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White police officer shot and killed by black guy

August 3, 2015

I guess Obama, Loretta Lynch, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will be busy this week. You know, calling the family of Memphis police officer Sean Bolton to express their condolences and attending the funeral.

But I can’t seem to find any article that says, “Black man shoots and kills white police officer”.

But that wouldn’t fit with the racist Obama and his loony left-wing agenda.



I can’t help but wonder if the black guy got his gun from Obama’s Operation Fast and Furious like one of the Muslims did who tried to murder Pam Geller in Texas?

Islam vs. all other religions for first place in the murder category

August 1, 2015

I’m reading a book by Vince Flynn entitled Memorial Day. I read it before but Mr. Flynn who was one of my favorite authors passed away a couple of years ago and the character Mitch Rapp most likely is history so I’ll probably read all of his books again. Damn, all the good guys die young! Vince Flynn was only 47 when he passed away of prostate cancer.

Anyway the book is about terrorists (Muslims) smuggling a nuclear weapon into the United States with the intent of detonating it in Washington D.C.  The book is fictional. The villains are Muslims. Don’t think for a second Mr. Flynn is “racist”. Muslims are no more a ‘race’ of people than Catholics. At least he realizes wherein the danger to America lies, even in a fictional novel.

In real life …

Now it seems there are a whole bunch of different religions in the world and some have more followers than others. Never the less I’ve been wondering which one promotes and practices the murder of innocent men, women and children? Before we get any farther, I’m talking (writing in this case) about now, today, the present time.

Question time!

Okay, the followers of which religion or church would not hesitate to detonate a nuclear bomb in a major U.S. city? Let’s make that a multiple choice question …

A.  Catholic Church

B.  Lutheran Church

C.  Pentecostal Church

D.  Seventh Day Adventist

E.  Mormon Church

F.  Buddhists

G.  Hindus

H.  Greek Orthodox Church

I.  Episcopalians

J.  Amish

K.  Mennonite

L.  Methodist

M.  Christian Science

N.  Children of God

O.  Presbyterian

P.  Jehovah’s Witnesses

Q.  Baptist Church

R.  Russian Orthodox

S.  Judaism

T.  Islam (The Religion of Peace)

Out of the short list above the followers of which one are known to shout “Death to America?”  The followers of which one murdered nearly 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11, 2001? The followers of which religion are responsible for nearly every terror act happening world wide right this second?

HINT: It isn’t A through S.

Obama’s butt buddy Jeh Johnson says one good way to defeat “violent extremism” is through social media … you know, like Facebook. A while back a State Department spokes person Marie Harf said we can’t win the war on terror by killing the terrorists, but we need to understand they’re terrorists only because they don’t have enough opportunities for jobs.  Barack Obama is most worried that the Islamists are making Islam look bad. Obama claims that ISIS is desperate for “legitimacy.”

While ISIS, Boko Haran, al Qaeda and the Taliban are beheading, burning, raping, maiming whle sweeping across the Middle East unhindered in the name of Islam … Obama says the call to Islamic prayer is the sweetest sound he’s ever heard.

Isn’t it comforting to know that people like Obama, Jeh Johnson and Loretta Lynch all have American’s best interest in mind? They are just so smart, the average person can’t comprehend the depth of mind they all posses in matters of dealing with terrorists. Terrorists simply want opportunity and to be understood. I think I’m finally getting it.

Brother can you spare a dime? #Noogastrong

August 1, 2015

Cry and Howl:

Ol’ Steve is making a donation to this worthy cause. And if for some reason it isn’t “worthy” $50.00 isn’t going to make any difference in my life … but maybe it will in someone’s. Thank you Lady Raven for including the Rick Igou video.

Originally posted on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar - OH!:

DRATS!  CORRECTION! I had written:They are working on several projects including this – Don’t Tread On Us March 9/11/16– The march is of course on 9/1/2015! 

To all my blogger friends – please, please consider re-posting this to your own websites or doing your own post.  Read on and I believe you will see why I ask.

By now you and more than half a million people have seen this video – Chattanooga Marine Veteran’s Direct Address to Mr. Obama.

I followed the Marine Veteran’s links and found his We The People Facebook page.  Their mission statement:

Our goal is to bring people together who want to see America become great again. By using power in numbers show that We The People have had enough and want change. The plan for this site is for all like minded individuals to share and connect. Plan peaceful protests. Raise…

View original 456 more words

That’s Right, You’re Not From Texas … Texas Wants You Anyway!

July 31, 2015

Well folks, Ol’ Steve has had enough for one week … and I have tomorrow off! Hallelujah! So … if you happen to pass by Ft. Worth in the mean time, let me know … I’ll buy you dinner! That’s the way Texans are. Have a great weekend!

Homicides: Chicago vs Houston

July 30, 2015

Thanks to Vanessa



You can view some of the baby ‘parts’ for sale right here.

July 30, 2015

Skip past all the taking and rhetoric unless you feel like hearing how callous the pro-death folks are. Go to about the 10 minute mark and view the rest. If these aren’t the most despicable people on the planet I have no idea who is. Anyone who can support this, I look forward to seeing you working out in your special place in hell.

And not to be out done …


The dignity, grace and elegance of Barack Obama

July 30, 2015

Before I left work yesterday evening I stumbled across this article. I promise, I thought I was reading some piece from The Onion. The name of the article is,  Obama Has Outclassed the Grand Old White Establishment. The author subtly hints that Obama’s skin color is a reason the Republicans have obstructed Obama’s every effort to help the American people. He points out that Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers and said that John McCain was not a war hero. Naturally leaving out the fact that Trump didn’t say all Mexican immigrants were rapists and murderers and that he didn’t actually say McCain wasn’t a war hero. Never the less Trump is classless because of those things according to the author. He goes on to claim the Republicans haven’t tried  to accomplish any helpful initiatives or make any compromises to pass needed legislation and that all their efforts have been dedicated to blocking anything and everything that President Obama would propose.

And there are many more mindless accusations and outright falsehoods typical of an Obama ass-kisser. But the best part is yet to come.

Here’s what stunned me the most …

Throughout it all, President Obama has been a model of dignity, grace, and elegance. Even under the bright lights of such intense public scrutiny and in the face of such despicable personal attacks, he has always maintained his composure. Cool as a cucumber. He has consistently risen above the pettiness of those attacking him and demonstrated the true qualities of honor and respectability.

And it’s not just his impeccable decorum. President Obama has also excelled in matters of substance with unmatched wisdom and intelligence. On issue after issue, President Obama has articulated clear and compelling positions that have convinced us on the merits that his vision was also the right course for the nation.


Yes sir, Obama is one classy dude. It took a lot of class to interview the Fruit Loop Bath Tub Girl. What dignity, grace and elegance!

It takes extraordinary care and compassion to make a very brief statement when James Foley was beheaded and within minutes was on the golf course laughing and fist-bumping with his buddies. Oh the stress, oh the tension Obama must have been experiencing. Gotta work that stuff out! Unprecedented class!

Five U.S. servicemen were shot to death in America by a Muslim in the name of Islam. Obama runs up a $6 million tab to visit his homeland during the funerals and does a jig.

How classy it is to give Queen Elizabeth an iPod pre-loaded with photos from Obama’s inauguration and audio files of the president’s speech as a senator to the 2004 Democratic National Convention and his 2009 inauguration address?

When British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited Obama at the White House Obama rewarded him with a box of DVDs of classic movies. How exciting! Here’s a list of the movies.


I could go on. But anyone paying even the most cursory attention to the fraud-in-chief realizes he is and has been way out of his league. You can take Obama out of the Choom Gang but you can’t take the Choom Gang out of Obama.


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