hero. Never the less Trump is classless because of those things according to the author. He goes on to claim the Republicans haven’t tried  to accomplish any helpful initiatives or make any compromises to pass needed legislation and that all their efforts have been dedicated to blocking anything and everything that President Obama would propose.

And there are many more mindless accusations and outright falsehoods typical of an Obama ass-kisser. But the best part is yet to come.

Here’s what stunned me the most …

Throughout it all, President Obama has been a model of dignity, grace, and elegance. Even under the bright lights of such intense public scrutiny and in the face of such despicable personal attacks, he has always maintained his composure. Cool as a cucumber. He has consistently risen above the pettiness of those attacking him and demonstrated the true qualities of honor and respectability.

And it’s not just his impeccable decorum. President Obama has also excelled in matters of substance with unmatched wisdom and intelligence. On issue after issue, President Obama has articulated clear and compelling positions that have convinced us on the merits that his vision was also the right course for the nation.


Yes sir, Obama is one classy dude. It took a lot of class to interview the Fruit Loop Bath Tub Girl. What dignity, grace and elegance!

It takes extraordinary care and compassion to make a very brief statement when James Foley was beheaded and within minutes was on the golf course laughing and fist-bumping with his buddies. Oh the stress, oh the tension Obama must have been experiencing. Gotta work that stuff out! Unprecedented class!

Five U.S. servicemen were shot to death in America by a Muslim in the name of Islam. Obama runs up a $6 million tab to visit his homeland during the funerals and does a jig.

How classy it is to give Queen Elizabeth an iPod pre-loaded with photos from Obama’s inauguration and audio files of the president’s speech as a senator to the 2004 Democratic National Convention and his 2009 inauguration address?

When British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited Obama at the White House Obama rewarded him with a box of DVDs of classic movies. How exciting! Here’s a list of the movies.


I could go on. But anyone paying even the most cursory attention to the fraud-in-chief realizes he is and has been way out of his league. You can take Obama out of the Choom Gang but you can’t take the Choom Gang out of Obama.

Mother kills newborn … throws it into the trash

July 29, 2015

Many of us are aware of the “Auschwitz” type activities performed by Planned Parenthood right now thanks to some great undercover work. What PP is doing is indicative of what happens when you give into liberals. We’ve gone from giving into the argument that abortions are necessary in the cases of rape, incest and if the life of the mother is in danger. We also know that those cases are extremely rare especially the “life of the mother” part with the advances in medicine. But we gave in and we’ve witnessed Kermit Gosnell in action and some of the most abominable actions performed by abortionists imaginable, to the tune of what … around 50 MILLIION babies murdered in and out of the womb in America in the past 40 or so years?  I can only imagine the future doctors, scientists, poets, artists, athletes and countless others who could have made the world a better and more beautiful place had they have had the chance to live. The liberal mind goes something like this … “if allowed to live, who would provide for them when Republicans cut welfare and food stamps?” You see liberals think the government supplies or at least should supply every basic need for “the people” and no one can make it in this world without government assistance. It’s better to kill a baby than to take a chance on it living in poverty. I mean are there any happy poor people?

Okay, now that Americans are numb to these sort of things and that the lives of children are meaningless we’re brought to the point where it’s nothing for mothers to stuff their newborns into trash bags and thrown while still alive into a Dumpster.

Here’s a piece demonstrating just how calloused people have gotten …

Via: Right Wing News

College Girl Kills Newborn, Puts Body in a Plastic Bag, and Throws it in Trash Outside of Sorority House


The identity of the mother accuse of killing her newborn daughter at a college in Ohio has been revealed.

Emile Weaver allegedly put her baby in a plastic bag shortly after giving birth and then threw her in a trash can outside of her sorority house at Muskingum University in Zanesville.

The baby was still alive at the time, and ultimately suffocated to death.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that campus police questioned Weaver on April 22 just hours after the baby was deposited in the bin outside the Delta Gamma Theta house.

Weaver, 20, was a member of the sorority.

She was indicted last Wednesday on charges of aggravated murder, as well as abuse of a corpse and two counts of tampering with evidence.

Weaver was arrested at her house shortly after and is being held on $1million bail.

She is facing life in prison.

Liberals are rejoicing right now, high-fiving, taking selfies. Emile was just saving her child from a life of poverty.

Black guys murder 5 year old white girl … Obama’s a great president … Cecil the lion

July 29, 2015

You gotta love what America has become under Barack Obama’s leadership. You gotta love liberals bitching and moaning about Republicans cutting funding for this or that even though government either spends tax dollars or gives it away to Islamic nations faster than Al Sharpton can shout “racism!” Speaking of racism, I remember that Barack, the first black president, well,  half black, would be the “post racial” president, bringing the various races, genders and religions of the world together into an historical love fest never seen before … ‘unprecedented’ love. I mean, we got rid of the racist Confederate Battle flag, we let the black community riot and burn their own neighborhoods, even cheering them on. We build shrines and declare holidays for young black men who assault cops, so yes racism is a thing of the past.

LaylaHeck we’re even letting black men gun down white children and we suck it up. It would be racist to blame the black man when a five year old little white girl is sitting on her grand father’s lap in her home and bullets fly through the wall and strike the little one in the head killing her. She shouldn’t have been sitting there at all. Thank you Barack, Michelle, Al and Jesse! It wasn’t the black men who shot the little girl, it was the guns.

I heard Barack and Michelle will visit the parents and attend the funeral. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will speak as well. Loretta Lynch is sending the Justice Department and FBI to investigate … Well, perhaps not. After all she was a little white girl and it would be racist if the black guys were man-handled during the arrest. We’re in the post racist era.


1076402There’s a saying in the Bible, it goes something like this … “Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.”  One doesn’t have to be a Bible scholar to know what that means (even though there are liberals who will claim the Bible means whatever a person wants it to mean, or something).

It seems Mr. Obama hasn’t been reading his Bible much lately. Between praying five times a day to Allah, playing golf, globe-trotting on the tax-payers dime, breaking the law, making his own, longing for Reggie Love and taking selfies it’s difficult to squeeze in a few Bible verses to get spiritually encouraged. Well, not be discouraged, if no one else will praise him, if the entire world sees him as a liar, a hypocrite, a homosexual and a weak “man,” he’ll side-step everyone and tell it like it is

“I actually think I’m a pretty good president. I believe if I ran again, I could win.”


I see the four game suspension of Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has been upheld. It seems Mr. Brady destroyed his cell phone which contained something like 10,000 text messages regarding his involvement with deflating footballs. I know, it’s boring. I don’t watch sports. Actually I don’t watch television … haven’t for about 8 or 9 years, except for a little golf on Sundays, but I haven’t even done that in several years. To me it’s a waste of time. The reason I mentioned Mr. Brady’s predicament is that it sounds just like someone else we’re all familiar with … Hillary Clinton seems to have the propensity to destroy evidence. Trouble is, she’s possibly going to get away with it. Oh the difference between football players and politicians … especially Democrat politicians.


I guess I should voice my opposition to the American dentist who killed Cecil the lion. I don’t have a problem with hunters, real hunters. In Texas most of the deer hunters set out corn in feeders at certain times of the year (I’m not sure of the time frames) and deer get used to going to the same spot knowing there’s food. Then one day, the deer arrives at the spot to get a snack, lowers her head and “BOOM” it’s over.  Even with that I suppose I don’t really have a problem with it as the “hunters” do have the deer processed and the animal is consumed at family gatherings or whatever.

From what I understand Cecil the lion lived in a wildlife animal refuge park of Zimbabwe and was protected, collared and had a tracking device imbedded. The dentist paid $55,000 for the hunt. The hired professional hunter tied a dead animal to the back of their vehicle in the dark and lured Cecil away from the park onto some private property. Then the dentist shot the lion with a bow and arrow wounding it. The lion ran off and it took forty (40) hours to track him down, shoot him, get pictures and cut his head off.

Okay, now that I have a problem with. Personally, and this is just me, I don’t understand what pleasure a person gets by killing … anything. I wouldn’t call myself a “hunter” under those circumstances. To me it’s kind of like ambushing. It seems like to ‘hunt’ would be to look for something that you’re not sure where it is … searching … not luring.


Anyway, the guy said he didn’t know Cecil was a special beast.

What do you think?









Islam is about peace?

July 28, 2015

Folks, I’m a very patient man for the most part. But when I spend an hour or more putting together something to share and my computer at work gets kicked off the internet and I lose all I wrote. That my friends, chaps my a$$! I hate Word Press! I’ll try this again …

Okay, it’s long established and certainly common knowledge that Barack Obama and company are at the very least Islamic sympathizers if not corroborators in the drive pushing Islam across the globe and in the United States.  Burning, raping children, beheading, drowning, shooting, throwing gays off buildings all in the name of Islam has absolutely no effect on Obama and the perverts of whom he has surrounded himself with.

Take for example, Jeh Johnson the chief of DHS telling the media and high-ranking government officials to not mention the word “Islam” when talking about ISIS or terrorism. Ryan Lizza was asking Mr. Johnson about the administration’s strategy for dealing with Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Here is part of the exchange …

Lizza asked Johnson, “Why do you, and the Obama Administration, describe this as violent extremism and not – and refuse to use the phrase Islamic extremism?”

Johnson responded, “I believe strongly – and I hear this over and over again from Muslim leaders in this country – that to refer to ISIL as ‘Islamic extremism’ concedes too much. It dignifies them as occupying some part of the Islamic faith, which is about peace.”

He further stated, “And so if you call it ‘Islamic anything,’ uh, we are dignifying this terrorist organization with occupying a part of the Islamic faith which Muslims in this country I know, push back very strongly on,” Johnson said. “So If I went into these [Muslim] communities calling it ‘Islamic extremism,’ I’d get nowhere.”

Lizza pushed back, “Isn’t the government denying the fundamental religious component of this kind of extremism by not using the word, ‘Islamic’?”

He added, “To some people, it sounds like political correctness.” To most people, really.

“I could not disagree more,” Johnson retorted. “ISIL, I think, would like to be referred to as ‘Islamic’ extremism because it therefore concedes that what they are saying and what they are doing occupies legitimately as some form of Islam, which is about peace.”


Well, being the kind of guy I am, I thought I’d check to see just how “about peace” Islam really is. First I asked some Muslim women what they thought but they had a little difficulty answering me …














I gave up communing with the women as they didn’t speak very good English so I decided to go to a web site called The Religion of Peace. I mean, if any place has information about the peaceful religion of Islam I figured a site with that title would have it. I’ll just paste some links provided there and you can check out the information and draw your own conclusions.

Thanks to The Religion of Peace

 Islamic Extremists in the UK: 1 in 10 are Under 12-Years of Age…

Children Given ‘Martyrdom’ Lesson at Temple Mount…

Swedish Woman Gang-Raped for Week by ‘Asylum Seekers’…

Caliph Sanctions Beheading of Woman as ‘Wedding Present’…

Islamists Torture and Kill Disabled Individuals…

Another Day, Another Gay (Thrown to His Death)…

British Couple Warned Not to Laugh During Ramadan… (And here I thought Muslims liked to laugh!)

ISIS Shoots Civilians Delivering Food Aid…  (Hey, nothing violent about shooting those dastardly aid providers)

Two Gay Men Thrown from Roof, Then Stoned…

How could I be so blind not to see the peaceful lives Muslims have under Islam? I’m very glad Obama and Jeh Johnson finally made me realize my misunderstanding.


Okay, that’s enough of that stuff for now. I have a good friend I met many years ago at the old Jib Jab website, back when they had a “joke box” in which members posted jokes, funny videos, etc. It was great and I made quite a few friends some of which I still stay in contact with. Well Ken, who is a professional magician made this little video and I thought I’d share it with my friends here

Click on this link:  VIDEO 2 Shut up & Dance

Laughing Muslims, Mexican Rapists and Loony California

July 27, 2015

Did you see this piece this morning at Yahoo News? It’s about some Muslim comedians using stand up comedy to soften American opinion about Islam. I recognized that fact from the beginning of the interview with Katie Couric. (What’s with the thick glasses anyway? Does she thing they make her look smart?)  I doubt seriously these Muslim comedians would take their act to an actual Muslim nation. While they deflect from what the Koran commands, the saying, “Truth is often spoken in jest” has never been more obvious. It’s a shame Americans are so naive to think there is no danger from Muslims. Lets get it established right now, I’m not saying all Muslims. I’m saying danger from those who actually follow the writings in the Koran. The comedians know the ignorance of Americans and how most only want to drink or get high, have sex and get rich. Not to worry though Katie, maybe they’ll behead you last after telling you a few jokes.

I find it peculiar that ISIS can fly their Islamic flag, murder, rape, burn and behead all in the name of Islam and they are not Islamic. Yet, let some guy from Georgia or Texas have a Confederate Flag sticker on the back of his pick up … he’s a racist.

Sigh , what a sad state this nation is in. Allowing a fraud to squat in the White House and trample on the very documents which guarantees our freedoms and liberties.


Remember the bakers who didn’t want to bake a cake for some gay couple who wanted to get married? The gay folks sued the Christian bakery and managed to get the place shut down I think. Well, if you want to know why Christians really don’t want to be partakers of what those gay folks practice, take a look right about HERE


I have to tell you, I don’t agree with everything Ann Coulter says and in the past she has picked some losers, but the way she words things is right on. In an article, TRUMP OPPONENTS TAKE NUANCED VIEW OF CHILD RAPE, she wrote …

All peasant cultures exhibit extremely non-progressive views on women and children. Mexico just happens to have the peasant culture that lives within walking distance of the United States.
According to North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement, illegal immigrants commit hundreds of sex crimes against children in that state every month — 350 in the month of April 2014, 299 in May, and more than 400 sex crimes against children in August and September.

More than 90 percent of the perpetrators are Hispanic. I didn’t know there were that many Hispanics in North Carolina! When not providing North Carolina farmers with cheap labor, immigrant workers seem to spend all their free time raping little girls. (It’s a wonder they find the time to do all that drunk driving.)


Ah yes, and Chuck Todd of Meet The Press stated last week that he and his staff, “couldn’t find a single study that links violent crime and immigration.” 

Via: Breitbart

Tucked inside a report about President Obama’s new amnesty is the estimation from this liberal think tank there are 820,000 illegal aliens in the United States with criminal convictions, including 690,000 illegal aliens currently residing on U.S. soil who have been convicted of a felony or “serious” misdemeanor.

I think Mr. Todd should hold his peace and it would be his wisdom.


Here is your next generation of parents, doctors, lawyers and politicians …


How would you like to be a teacher in California?  No wonder they want more pay!










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